March 15

Director of the street to do the demolition of women according to law

because now a lot of domestic city in high-speed development, outward expansion has become a lot of city norm, is also derived from a social phenomenon, is the demolition, at the same time, there are many places in the demolition, the emergence of a large number of households.

"I Zhua (a dialect, with" kick you to death ")." In July 29th, a man who shot the video kicks and others in pulling the video spread on the Internet, and kick people think the man accused of a deputy secretary of the street, the director of Hubei Xiangyang City Xiangzhou district. 30, a staff of the Propaganda Department of the district Xiangzhou District of Xiangyang City, told the surging news (, they have seen the video, and the video materials submitted to the district leadership, there is no specific conclusion.

broke the news video called "the streets of the office of the Deputy Secretary to a seemingly Huobian network". The video begins with several women with a white shirt man pull the quarrel in the street, the man in the quarrel, to hang a "Xiangyang City Xiangzhou District social contradictions mediation center" sign on the door, and pointing at the door said "ah ah", several women not approached the door. But then the man went to several women, suddenly a flying kick to the video shoot, and said "my foot Zhua (kick) to kill you", a few woman beside the man immediately and had a heated argument, the video ends.

the video forwarded by a large number of users, users have questioned why a street director dare to hit it on the street?

Xiao Wan Street residents

a Hubei Street office director resigned kick demolition female  

has been reported to the official said

"on the morning of 8 points or so, the real rule of go to work, we see him at his home near the street." Pei Gang said, the real state and Xiangzhou District social contradictions mediation center are very close, so the video appeared in the mediation center of the brand, then it happened in the video.

"he played is my wife’s stomach." Pei Gang said, fortunately, his wife was not a major injury, he later called the police, the Department of the police station to Xiao Wan to deal with 110.

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