March 5

Public car to raise the inspiration of alternative word of mouth marketing

‘s recent major search engines search all chips, the hottest word is "raise the car", yesterday just wrote an article "raise a car worth 70 thousand creative" article, I did not expect to get a lot of. Today the topic of yesterday to discuss deeper, in fact, to raise the public car itself is a concept, how to play a good concept is the key to the success of this project, I can responsibly say that this project is either 0 or raise public fundraising success. There is no intermediate fundraising but not successful, why?

raise the car to see the return of clues

first of all we look at the car to raise the return mechanism, significantly more than 20 thousand of the rate of return is higher than the above 50 thousand. This is from the side of the sponsor radically is a clear understanding of the project is not fit for the beginning, is targeting large customers.

moreover, from the point of view of the return of the project, with a strong market attributes, whether it is the online marketing of soft tissue, or the line of racing into the campus and other activities. Highlights the characteristics of an eyeball economy. In fact, it is also worth learning a lot of racing club. The use of online and offline collections to form a wide range of word of mouth marketing. As I mentioned in the "raise the car an idea worth 70 thousand" said, the car as the core, through interactive online and offline to form an overall advertising show, that is the simple use of the car, set up the stage, singing, offline activities as accompaniment. Three in one, for customers to form the final transformation.

raise the car? Who is it for?

as mentioned earlier, all the chips from the beginning of the car is the focus of attention to attract eyeballs, and then directly to the big customers to raise funds to raise funds. In all the chips online line is just one of the first step, it is recommended that the project sponsor if you really want to make this project, you now need to plan the second step and the third step of the hype.

my personal advice is to publish the article to the automotive community, and then through the EXCEL table to sort out a release list, see once a day, according to the click and reply step by step hype will focus on 1-5, finally a popular forum, focused by the Navy speculation. Select the idea according to the promoters of racing, Southeast MITSUBISHI, FAW Volkswagen Jetta, Lioncel, and other related Post Bar, community, micro-blog, WeChat will focus on. Post bar, the forum can be used as the source of content, micro-blog, WeChat as an extension of the release channel, each channel complement each other, mutual cooperation.

public car to give us the inspiration

aside all the chips to raise the car can be a success of the topic, the whole event, or to give marketers a lot of inspiration. One is the combination of online and offline marketing is a good breakthrough! The Internet has entered the era of mobile Internet, mobile users can make heavy use of fragments of time, this is the traditional Internet can not be compared. The use of fragmented time just under the line marketing can reach a good opportunity for cooperation.


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