March 5

M friends over one million acquisition of 6 packs of miscellaneous domain name of 2

renamed Chinese ( May 25th – the domain name investors Chen Haonan recently bought 6 consecutive 2 miscellaneous domain name:,,,, and The total price of more than one million yuan 6 domain names. Not long ago, he had 3 consecutive acquisition of 2 digital.Net domain name.


inquiry by the whois that these 6 domain names are registered in 1998 to 1999, are single digit + single letter combination of the 2 hybrid domain name and not officially enabled.

The corresponding to the international office the new trend of 5O office, Oxygen (oxygen) and Office Park (Garden Office), Open (open and free), Own (independent naming rights and private elevator / air conditioning), Opportunity (foreground) in one. and correspond to a variety of product equipment models, such as the Soviet Union 7Y destroyer, etc..

2 miscellaneous domain name popular investors and terminal favorite, because of its short, easy to remember, the site is not restricted. Its price is rising.

2 miscellaneous domain name transactions prior to the, with 6 digit hands, to 350 thousand yuan transactions, the transaction amount of up to 6, value in six, is one million yuan worth.

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