February 28

2012 Chinese e commerce market many concepts and development direction

2012, China’s e-commerce market has not dissipated the smoke, the new pattern and immediately formed. New things and new situations in 2013 Chinese e-commerce market presented does not cause more people’s attention, which appear to originate in the past year, the business enterprise competition, an endless warfare, slobber battle, even in the beginning of this year has a large number of Internet new explosion point. As in the past the people still stared at the electric window. China Internet e-commerce market competition is more like a hero elegy, Losers are always in the wrong. spell is more and more serious, people will not to mind taking the trouble again and again the successful experience of the analyst, but not willing to look at changes in the upcoming new arrival in 2013.

carefully sum up, perhaps some vague or being repeatedly mentioned the concept of emerging, their profit and business routines may not mature, but is likely to change the way you live in the coming year.

electricity supplier, the word is not new, but the real people should have a deep impression in 2012, the price war in full swing. The electronic commerce in Chinese ten years in the development of people have experienced a subtle shopping revolution, from ten years ago to ten years after nothing, like a raging fire, in people inadvertently completed encroaching on the traditional retail industry. Only in 2012, Chinese electronic business turnover reached 6 trillion, accounting for the proportion of GDP reached 13%, the people exclaimed at the same time, electronic commerce has already completed a magnificent turn.

Ma Yun’s success led to a lot of people in this field, the electricity supplier website have been rising, and therefore the formation of B2C, B2B, C2C and other business model, many self proclaimed Internet pioneer who later had a cup of soup. However, with the more traditional channels into the field of electronic business, at the same time, such as Gome, Suning and other large traditional retail group also join the fray, e-commerce has gradually exposed the homogenization of inequality and market segmentation. When the electricity supplier profit more and more transparent, operating practices and more mature, it will attract more strength and monopolistic nature of the enterprise, such as CCTV mall, the profits will be more and more thin.

electricity supplier in just a few years has reached saturation, for the entire industry to accumulate a lot of wealth, and the mobile Internet to join, will inject more fresh blood into this field.

discuss the development of China’s electricity supplier, the mobile Internet has become a topic can not be crossed. There are two reasons, one is the PC Business Forum homogenization of leading industry self innovation, to seek a breakthrough point in new areas; two is the promotion of intelligent mobile phone, has provided to stage the living space and platform for mobile providers. Jobs said that to live is to change the world. The dream of changing the world may be long in coming, but changing people’s shopping habits has close at hand. The combination of visual operating platform and Internet technology, the two has become a

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