March 31

The Huangshui River water quality reached the national standard

last year, the Huangshui River Basin water quality meet the national water environmental functional district planning standards, implementation of national "12th Five-Year" planning objectives in advance.

it is understood that last year the provincial environmental protection departments to further promote the Huangshui River pollution prevention and remediation in the two years before the foundation of 593 sewage outfall, and arranged 151 million yuan of funds, 137 outfall remediation, completed a comprehensive interception sewer project. The city of Xining and along the Huangshui 8 county sewage collection and treatment rate reached 93% and 85% respectively. read more

March 31

Xining prevention and control of influenza a H1N1 reserve urgent need to supply equipments

September 18th, reporters from the city food and drug administration, I learned that influenza a H1N1 reserve Yaoxie quality to meet the requirements, and in the case of urgent need to tune out, get on for.

it is understood that the city after the outbreak of influenza a H1N1 influenza, the drug administration departments to act quickly, in recent days, organized a series of prevention and control of influenza a H1N1 influenza drug quality control and inspection of medical equipment. From the inspection situation, the province’s 3 pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises in accordance with the requirements, the reserve of the relevant drugs, medical devices. Reserve medical equipment with protective masks, protective clothing, suction, such as more than 20 varieties. The reserve army Keaowei drugs including capsule, antiviral, antibiotics, transfusion, emergency medicine, detoxification drugs, biological agents, disinfectants and other 7 major categories of more than and 100 varieties. read more

March 31

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau was awarded the national two demonstration public security b

days ago, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Public Security Department was named the "National Police normalization construction of two level demonstration of the public security bureau".

in recent years, Xining city public security organs at all levels throughout the formal construction in a prominent position, to the police to sink, security must be strong, to strengthen the management team, to strictly, to innovate, to standardize the law enforcement mechanism, work to go up, people will be satisfied as the general requirements, focus on a number of constraints of the public security organs the long-term development of the institutional mechanism, security issues, and laid a solid foundation for the public security comprehensive, healthy and sustainable development. The overall quality of the police team to further improve the idea of law enforcement for the people further rooted, the overall image is obviously improved, the masses satisfaction rate, security generally increased, the overall situation of social order remained stable, global social security ability improved significantly, the incidence of criminal cases for 4 consecutive years showed a downward trend. read more

March 31

Xining City Art Museum free training thousands of people benefit

2012 Group Art Museum for children in Xining, the elderly and community workers to carry out free training courses, providing free venue for the community, nearly a thousand people benefit.

since the beginning of the first phase of the free class in early 2012, the Group Art Museum opened on calligraphy, vocal music, dance and other dozens of training courses, enriching the amateur life of more than 1200 students and the elderly. At the same time, the museum will also be free to do the community training courses, set up a music sound operation, training and other non free training courses 17, training more than 3000 students in the community. (author: Ma Rong)
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March 30

Provincial Public Hospital Reform Forum held

provincial public hospital reform forum held recently in Xining. The meeting first communicated to learn the spirit of the province’s health and health conference, the provincial public hospitals to implement the spirit of the general assembly, accelerate the reform of public hospitals, etc.. Vice governor Gao Hua presided over and spoke.

meeting pointed out that in May this year, since the implementation of the comprehensive reform of public hospitals in the province, the full cancellation of drug addition, the implementation of the convenience of the people Huimin initiatives, the work steadily forward. The current and future periods, the provincial public hospitals should take the lead to study and implement the province’s health and health conference spirit, firmly establish the development thought of taking people as the center, to further enhance the construction of healthy Qinghai’s sense of urgency and mission, focus on strengthening the hospital management, control medical costs unreasonable growth, improve the quality and level of medical service. Key areas and key links, increase efforts to promote reform, make the results more benefit of the people. read more

March 30

The Xining Association for mediation of gas boiler 192 farmers Jieyou consumer disputes

days ago, Xining City Consumers Association with the successful mediation of gas boiler maintenance disputes, to solve the 192 farmers consumer menace from the rear.

2005 Xining chengnanxinqu Tang Fang Cun for city planning and the overall relocation in May last year, the villagers have moved into new homes. Enter the heating period, some consumers found the wall mounted gas fails, contact the dealer for maintenance, businesses identified the cause of the malfunction of consumers had not adopted lead to filter impurities clogging heat exchanger caused by the fault is not within the scope of the warranty, consumers need to pay maintenance, the parties negotiated to no avail, then to the consumer complaints. read more

March 29

Strengthening measures to promote the development of green management

2012, is to implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, accelerate the implementation of the plan in 12th Five-Year an important year, but also the city on the new starting point to promote the four development of the key year

2012, is to implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, accelerate the implementation of the 12th Five-Year plan an important year, but also the city on the new starting point to promote the four development of the key year. City Forestry Bureau in the city’s urban and rural greening work, closely rely on the concept of refinement, in-depth implementation of green management mechanism to create new year activities, to take effective measures to promote green development. read more

March 29

Xining invested 60 million yuan to encourage the elimination of yellow cars

Since September 1st, Xining started to encourage yellow car out of work, raise funds, Xining Municipal Finance Department has arranged many channels up to now, nearly 60 million yuan subsidy funds, to boost the yellow car out of work.

the elimination of yellow cars can not only reduce vehicle emissions, improve air quality of city environment, and reduce the loss rate of the yellow car out in advance, so that owners can truly enjoy the yellow car subsidy policy is good, can also promote the air pollution in Xining city comprehensive management.It is reported that read more

March 27

Xining industrial and commercial system to strengthen safety supervision

Xining industrial and commercial system based on their own work, to take the six combination to further strengthen the supervision of production safety, crack down on illegal production and operation of construction.
in specific work, one is taken in combination with the annual examination of the enterprise and individual industrial and commercial households inspection work to strengthen the enterprise registration decal, pre-approval of the qualification examination, strict market access gateway. Two is to take and carry out safe production month activities, through the square to participate in publicity, dissemination of information, to carry out market fire drills and other forms, to further increase the intensity of publicity and education. Three is to take the key industries and areas of special rectification of safety production, farmers market, shopping malls, supermarkets as the focus, to increase the safety of production and management of fireworks and other places of operation and supervision. The four is to combine with the "establishment" and "creative city" and the "year", the focus of remediation market, shopping malls and supermarkets and other business premises, Jeeves blocked fire exits and other acts, eliminate market security risks. Five is to take a combination of routine law enforcement, to further increase the frequency of inspections, increase supervision and inspection efforts to crack down on illegal production and management behavior. Six is to take advantage of the commodity exchange market credit classification supervision work, further improve and deepen the market inspection system, market early warning system, safety production system, credit system and other rules and regulations.

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March 27

They go to the grassroots community cheerful laughter echoed in the community

  Fifth stations: Mao Sheng Si community
interview time: in late October
"green hills, blue sea, grazing girls also have a sweet dream……" A "Qinghai dream" in the accompaniment of musical instruments sing beautifully, I followed the community director Dai Suying came to the community rehearsal hall. "On behalf of the director, we celebrate the new year’s day when the community open ah? We rehearsed a lot." "In order to make the program more exciting, we added a new folk song in it." You say, he said a word, literary lovers will be the director and I surrounded up.
"we now have three community art team, the backbone of hundreds of people, the residents to participate in these teams very enthusiastic." Dai Suying introduction. At this time, Meng Zhaomin found the old man with the director of opera amateurs, with rehearsal space thing, acting director smiled and said: "now the community art groups and art lovers more and more, and the rehearsal time community the rehearsal hall is full, so you chorus, dance team and opera music classes to rehearsal time." A word to let Meng Zhaomin dispel doubts in mind, he immediately took the amateurs for everyone to live performances of a show, happy laughter echoed in the community in the rehearsal room.
from the community after the rehearsal hall, community sports Zhuangan Zhao Guilian took me to the community library equipment, little room hung with performance costumes, with sound, arches and other equipment needed to perform. Colorful ethnic costumes and professional performances of the group’s dress is almost the same, very beautiful, at this time, the other three members of the community dance team to find Zhao Guilian by performing costumes, Zhao Guilian promised to come down. We put together 12 sets of Tu style garments packaged downstairs, one of Ms. Liu said gratefully: "we dance team set up not long, the members have not made performance costumes, several performances are to Mao Sheng Temple community borrow clothing, thank you very much." Zhao Guilian hurriedly; read more