June 12

RWB protests against harassment of representative in Ukraine

first_img Organisation News UkraineEurope – Central Asia (Photo: Thomas Samson / AFP) Ukraine escalates “information war” by banning three pro-Kremlin media RSF_en In the light of these undertakings and the Ukrainian government’s often reiterated commitment to freedom of information, which is essential for a democratic society to function properly, we urge you to take whatever measures are necessary to protect Oksana Romanyuk’s privacy and to bring those responsible for harassing her to justice.I thank you in advance for the attention you give to this letter.Sincerely, March 26, 2021 Find out more News to go further News September 7, 2020 Find out more February 26, 2021 Find out more UkraineEurope – Central Asia News Reporters Without Borders wrote to Ukraine’s most senior police, security and judicial officials yesterday asking them to put a stop to the harassment of its local representative in connection with her work in defence of freedom of information.——For the attention of: Prosecutor-General Viktor PshonkaInterior Minister Vitaly ZakharchenkoSecurity Chief Oleg YakymenkoParis, 9 October 2013Reporters Without Borders, an international organization that defends freedom of information, would like to draw your attention to the shocking methods used in the past few days in an attempt to intimidate Oksana Romanyuk, a journalist who has long been our representative in Ukraine.The entire contents of her personal computer’s disk drive were exposed on a dedicated website on 8 October. A few days before that, hackers posted much of her email correspondence on another site.These actions constitute an unacceptable violation of Romanyuk’s right to privacy. We also regard them as a very clear attempt to intimidate and take revenge against Reporters Without Borders for its work in Ukraine. Our concern is increased by the fact that a growing number of independent journalists have been the victims of similar actions in recent months. This trend, of which the potential intimidatory impact should not be underestimated, could have major consequences for the defence of freedom of information in your country. These actions must not go unpunished.We urge you to do everything in your power to put a stop to these actions and to ensure that they are fully and impartially investigated as breaches of article 182 (violation of the confidentiality of personal data) and article 361 (illegal intrusion into information technology systems) of the Ukrainian criminal code. As far as we know, the police are currently investigating them only as breaches of article 356 (assault). In our view, this is a completely inadequate basis for arriving at the truth and adopting appropriate sanctions.Ukraine has given very clear international undertakings to protect privacy and freedom of information. In February 2013, Ukraine agreed to comply with several recommendations that were submitted as part of its latest Universal Periodic Review by the United Nations Human Rights Council. In particular, Ukraine accepted the need to:• “Create an enabling environment for journalists and media professionals and ensure fully transparent and impartial investigation and prosecution in all cases of attacks against them.” (Recommendation No. 97.119)• “Ensure better protection of journalists and combat abuse and violence to which they are subject.” (Recommendation No. 97.121) October 10, 2013 – Updated on January 20, 2016 RWB protests against harassment of representative in Ukraine Christophe DeloireReporters Without Borders secretary-general Receive email alerts Help by sharing this information Ukrainian media group harassed by broadcasting authority Crimean journalist “confesses” to spying for Ukraine on Russian TV Follow the news on Ukrainelast_img read more

September 16

No. 4 Syracuse’s free-position chances pay off with Riley Donahue’s late goal to defeat Albany, 13-12

first_imgWith under 20 seconds left, Albany committed its 34th and most damaging foul of the night. Riley Donahue caught a pass and rushed to her usual spot in Syracuse’s offense — a couple of feet away from the net to the left of the goalie — as the seconds ticked off during the tied game.Noticing an opening, Donahue charged the net and the defense collapsed on her. Albany defender Imani Hedgeman rushed over, pushed Donahue down and the referee’s whistle was blown before Donahue hit the turf.The junior attack jumped up and readied herself for her third free-position shot of the game. Her first attempt ricocheted off Albany goaltender Erin Leghart and hit the bar. Donahue bested Leghart in attempt two, sending it through the goalie’s legs.Feet planted at the nine-yard line, Donahue hunched over, angled her stick towards the sky and crashed down on Leghart, delaying a shot for as long as she could.Donahue dropped her stick head down as the ball, and Syracuse’s chances at victory flew through the air. Leghart lunged to her right but by then it was too late. The ball had found the back of the net. Donahue’s teammates mobbed her in celebration with 9.1 seconds remaining.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textNo. 4 Syracuse (5-0, 1-0 Atlantic Coast) struggled throughout the second half, getting outscored 8-6 in the frame. But the Orange’s free-position shot efficiency proved critical in the 13-12 win over Albany (2-2).“Free-position shots. That’s all I’ll say. That’s my opening statement,” Albany head coach John Battaglino said. He paused before he finished his remarks. “Syracuse had 15 called. We had one.”Syracuse went 9-of-15 from the eight-meter mark and just 4-of-15 on all other shots in the victory.The Orange offense stalled in the opening frame of the contest. In its last three games — against Canisius, Binghamton and Massachusetts — SU faced zone defenses, and handled them with ease, winning by a combined 32 goals. With just one day to prepare for Albany’s one-on-one defense, Syracuse sputtered.“They were playing aggressive inside the eight,” SU head coach Gary Gait said. “I think anybody that watched that game would say, yeah there’s a totally two different styles of play going and that’s why the fouls looked the way they didSU tried ball screens to shield off the Great Danes. It attempted cutting and dodging to create a modicum of space, but none of it helped. The attack settled for sending long shots towards the net which Leghart saved with ease. The only success came from attacking Albany’s defenders, drawing fouls and earning the subsequent free-position. Luckily for the Orange, that worked.Syracuse’s first six goals came from free-position shots. Nicole Levy opened the scoring 1:41 into the game as she beat Leghart on a low, scorching shot. Mary Rahal and Natalie Wallon would follow suit. The Orange used a variety of shooting angles to consistently best Leghart. Levy scored her second goal later in the first half. Off a free-position Levy took one step, swung her stick across her body and fired off a shot that whizzed past Leghart’s left shoulder.“Mentally it’s a little tough knowing that your defense is doing everything they can to stop the ball from getting to you but I just try and get up and save as many as I can,” Leghart said. “It’s a new shot, a new ball, possibly a save every time.”With Albany’s hounding defense limiting SU’s leading goal scorer Emily Hawryschuk to just one goal, Levy carried the team. The East Islip native doubled her goal total for the season on Monday night, scoring four of her six goals from the free-position.“They just kind of left me open,” Levy said. “You just take the opportunities that you are presented.”The one-goal difference continued the trend of close games between the Orange and the Great Danes. In both 2014 and 2015, SU defeated Albany by two goals. Last season, Syracuse survived a ferocious comeback in the waning minutes and won 8-7. Tonight was no different.In its first competitive game of the season, the Orange had relied on free-position goals all game. But it was the last one that mattered the most. Comments Facebook Twitter Google+ Published on February 27, 2017 at 10:32 pm Contact Nick: [email protected] | @nick_a_alvarezlast_img read more

August 4

Tinton Falls Could Be Asked To Contribute Solutions To Landfill Odor…

first_img“And I understand it is our landfill,” Burry said. “But I think it’s reached a point where we need to work together. I think to consider us two separate entities is not serving anybody’s good.” By Philip Sean Curran “At the end of this stage, we will have installed the permanent gas collection system; the permanent leachate collection system as well as the new vacuum lines to continue to improve the collection of gas and control of the odors,” he wrote. Freeholder Lillian G. Burrysaid it’s costing the county “bigmoney” to correct the problem atthe landfill. The landfill, spanning some 900acres, has been in use since 1976.Last year it received 398,730 tonsof waste, according to the county. As of Wednesday, 105 people have signed an online petition at change.org seeking, among other things, greater transparency about the new agreement between Tinton Falls and the county and a public comment hearing before the Tinton Falls governing body votes on the new host agreement for the reclamation center. The petition was started this week by a group that calls itself “MCCEHS.” “I think it would be a good, sound gesture on their part to agree to help defray some of thecosts involved here,” she said ofTinton Falls. “I would like to seethem more directly involved withdefraying some of the expenses.” “Our homes and our neighborhoods play host to the MCRC (Monmouth County Reclamation Center),” the petition read in part. “It is our right to know what goes into the host agreement, not just a select few.” She noted that the county paysthe municipality a “substantialamount of money” for being thehost community of the landfill.Last year that contribution wasaround $2.7 million. “I think we’re looking for them to step up and help be a part of the solution,” said Freeholder Gerry P. Scharfenberger. “I think we’re looking for them to be a partner, because it is within their jurisdiction.” As part of weekly updates he has been issuing by email, Thomas A. Arnone, freeholder director, wrote April 18 that the county intended to install an interim system to collect methane gas that comes from the decomposing garbage and then a permanent system that would take four to six weeks to complete and involve more than 17,000 linear feet of pipe. TINTON FALLS – Some Monmouth County freeholders said this week that they are looking to municipal officials in Tinton Falls, home of the county landfill, to shoulder some of the responsibility for abating the odor coming from the facility on Asbury Avenue. center_img “With that money, wouldn’t it make a lot of good sense to take a portion of that and either help defray the taxes of the residents, because they’re the ones being directly affected by this, or to reduce what the county is responsible for?” Burry asked. “We’re trying our best to do whatever we possibly can to remediate this problem,” Arnone said at last week’s freeholder meeting. “But there’s no excuse for it.” One woman who signed, Barbara Maggs, wrote on the site that she was “tired being left in the dark and being lied to for years about the dump.” Earlier this year the county said the “recent odors” at the landfill were attributable to methane gas, landfill leachate seeps, a large amount of rain in 2018 and a repair project at the landfill where the facility’s gas collection system was disconnected. Officials have been working to address the problem, with freeholders voting earlier this year to authorize spending $7.55 million in projects at the landfill, known formally as the Monmouth County Reclamation Center. Scharfenberger said the support he had in mind does not only have to be monetary, but could take other forms, like the county working with staff in the Tinton Falls public works department to share ideas, knowledge and expertise. Yet as the county faces this challenge, legal hurdles await. Some residents of Tinton Falls who have complained about the odor affecting their quality of life, plan to sue the county later this year, potentially seeking $233 million in damages. A torts claim notice was filed with the county in April. Tinton Falls Mayor Vito Perillocould not be reached for commentthis week. Arnone, speaking at the April 18 freeholders meeting, suggested possibly structuring the Tinton Falls allocation to “best fit the residents that are affected by the landfill.” He did not elaborate. She said freeholders historically have worked well with officials in Tinton Falls and that she saw no change in that relationship. The town and the county are negotiating a new host community agreement, as their old deal expired at the end of 2017. “We’re required to give six months’ notice of the filing of a lawsuit,” said Kevin S. Riechelson, attorney for the residents. “I can’t assume what the county’s going to do. But assuming that nothing happens between now and…by the beginning of October, I anticipate that a lawsuit will be filed sometime in the beginning of October with the class representatives that we’ve selected.”last_img read more

August 2


first_imgTYLER BAZE, SHOW STEALER, SECOND: “I keep thinking that someone will hook up with Vale Dori and I’ll get the dream trip, but no one hooks up with her.“I let (Show Stealer) sneak up there a bit on Vale Dori down the backside. I didn’t want to leave her a whole lot to do, knowing how slow we were going. She ran a great race once again, though. One of these days, she can outrun the rest of them so . . . ” BOB BAFFERT, VALE DORI, WINNER: Asked if she is getting better: “She keeps beating the same group, so that’s good. She’s just steady and she’s right there. The gate thing, I think she’s very funny about her head. I think the gate guy might have touched her near her ear, and she will do that. You’ve got to be real careful with her.“I don’t know (if she backed out). She jumped up and tried to flip or something. I don’t know what it was. Something got her, but she will do that. She was a little fresh today. I missed some time with her during the rains, so she was coming in here a little bit fresher. We missed a lot of days when it was raining so we just took it easy with her. These races have been keeping her fit so I don’t have to do too much in between.“We’re definitely looking at the Santa Margarita (next, Grade I, $400,000, 1 1/8 miles on March 18). That’s the plan. Those South American horses, they love mud, they like wet tracks. It’s good to know, but she’s been a joy to train . . . She’s making money, we enjoy watching her run and she tries hard every time.” MIKE SMITH, VALE DORI, WINNER: “She got a little excited in the gate today. I’m not really sure what happened in the gate, something spooked her. She just reacted to it and almost went all the way over. It might have hurt us a little bit. She was aggravated for a good eighth of a mile before I talked her out of it. After that, she was well within herself.“She tends to look around a little bit down the lane. I stay really busy on her.“The horses sounded like they were right behind me but no one was! I was there, riding her harder than I probably have to. I swear it sounded like they were right behind me.“She’s just gotten good. There’s not a Songbird or Stellar Wind in there, so that certainly helps. But she’s climbing the ladder. At some point she’s going to deserve a chance at them.“If anyone had hooked up with her today, she would have sat off of them no doubt, just no speed today.” JOCKEY QUOTES center_img TRAINER QUOTES             NOTES: The winning owner is Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa al Maktoum.last_img read more

December 21

MICA meeting to give clarity to frustrated homeowners across Donegal

first_imgThe Mica Action Group (MAG) are to hold their first public meeting since the announcement in October last year of the Mica redress scheme for homeowners in Counties Donegal and Mayo.This meeting will be held on Wednesday July 24th 2019 from 8.00-9.00pm in An Grianan Hotel, Burt.Ann Owens Chairperson on the Mica Action Group said since the announcement in October 2018 that the government will support the rollout of a redress scheme to fix the homes affected by defective blocks, homeowners have waited patiently for more information. She said the Mica Action Group (MAG) have continued to engage with Government officials at both national and local level to request further clarity and to stress the importance of launching this scheme without further delay.“There has been progress in the form of Cabinet approval in May 2019 through significant support from Minister Joe McHugh’s office – which was a huge step forward in illustrating Government commitment to the issue.“However, aside from being told that the scheme will be administered by Donegal County Council (DCC), information on the scheme and how homeowners can apply for this redress has not been officially released and MAG and all affected homeowners are getting increasingly frustrated at the stalemate.“Therefore MAG are hosting this information evening in order to provide homeowners with as much information as we can at present. We have also asked a number of people who are instrumental in rolling out this scheme to attend and to speak at the event. “Damien Mc Kay, Consulting Engineer from Letterkenny is one of these key speakers. Damien was one of the first people who raised this issue in late 2013 after seeing a pattern of unusual cracking in more and more homes across the county. Damien has since undertaken assessments on hundreds of homes across the county and has acted as a spokesperson on the mica issue at Government level over the last number of years. He most recently trained and certified the newly formed cohort of engineers through Engineers Ireland who will form a key aspect of the redress scheme process.“Councillor Martin McDermott will also speak on the evening. Martin is a member of the newly formed mica steering group at Donegal County Council. This mica steering group will become more and more important over the coming months and years due to DCC’s key role in the scheme’s implementation. Martin will give an update on where DCC are with regard to the scheme.“Finally, a panel of key stakeholders including MAG, Damien McKay and Councillors; Martin Mc Dermott, Bernard McGuiness, Albert Doherty and Martin Farren who are all members of the DCC mica steering group, will be available in a question and answer session where questions will be taken from the audience. The information evening is open to everyone. This event will be followed by a (members only) AGM from 9.00-10.00pm. We would hope that these events will get a large turnout and will hopefully answer some key questions for affected homeowners on what to do next.“It is time for some real action and to see this scheme prioritised by all those tasked with its rollout. In the meantime, people are still living in fear. We need to see those in the most urgent need prioritised now without any further delay.”For further information please contact The Mica Action Group on [email protected] or by telephone on 086 8648888. Media enquiries to Eileen Doherty, Mica Action Group on 087 2910106/ email [email protected] Background: The Mica Action Group is a voluntary group formed in early 2014 by individuals whose own homes are cracking due to defective blocks. The objective of the group is to seek redress for homeowners affected by this issue. The group has engaged with government on a local and on a national level to determine the exact scale and the cause of the problem in the county.MICA meeting to give clarity to frustrated homeowners across Donegal was last modified: July 15th, 2019 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:bricksdonegalmeetingMICAredress schemelast_img read more

November 7

Sport Education – Coach and Referee course presenter update

first_imgTouch Football Australia has been undertaking a review of Sport Education courses and resources and is pleased to provide further update with regard to the process for release and trialling the updated Foundation Coach Course and Level 1 Referee Course.As part of this trial process, the educating and updating of Presenters with the new course material and requirements is vital. This will be undertaken through a targeted approach which will include the following steps:1. TFA and state offices to identify and target relevant level course presenters and communicate directly requirements listed below.2. Course Presenters to register to update their accreditation as per Course Presenter updating Registration process as outlined in the TFA Sport Education Guidelines3. Course Presenters are required to complete relevant ASC General Principles Course (coaching or officiating) http://learning.ausport.gov.au/ and provide certificate to complete currency update process to [email protected] Course Presenters are required to attend and complete webinar workshop to be updated on the changes to the materials and course processes. To register to attend the webinar please select the link from the list below for your preferred date.The following webinar options will be held throughout September/early October to update Course Presenters. Further dates or potential face to face opportunities will be provided in due course. Foundation Coach Course http://events.redbackconferencing.com.au/5942e7 Foundation Coach Course http://events.redbackconferencing.com.au/dd97b7 Registration Link Thursday 3rd October – 7pm AEST Level 1 Referee Course Monday 30th September – 7pm AEST http://events.redbackconferencing.com.au/3d07e6 Thursday 26th September – 7pm AEST http://events.redbackconferencing.com.au/9a3e1b Date & Time Presenter Update Tuesday 24th September – 8pm AEST Level 1 Referee Course For more information, please click on the attached memo.Related Filescoach_and_referee_course_presenter_update_-_webinar_registration-pdfRelated LinksSport Educationlast_img read more

November 7

NSC 2018 Finals

first_imgIn a thrilling day of finals play, The Cathedral College won the 9/10 Girls division in a 6-5 win against Helensvale State High, scoring that sixth try within the last 20 seconds of play. The Player of the Final award went to Olivia Jenkins.Coombabah State High School completely smashed it in the 9/10 Boys Final, with an 18-6 win against Iona College. Player of the Final was Harridon Wilson.In the 7/8 Girls Final, Helensvale State High defeated All Hallows’ 9-6 after dominating the competition for the whole tournament. Skylar Adams took Player of Final.Cavendish Road State High School took the 7/8 Boys Final, with a 9-6 win against Cleveland District State High. Player of the Final was awarded to Hayden Wong.last_img read more

October 28

10 months agoSolskjaer excited to lead Man Utd at Old Trafford for first time

first_imgSolskjaer excited to lead Man Utd at Old Trafford for first timeby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester United caretaker boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer admits it will be a special moment when he leads the team against Huddersfield at Old Trafford tomorrow.Solskjaer’s managerial stint is off to a fabulous start with the 5-1 victory at Cardiff City last weekend.He said, “Of course, you try to keep your emotions in check. I’m there to do a job, I’ve got to be focused. It’s not easy, I don’t think it will be easy but I’m looking forward to it. I think the boys are looking forward to playing at Old Trafford. That’s the key. We should be looking forward to playing there. I was sat next to Rene Meulensteen as a coach in a Reserves-team game there once, and I was there with Cardiff, but, of course, it will be special.”You can never set the bar too high. They [the players] are setting the standards. The players that play for this club, they’ve got high standards to live up to and, Saturday, it was not like they’ve outperformed themselves because you cannot outperform yourself. We want to look at this game, evaluate and look at a few clips. We can be better, we can understand each other better, so it will be good.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

October 13

BC finance minister says doubleA credit rating sign of continued stability

first_imgVICTORIA – British Columbia’s Finance Minister Carole James says Dominion Bond Rating Service has confirmed the province’s double-A high credit rating, maintaining the rate the province has held since May 2007.The Ministry of Finance says in a news release that the rating recognizes B.C.’s growing economy, balanced fiscal policy and affordable debt.It calls the double-A high rating “a strong affirmation of the province’s direction and fiscal position.”Dominion’s report forecasts the provincial economy will grow by 2.9 per cent this year before slowing to a “more sustainable pace” of around 2 per cent.The report comes in the wake of the new government’s budget update in September.The Finance Ministry says British Columbia remains the only province rated triple-A with all three international credit rating agencies, Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s, and Fitch.“The AA high rating recognizes that choices to invest in British Columbians will help chart a path to continued economic stability,” James says in the release.She says the investments being made by the New Democrat government lay the foundation for a better B.C.last_img read more