August 11

Feather Shanghai dragon Er necessary advanced search engine advanced instruction below



1, intitle search instructions: use the intitle command returns the page contains keywords in the page title.


for example, I want to find Shanghai dragon program word document and the Shanghai dragon DPF, as shown in Figure 1-2


but love, Shanghai does not support inanchor instruction.

2, inanchor senior instructions

so all kinds of documents can be quickly find, is not very convenient? In addition, combined with the above senior instructions can also group >

this command love Shanghai and Google are supported. For example, I want to see what the page title contains "feather Shanghai dragon", you can use the intitle: feather Shanghai dragon this statement, as shown in figure


this command may be a lot of people do not know, it’s very simple, is that the query page contains keywords that import link anchor text text.

why do we need to pay attention to the instructions? The reason is very simple, title is an important factor in the title page optimization, do Shanghai dragon conscious will put the keywords into the title, use this command can more accurately find competition page. Conversely, if the words on the page, did not appear in the title, most of the situation is not strong opponents. This is our use of this command can come to the conclusion.

like my blog to do Hangzhou Shanghai dragon the keyword optimization, then I also need to pay attention to what the word is website optimization, the anchor text chain so we can observe what sites result from this command is the use of the words "Hangzhou Shanghai dragon", as shown in figure

3, filetype

a few days ago "feather: Shanghai dragon Er necessary advanced search engine advanced instruction (on)" to share "," complete accurate use; through the use of *, and inurl; the senior instructions to find the desired web site. There are many webmaster friends saw hooked, feel to it, with my friends, into the group communication, ask other instructions; here feather to share, hope to be able to help my friends, happy

a few days ago I shared a reprint nearly thousand words website operation summary report – site planning optimization scheme to share [reproduced], also arranged to share a document to several people in the group. Then many of my friends I want to find Shanghai Longfeng document, we use the filetype advanced instruction, they can fix.

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