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Manufacturing events the atomic bomb in nternet Marketing

a few years ago, the first wave of the Internet swept, with a broken bubble, a Aihong was still ringing in our ears, the second wave of network and influence the enemy approached the walls.

A series of

digital let all join in the Internet and focus on the Internet once again with CNNIC twenty-first survey results showed: the number of Internet users has increased to 221 million people Chinese. The number of Internet users in China has grown rapidly, with an annual increase of 73 million in 2007, an annual growth rate of over 53.3%, and an average daily increase of Internet users in the past year by 200 thousand. At present, the number of Internet users in China is the first in the world. Chinese Internet users per capita access time of 3.28 hours, while the average TV use time is only about 1.21 hours.

just for the growing up of women in the field of vertical portal — like network, has also been exploring on event marketing idea, to enhance the web site through event marketing and brand influence, so we are spending a lot of money, in the Tencent, NetEase, Sohu and other authoritative media in the Internet a lot of ads, in order to improve the conversion of decorating store the site rate, we began to cooperate with other domestic vertical portals, such as, cooperation in the development of the female channel, fully tap the precision marketing to bring the full value of the.

The number of users

huge and so high user contacts have made the Internet completely out of the fifth kinds of media a few years ago called "in addition to traditional media" the four identity, and jumped into the four traditional media and racing together bridle to bridle, even more important than the media and traditional media.

choose a lot, how to start


the existence of the Internet as well as its increasingly important to make all the marketing people are excited, and the excitement of the more than a glimmer of – internet marketing exactly how to do?

There are many aspects of

Internet marketing, there are EPR (Network Public Relations), there are IWOM (Internet word of mouth marketing), EAD (Internet advertising)

There are many

means of Internet marketing, can carry out special cooperation with the portal site, can be put on the PR soft, can according to different web users form rich people network advertising, can do SEM (search engine marketing), IM can do can do marketing, forum marketing, blog marketing can do, can do WIKI marketing can do streaming media marketing…

means so much to see, but also make people feel unable to start brand network marketing in the end how to do


in my opinion, any form of marketing can not be separated from its marketing nature. "Marketing" is a means of communication, whether you use what kind of method, you can according to your target people choose their way of communication, and the core of this way of communication, not what the narrator said, but what the listener heard.

many interconnections.

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