July 31

We should adhere to the individual stationmaster when 2010 08 14

didn’t come here for half a year, but now it’s a good place to live here. Can not help but come up with a bubble. Talk about your own understanding of the site,


00 have done a lot of the site, most of them are a person groping out. As a programmer, whether it is ASP, PHP, or asp.net class programs can be readily used, by the way they modify, of course, the premise is to open source in the case of relatively poor artists! So long, most in need of beautification page I refer to others "format, mode change to. Although it is not very good, but still feel good. read more

July 31

Using Tencent platform to promote the 4 alternative ways of website

had seen someone posted these promotion methods, and not enough fine local feeling after reading about myself for a long time, coincides with the careful study of the QQ platform to promote the site test, several methods to share to you.

QQ farm

QQ farm with the surrounding some of the words in the Baidu index every day at least 100 thousand, visible QQ farm daily fixed number of game player, this is an astronomical figure, so the QQ farm extension of some QQ station will have very good effect, figure read more

July 31

Yishui some personal experience in the promotion

Yishui do not much time during this period, the problems encountered are also many, but I often go to a push, in many of the above problems have been resolved.

site is ready, we need to promote, so that more people visit the web site. For promotion, we first understand what our website does, what kind of crowd browsing it is, and what we offer is received by visitors. These are the website itself problems, the site itself is the problem we do SEO optimization, specific we can log on this look (http://s.www.hanwangtx.com/SEOjiaocheng/). SEO well, then we need to solve the promotion problem. read more

July 31

The ultimate solution for network technicians

in my QQ "architect communication group" in the mailbox, received a message from the administrator of the technical staff of the final way out of a letter, the name is ", a letter to the group member". I read the contents of the letter, there was a calm, and then it was a long time of meditation.

although I strongly hope that this forum will become a purely technical forum, as an engineer, I always feel sad about the future prospects. From this point, published their emotion. read more

July 31

Novice friend’s sentiment want to be a webmaster

to do a simple web page has been 6 years, but there has been no use just a little bit of their own knowledge, even if it is a static page, on the Internet is also a kind of action of mind, blame yourself too lazy, not in 6 years to study and study how to set up a belongs to own web site.

I have a lot of problems now, and I want to attract friends who share my ideas with the new tutorials. First of all, my first question is, "if I want to reprint articles on other people’s websites, do I have to contact the site for permission? If I don’t contact them, I would like to quote from the site, OK?" read more

July 31

My opinion on several problems of e commerce

on Saturday to send held the first e-commerce cloud meeting, met a lot of people have always wanted to say, Jingdong President Liu Qiangdong, vice president of the north of the cradle; before most of the electronic business circle of friends know, not to say.

There are several issues in the

meeting, I participate in the discussion of a familiar, but my friends all know that I am not alone, badly written child, especially not ready, the game is the basic topic, incoherent. So let’s say something about the issues at the meeting; read more

July 29

10 major strategies used Social Media Marketing

applies these ten steps to your entire social media marketing, spending at least five hours a week, and your online marketing plan will work well. Other strategies, such as link bait and blog writing, are also the basis of social media marketing. Wish you success,


1, good at making friends with LinkedIn or Facebook. Contact at least two new friends every Monday or hour;

2, two hours a week to your familiar areas of popular forums, introduce yourself and share knowledge, get the trust of others; read more

July 29

4 methods of using numbers to stimulate user’s behavior skillfully

everybody saw this scene: a street in front of the shop, placed in a sound, with a very loud voice, the shop plastered on the door of the big poster, saying: "master, the last 3 days", "before the renovation of large stocks, the last 3 days". These businesses use digital to create scarcity and attract the attention of users. This is in reality some of the gimmicks of the business, you go a week to go, and may still be the last 3 days".

in the network, there are also some use of digital to encourage users to take further actions, in order to provide sales and promote the purpose of the dialogue, the popular group purchase website is the best example, but also have similar cases in other social networks, this paper will use this topic to talk about the users of digital laser excitation. read more

July 29

A5 official public number purchasing agent services on line For purchasing agent please submit inf

one, written in front of

A5 official purchasing agent services in the voice of your small partners on-line, and A5 intermediary site transactions and domain name transactions have formed a good reputation in the industry ~

as the largest intermediary trading platform for the Internet, A5 years of intermediary trading experience will also protect the security of WeChat’s public trading


two, A5 official public number purchasing agent sale requirements

if you need to buy the public number, please submit the purchase request: read more

July 29

Clever soft Wen commonly used in five forms

soft wise in a "soft", it is the pursuit of a silent, salutary influence of education communication effect. As a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance and not dew, and overcomes invisibly, until you find this is a soft text, you have not cold at the fallen into a carefully designed "soft text ads" trap.

soft, although the myriads of changes, but eventually, mainly in the following ways:

, story type: in a moving story, bring out the product and let the consumer accept the product while accepting the story. In fact, the story is not the purpose, the product clues behind the story is the key to the article. Here to emphasize that the story of knowledge, interest and rationality is the key to the success of soft wen. read more