March 4

Google to 10 billion acquisition of cloud services company Orbitera

August 9 Japanese: according to foreign media reports, Google today announced a $10 billion acquisition of cloud market platform startups Orbitera, will enhance the competitiveness of the company in the field of cloud computing and Microsoft, Amazon and other companies.


for this acquisition, Google said, not only increased the Google software vendors in the cloud, but also help consumers choose the diversity and flexibility of the cloud platform

It is reported that

Orbitera, founded in 2011, with Firas Bushnaq and created by singer Brian, is a cloud computing platform start-up companies, is committed to the purchase and sale of software in cloud computing becomes more simple and efficient, the focus areas include enterprise software, e-commerce, analysis, cloud computing, cloud services and software transactions market. At present, Orbitera has a total of 6 business customers, including Adobe, Oracle and Metalogix and other technology giants.

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