September 16

World Soy Foundations Acre Challenge Campaign Recognizes Top Supporting States

first_imgThe World Soy Foundation (WSF), the philanthropic arm of the American Soybean Association (ASA), recognizes the top three supporting states of the Acre Challenge Campaign since early March. These states are helping the WSF to continue reducing malnutrition through the power of soy in the new year.The Acre Challenge, a fundraising campaign started by farmers FOR farmers, is a way they can help alleviate hunger and malnutrition around the world by donating the value of an acre of soybeans. The campaign begins Oct. 1 and runs for a full year. Just one acre of soybeans can make a life-changing difference. Did you know that one acre can be used to make over 43,000 servings of soymilk? That’s enough to feed over 100 children every day for an entire year!So far this year, over 285 donors from 30 states have accepted the challenge and donated an acre to the WSF, showing huge growth since the early years of the Acre Challenge—back in 2009 at this time, the total number of donors had only reached 77 individuals from 17 states. And, without further ado, the number one supporting state so far in this year’s WSF Acre Challenge is Iowa! In the past five months, Iowa farmers have given over $13,200 in support of the WSF’s mission. Roy Bardole, an Iowa farmer and WSF supporter says:“A child starved of protein will grow up to be less than they could be. It’s my responsibility as a producer to contribute to a better tomorrow with a generation that can think and reason better. By donating the value of just an acre of soybeans, I can make a difference.”Photo Credit: WSFComing in second for top Acre Challenge supporters are the farmers of Illinois, raising nearly $7,300. Farmers from Illinois know their crop can be a part of the solution to global malnutrition, and have a history of strong support for the Acre Challenge Campaign.Finally, coming in a close third is Missouri—raising just over $7,000 so far. It is because of the support of great states like Iowa, Illinois and Missouri, that the WSF had record fundraising totals over the winter months! This support allows the Foundation to continue doing even more great work in the future to reduce malnutrition through the power of soy.The Acre Challenge isn’t finished yet, though. To continue helping the Foundation, and get your state to the top of the list, simply calculate the value of an acre of soybeans in your operation (yield multiplied by price) and give the gift of protein today!Make your donation by visiting or sending your check to: World Soy Foundation; 12125 Woodcrest Executive Drive, Suite 100; St. Louis, Mo. 63141.About World Soy Foundation: The World Soy Foundation is a 501c3 philanthropic organization that reduces malnutrition through the power of soy. An optimal source of protein, soy can play a powerful role in a child’s journey to health, happiness and a productive life. Therefore, the World Soy Foundation creates partnerships and builds alliances that deliver soy protein and nutrition education around the world. It is headquartered at the American Soybean Association. More information is available at,  Facebook  and Twitter.last_img

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