March 2

Jason Bonham Joins Gov’t Mule For Two Zeppelin Songs On The Anniversary Of John Bonham’s Death

first_imgGov’t Mule has been on an absolute tear. Just days after guitarist Warren Haynes collaborated with ZZ Top, followed by another performance where Haynes played with Tom Morello, Jon Batiste and Regina Spektor, the guitarist had another unique opportunity to play with a legend at The Fillmore Miami Beach.During tonight’s show – which at press time is still ongoing – Haynes & co. welcomed out famed drummer Jason Bonham. Jason is the son of legendary Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham, and has participated in Led Zeppelin reunions and continues to be a force for upholding the Zeppelin legacy.Jason Bonham sit in with Gov’t Mule in place of founding drummer Matt Abts, and joined in for (fittingly) two Zeppelin songs: “Since I’ve Been Loving You” and “No Quarter,” according to the band’s Twitter. The timing was also particularly appropriate, as today marks the 36th anniversary of John Bonham’s death. Needless to say, Bonham’s presence at the Mule show must have been an incredible moment of live music.Watch the two song sit-in, courtesy of CHeeSeHeaDPRoDuCTioNS, below.last_img read more

December 20

Facebook Triumphs in Latin America

first_imgBy Dialogo February 06, 2012 The social-networking giant Facebook continues to grow in Latin America and transform the social-networking panorama in the region. Of Facebook’s more than 800 million users, 37.9 million are from Brazil, making it the fourth-ranking country in the world in terms of number of users and putting it at number one in terms of growth (11.3 percent), according to the statistics website Of its total users, 32 million are from Mexico (5th place worldwide), 17 million from Argentina (12th place), and 9 million from Chile (22nd place), which also has the largest proportion of Facebook users relative to its population (54.79 percent) in all of Latin America, according to the same source. The region has become fertile ground for social networks, since the internet is ever more accessible to Latin Americans. Facebook quickly took advantage of this dynamism in Latin America, for which reason it was quick to call on its users to collaborate in translating the site into Spanish, and in 2008, it officially launched a version in the language of Cervantes. In addition, it opened an office in São Paulo, and last year, it named the Brazilian Alexandre Hohagen vice president of sales for Latin America. Hohagen was previously Google’s managing director for the region. Today, the company founded by the young U.S. entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg is the social network with the largest market share in Latin America (49 percent), followed by its rivals Windows Live Profile (37 percent), Orkut (25 percent), and Hi5 (13 percent), according to figures by the analytics firm Synthesio. “Facebook’s impact is enormous” on the way business is done, said Pollyana Ferrari, a professor of digital journalism at the Pontiff Catholic University of São Paulo. “Coca-Cola’s commercial for this year’s Super Bowl was made especially for Facebook,” she emphasized. At the same time, “ever more users and consumers are using the network to express grievances, protest against social or political outrages,” she added. In Latin America, Facebook’s “walls” have been the means for bringing together social movements, such as the student demonstrations in Chile in 2010 or the 2008 protests against Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) attacks.last_img read more

December 18

Oil Country FCU CEO sentenced for embezzlement

first_img 1SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Having sole access to records enabled a former president/CEO of the $19 million Oil Country Federal Credit Union to embezzle more than $47,000 over four years from the Titusville, Pa.-based cooperative.Lisa Hauptmann was sentenced Friday to serve one day in prison, six months of community confinement and six months of house arrest, according to federal prosecutors. U.S. District Court Judge David S. Cercone in Erie, Pa., also ordered her to pay restitution of $47,600. continue reading »last_img read more

December 18

Pilot shortage looms

first_imgOver the past few years, analysts and airline officials in the US have been predicting a shortage of qualified pilots. With the looming threat, airlines considered how to meet the challenges at the same time government officials were changing the rules to require more flight hours for prospective pilots.“I think everything that has happened has been predicted,” said Regional Airline Association President Roger Cohen. “It just happened faster. The cold reality of it is obviously worse than the prediction.”In January, the industry came face to face with the first real manifestation of those prognostications when a small regional carrier, Great Lakes Airlines operating out of Wyoming announced it would suspend service to a half dozen small cities because it didn’t have enough pilots.“Due to the unintended consequences of the new congressionally mandated pilot regulatory requirements, the Company feels it is in the best interest of our customers, communities and other employees to suspend service from these stations until we are able to rebuild our staff of pilots in order to provide reliable service,” said Great Lakes CEO Charles Howell in a statement.The shortage is attributed in large part to a recent change in rules from the US Federal Aviation Administration requiring 1500 hours and an ATP license for prospective commercial pilots. In the past, many regional carriers hired candidates with fewer hours offering the new pilots the chance to build up their hours and experience with a shot at moving on to higher pay as a pilot with a legacy carrier. The new rules went into effect in August 2013.US Aviation officials sought to tighten the standards and the training following a tragic crash of a Colgan Air Q400 in February 2009 that killed 49 people. The accident investigation found that the two pilots had not been adequately trained to respond to a stall and had violated sterile cockpit rule which limits conversation specifically to aircraft function. The incident sparked a flurry of self-examination on the part of airlines as well as government regulatory agencies. Cohen said airline representatives had worked with the FAA to ease some of the restrictions, such as an option to substitute an accredited university program for a portion of the required hours. The new 1500 hour requirement effectively “moved the goal posts” for students currently enrolled in a university program who planned to pursue a carrier in aviation upon graduation, said Cohen.“We’ve lost thousands of prospective pilots and turned off thousands going forward,” said Cohen. “There are thousands of highly trained qualified professional pilots coming out of universities that aren’t even able to interview with an airline.”In anticipation of the shortage, Cohen said regional airlines have taken aggressive steps to resolve the issue such as offering signing bonuses, raising starting salaries and establishing bridge programs with universities. But it hasn’t been enough.The high cost of gaining flight hours and certification coupled with low starting salaries has not helped attract good candidates. Young people are not enamored enough with the idea of flying to sink deeply into debt in exchange for living a dream of flight.United Airlines announced major cuts to its Cleveland hub in February, owing in part to its regional partners feeling the pinch of the new government regulations.“These new regulations have caused mainline airlines to hire regional pilots, while simultaneously significantly reducing the pool of new pilots from which regional pilots can hire,” United officials wrote in a letter to employees announcing the cuts. “Although this is an industry issue, it directly affects us and requires us to reduce our regional partner flying, as several of our regional partners are beginning to have difficulty flying their schedule due to reduce new pilot availability.”The carrier said the Cleveland hub had not been profitable generating “tens of millions of dollars in annual losses” in recent years. Some 460 jobs will be lost at the hub.Republic Airways, a regional partner with United at its Cleveland hub, announced this week is would be grounding 27 ERJs this year because the company is having trouble hiring enough pilots.In a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Republic stated it was taking the action because of a “significant reduction” in the number of qualified pilots who meet the 1500 hour rule. The reduction in flying will also affect Republic’s partner, American Airlines.“The applicant flow problems continue to persist in the new year and it has become all too clear that we can no longer consider extending all our small jet contract,” Republic President and CEO Bryan Bedford stated in a letter to employees.ALPA tries to debunk shortageThe handwringing over whether there is a pilot shortage was refuted in early February by ALPA (Air Line Pilots Assn. International) which called it a “myth.” ALPA represents nearly 50,000 pilots at 31 airlines in the US and Canada.“There may be a shortage of qualified pilots who are willing to fly for US airlines because of the industry’s recent history of instability, poor pay and benefits,” said ALPA president Lee Moak in a statement. Moak said there are thousands of qualified pilots on furlough or working overseas who would gladly return to US cockpits if conditions were favorable.He cited the recent closure or US regional carrier Comair, which furloughed 800 experienced pilots who are now looking for jobs in addition to 1,154 ALPA members currently on furlough.In the US average starting salary for regional airline is $21,285 plus benefit. Starting co-pilots at Delta and United earn $61,000 plus benefits, according to ALPA.“The real solution to preventing any future pilot shortage is for airlines to produce consistently profitable results,” Moak Observed. “Congress can support this goal by implementing pro-growth aviation policies that reduce the tax burden on airlines and give industry an opportunity to compete and prevail in the international marketplace.”Republic’s Bedford agreed in part but pointed out that some 18,000 US pilots will be reaching the mandatory retirement age of 65 over the next decade.“There are ample pilots for today’s needs, but these young people, who have graduated with aeronautical aviation degrees no longer qualify for employment,” Bedford told employees. “And there are not enough ways for them to get the hourly time the new law requires.”Cohen and airline officials expect there will continue to be pilot shortages and discontinuation of service to smaller communities.“We don’t need another report on what the issues are,” said Cohen, who recently announced the formation of task force of regional airline CEOs to come up with ways to maintain service. “We are focused on trying to find some short term solutions. Each day sees another headline about reduced service and those are going to continue.”last_img read more

December 17

Klamath Basin GeoTour

first_img SharePrint RelatedSpokane History GeoTourJanuary 8, 2016In “Community”Colorado’s South Park GeoTourJuly 10, 2015In “GeoTours”GeoTour Spotlight: Visit Utah (GT54)April 18, 2017In “GeoTours” GeoTour: The Klamath Basin GeoTourLocation: Klamath County, OregonFavorite Points: 20Why Klamath Basin is a great place to visit:Discover Klamath County and its vast outdoor recreation opportunities. From mountain and road cycling to fishing and hunting, Klamath County has it all within an hours drive of Klamath Falls.The Klamath River winds below a cache. (GC5VFQ0)Best time of year to visit:Summertime, when the temperatures are warm enough to take a dip in the region’s pristine lakes.Must-see attractions:Check out Lava Beds National Monument or GC5VG1N, home to more than a dozen caves and historic remnants of the region’s Native American and settlement populations.Hidden gems only locals know about:Bring your mountain bike to Spence Mountain (GC5VAY8) where newly constructed trails offer a fun and challenging ride.Klamath Basin GeocoinPrizes:Geocoins, a resort stay, and premium geocaching memberships. For more information on prizes, visit geocachers are saying about Klamath Basin GeoTour:“TFTH, and good spot-We really enjoyed feeding the fish at the Hatchery and the man was so friendly and told us we could go and watch and feed the wild fish out back. We did and had a great time!” -Gitinlost1“Me and my son stopped by after some caving fun. The person before me hide it really well maybe a little to well was pretty much standing on it and did not even see it.” -kingofhearts6464Additional Information:Visit to download a GeoTour passport and entry form for the raffle.Note: All the above information was provided by the GeoTour host. Copy has been edited by Geocaching HQ.The Mt. McLoughlin trailhead begins with a bridge over a wilderness stream. (GC5VAXP)Share with your Friends:Morelast_img read more