September 24

Full-Time Referees

first_imgAccording to an article in the Indianapolis Star, the NFL owners want to use full-time referees in the future.  Today, the referees have regular jobs and officiate ball games on the side.  It seems like many of the present refs in the NFL have professions like lawyers and teachers.If the owners expect these referees to be full-time, they must be willing to pay the kind of salary that these men & women are now making in their full-time jobs.  If you are full-time, you would work for the NFL just like major league umpires do now.  The baseball umpires do at least 150 games a year, so if they make $500 a game, that would be $75,000 minimum salary.  I’m just making an estimate for this article.In football, there are only 16 regular season games, so these individuals cannot live on officiating alone unless the owners are willing to pay a very good price per game.  Also, they would only work one day a week.  A younger person would want to be working more than that.  I’m not sure what the owners have in mind except they are not satisfied with the current ability of these part-time referees.last_img

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