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Qin readme why can the car home market

[editor’s note] car home was founded in June 2005, landing on the NYSE in December 11, 2013, the current market value of about $3 billion. According to iUserTracker statistics, the number of monthly coverage of the car home close to 80 million, China’s Internet users spend about 60% of the time in the car home. Car home CEO Qin in this article about the car’s four major value: the value of professional media (Product Library), the value of professional interactive media (Forum), channel value, the value of data analysis.


Qin Zhi

is the following Qin readme:

I was home to the car in 2007 of June. At that time, the home of the bubble and the car was two companies, and built a firewall in the middle. When I came to twenty people, in 2009 after the merger of the one hundred companies, the entire enterprise has a scale of one thousand of the size of the company by the end of last year was a total of 1000 people in.

in 2007 our forum to do is not good, we really do a good product library. Product library just started to do it on the other side, this is no disgrace. Then we think it especially hard to do, why? Any new car up to a lot of people to update our team twenty person, no way to get. Later, we found that, in fact, when a new car, chassis with the engine is the same as the original, is not the same body, the body can be changed, do not have to change the entire preparation of the table.

then we turned the product library into a car, a gearbox library, a library, a new car, the gearbox and the engine will not change. To sum up, we were innovative, with a new method to do the original thing, the efficiency is higher than others.

At that time,

love card network forum do better than us, but his service is relatively weak. We just want my forum why not? We found love card forum for ordinary consumers is not friendly, is a very high level of users on the inside, white users generally do not dare to speak. That being the case, we should create a willingness to speak to small users environment. Can learn from the story point of the car is good buy, OK and clear? Other media said the car interior will say what is the diameter of the cup holder, our editor says is probably the cup frame is, when the cup frame put a pulsating beverage turn will not shake, but Coca-Cola will shake. At that time, the other sites simply look down on us, that you are too two, and how this is called professional


now think carefully, we do is also an innovation, you do not think so professional users. Now the user level is high, we are more and more professional.

and so we have the media, interactive, slowly began to help users to buy and use the car. BITAUTO in do this very well, it can make the detailed price to the user. We only say the car which is good, let the user evaluate the car which is good >

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