December 12

Run and Gun Kits for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

first_imgIn this post we look at building a basic package for a run and gun style setup for your Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC) offers great image quality for under a $1000, but you will need a basic support package to get the most out of your investment.Let’s take a look at some affordable options for the single shooter, that don’t cost more than the camera itself. Want more info on the BMPCC? Check out my previous posts on lenses and camera cages.RedRock RetroflexRedrock Micro showed their all in one solution for the BMPCC at NAB 2014. The Retroflex ($495) consists of a grip with start/stop control, a minimal cage with mounting brackets, and a 3x optical Viewfinder (magnetic attachment). The start/stop switch is a brilliant move that appeals to me as a run and gun shooter.At under $500 it is reasonably priced, and the retro form factor is reminiscent of the Digital Bolex.HDVideoPro Magazine got a a demo of the Redrock Micro Retroflex:BMC388 Blackmagic Cinema Camera Preamp I use the BlackRapid Camera Strap ($39) with the PNC Pistol Grip ($22) for a quick Run and Gun Solution. The strap clips to the handle, and provides enough stability if using an image stabilized or wide angle lens.Zacuto Blackmagic Pocket Camera Z-FinderZacuto has the  Z-Finder ($160), featuring 2x magnifications and 4 anti-fog diopters. It attaches to the BMPCC via an adhesive frame.Ikan Battery OptionsIkan recently announced a variety of battery options for the BMPCC. The batteries attach to rods, and there are one or two rod options. The more expensive ones take pro batteries, but the affordable  Single Rod DV Power Kit ($79.95) takes the widely available, and inexpensive, Canon, Sony and Panasonic DV batteries.RotoLight L48The Rotolight RL 48 ($149) is a lightweight LED camera light. It runs for 4 hours on AA batteries and comes with  ‘Lee Filters’ lighting gels for setting color temperature plus dimming and diffusion. Rotolight has a video that shows the various filters in use:MOGOPOD MK III MonopodMogopod makes the versatile Mogopod MK III ($120), which can be used upside down, takes either a video head or ball head, has index markings to easily repeat setups and has tripod and belt options. The MogoCrane allows you to turn the monopod into a mini jib and is avaliable for $180. JuicedLink recently announced the BCM388 ($429), a low-noise preamp specifically designed for the Blackmagic Cinema Cameras. This preamp is great for situations where you don’t want to record audio separately. It features meters, audio bracketing for overload protection and selective power-down to extend battery life.There is an online manual and a video on the BMC366 (similar model without meters):They also have an excellent free ebook, “Field Guide to Audio Production”.Hoodman LCD Viewfinder/LoupeHoodman showed their new Custom Viewfinder ($169.99) for the BMPCC at NAB 2014 – it previously fit Canon and Nikon DLSRs. Instead of a magnetic attachment or an adhesive frame, the HoodMan uses an adjustable bracket. I use one of these with the Contineo BMPC Cage and the adjustable bracket is a big timesaver when shooting with or without the cage. BlackRapid Camera Strap & Pistol Grip Handlelast_img read more

November 19

IPL 2017, Rising Pune Supergiant vs Royal Challengers Bangalore Highlights: How Lockie Ferguson helped Pune thrash Bangalore

first_imgHello and Welcome to our Live Coverage of Match No. 34 between Rising Pune Supergiant and Royal Challengers Bangalore at the MCA stadium in Pune. (SCORECARD | POINTS TABLE)Bangalore Innings:19.24 IST: That’s it. Pune hammer Bangalore by 61 runs. Another disappointing display with the bat from Bangalore. Nothing went their way from the start of the innings. Head and AB de Villiers failed to make an impact again. Virat Kohli stuck there in the middle but hardly got any support from any other batsmen. The skipper managed to score a half century and that was the only positive of the game for the visitors.19.13 IST: WICKET! Virat Kohli’s lone resistance has finally come to an end. Full and outside off, Kohli off the toe end just lofts it over covers. It flies towards the substitute fielder Mayank Agarwal who takes a well-judged catch. Safe to say now if it wasn’t obvious enough, Bangalore’s hopes of winning this match have been crushed. RCB 84/9 (17.5 overs) vs RPS 157/319.08 IST: WICKET! Bowled ’em! Tossed up on off, full and straight as Badree looks to go big downtown. Misses and the stumps are rocked. Imran Tahir gets his third, he’s been superb today. RCB 82/8 (16.5 overs) vs RPS 157/319.08 IST: FIFTY! Kohli brings up his 29th fifty with a six off Tahir. Flat, short and turning in as it’s the googly, googly dispatches the half-tracker with absolute power. Rocks back and pulls it over the mid-wicket fence for a biggie. He brings up his fifty with that as well.advertisement18.59 IST: WICKET! TAHIR STRIKES AGAIN! And it’s the googly that does the trick. Rather soft dismissal really. Turning in on middle and leg, on a length, Milne goes back and whips it straight to Steven Smith at short mid-wicket who takes a good catch. Bangalore need 87 off 30, it’s looking quite bleak for them. RCB 71/7 (15 overs) vs RPS 157/3RCB need 9?7? from 4?2?! #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvRCB- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) 29 April 201718.49 IST: WICKET! Tossed up outside off, it’s the wrong ‘un and Pawan Negi lofts this down the ground. Doesn’t get any real power behind it, no elevation either and it’s straight down the throat of Daniel Christian at long off who takes an easy catch. Another wicket down for Bangalore, they’re in deep here. They need 97 off 44 to win here. RCB 61/6 (12.4 overs) vs RPS 157/3RCB 4?9?-5? after 1?0? overs! Super display by our players so far! Application perfect! #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvRCB- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) 29 April 201718.37 IST: WICKET! Another wicket goes down! Short delivery into the batsman, Binny goes for the pull. Gets a top edge to it and the ball flies towards the fielder at fine leg. Sundar gets under it and takes a good well judged catch. Half the Bangalore side are down. RCB 48/5 (9.5 overs) vs RPS 157/318.32 IST: WICKET! Smith, you beauty! Spinning into the batsman from outside leg, Baby clips it towards the fielder at short mid-wicket. Smith dives forward and takes a catch. He himself is not sure whether he has taken it or not. The umpire go upstairs to check and the replays show that Smith had his fingers under it. Another Bangalore wicket bites the dust. Kohli seems to be fighting a lone battle from the other end. RCB 47/4 (8.4 overs) vs RPS 157/318.24 IST: WICKET! What has happened there? Silly calling from both the players in the middle. Length delivery outside off, Jadhav cuts it towards the fielder at point. Kohli takes off for a single but Jadhav sends him back. Rahane, the fielder has a shy at the non-striker’s end. The bowler fumbles a bit and the ball goes behind him. Jadhav runs for the overthrow but it is too late till Kohli turns. He sends him back but the bowler is quick to reach the ball. Jadhav is stranded at the non-striker’s end as Ferguson throws it back towards Dhoni to dislodge the bails. A very important wicket goes down. RCB 44/3 (7.4 overs) vs RPS 157/318.17 IST: Imran Tahir comes into the bowling attack. Match 34. 5.3: D Christian to K Jadhav, 4 runs, 38/2 #RPSvRCB- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) 29 April 201718.08 IST: WICKET! Another failure from AB! Length delivery outside off, AB de Villiers stays in his crease and drives it straight towards the fielder at short covers. Manoj Tiwary takes a sharp catch to end de Villiers’ stay in the middle. Again a match where the top-order haven’t performed as expected. RCB 33/2 (5 overs) vs RPS 157/3 Match 34. 2.4: D Chahar to V Kohli, 4 runs, 23/1 #RPSvRCB- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) 29 April 2017Match 34. 2.3: D Chahar to V Kohli, 4 runs, 19/1 #RPSvRCBadvertisement- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) 29 April 201717.55 IST: FOUR! They don’t get any better! Fuller delivery outside off, Kohli drives it powerfully through the cover region. The sweeper cover fielder dives to stop it but the ball goes through him for a boundary.17.55 IST: WICKET! Jaydev Unadkat strikes. Head departs! Good length delivery around off, Travis Head swings across the line. Gets an inside edge and the ball goes onto clip the top of off stump. Unadkat is excited and he has drawn the first blood. RCB 11/1 (2 overs) vs RPS 157/317.51 IST: FOUR! Trademark Kohli! Length delivery outside off, Kohli drives it through the covers for a boundary. There is no stopping these.4? from the 1st over from D Chahar! Nice start! #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvRCB- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) 29 April 201717.46 IST: Travis Head opens with captain Virat Kohli.Pune Innings:After being put into bat first, Ajinkya Rahane and Rahul Tripathi stepped out to bat. The former got out cheaply but the latter registered yet another 30-plus score for the sixth consecutive time. He could not get going and it was time for Steven Smith to show his class. He and Manoj Tiwary stitched in a vital partnership off 50 runs and then the very next ball, Smith lost the plot.17.27 IST: That’s it. Sreenath Aravind bowls a tight last over to restrict Pune to 157/3 in 20 overs.1500 @ipl runs for @tiwarymanoj ????? Congratulations! ??? #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvRCB RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) 29 April 201717.16 IST: 10 runs off the over, not a bad one for Pune. It’s hit down to Virat Kohli at long off. The Bangalore skipper fumbles initially, but then recovers well in time so that the batsmen don’t take the second. Single taken in the end.Match 34. 17.3: S Arvind to MS Dhoni, 6 runs, 137/3 #RPSvRCB- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) 29 April 201717.12 IST: FOUR! Short and coming back in, Tiwary walks a step across, swivels a touch and pulls it behind square on the leg side for a boundary.17.07 IST: Milne to Dhoni, FOUR! Uses the pace of the bowler and just dispatches this. Back of a length well outside off, width on offer and Dhoni flays this. Rockets past the diving point fielder and away to the fence for a boundary.Crack! 4?!! #MSDhoni time! Square cuts it hard!! #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvRCB- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 29, 201717.05 IST: Badree finishes his spell – 4 overs 1 wickets for 31 runs. RPS 115/3 in 16 oversStrategic time out taken! ???! With #MSDhoni on strike expect the strategy to be simple! ??? #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvRCB- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 29, 201716.56 IST: Binny to Smith, OUT! IN THE AIR… AND TAKEN! That’s a very good catch from Adam Milne. Length ball on middle, Steven Smith tries to play the pick up shot over square leg. Gets a big top edge which skies towards fine leg. Milne gets under the ball, keeps his eyes on it till the end and safely takes it. RPS 108/3 in 13.5 overs#Smithy departs for 4?5?! Super innings & out comes who else @msdhoni !! ?????? #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvRCB- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 29, 201716.56 IST: Fifty-run partnership comes up between Smith (45*) and Manoj (19*) 16.55 IST: Binny to Smith, FOUR! Short and wide outside off, cut away hard square on the off side for back-to-back boundaries.advertisement16.54 IST: Binny to Smith, FOUR! Poor line and he pays the price for it. On the pads and full in length, Smith says thank you and whips it behind square on the leg side for a boundary.16.51 IST: Badree to Smith, FOUR! Edged but the result in the same. Outside off on a shorter length, Smith gets a thick edge which runs past the short third man fielder for another boundary.Chants off Steve Smith at the MCA stadium! Good to see & proud of our fans! ??? #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvRCB- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 29, 2017Big over 16 runs from it! #RPS 8?4?-2?, after 12! #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvRCB- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 29, 201716.48 IST: Badree to Smith, FOUR! Short and wide outside off, Smith is quick to transfer his weight on his back foot as he cuts this away hard. Places it behind point and gets himself a boundary.16.48 IST: Badree to Smith, SIX! Oh, what a shot! He’s connected and connected so well. Flighted delivery on off, Steven Smith leans ahead and gives this the full swing of his bat. Gets it right off the meat and sends it sailing into the mid-wicket stands for a maximum.16.43 IST: At the half-way stage Pune have scored 67/2 in 10 overs. Smith 16*, Manoj 7* After 10 overs #RPS is 67/2. Tiwary(7) & Smith(16) are between the sticks as #RCB are gunning for their wickets. #PlayBold #RPSvRCB- Royal Challengers (@RCBTweets) April 29, 201716.36 IST: Negi to Tripathi, OUT! Tripathi has to walk back! Fires this one outside off, Tripathi goes for the cut. Gets an edge to it and the ball goes straight to the keeper. Kedar Jadhav makes no mistake and Virat Kohli is a happy man as he had dropped him earlier. RPS 58/2 in 8.2 ovs Tripathi (3?7?) departs. Tries to slap it, edges it & is caught behind. Negi picks him up! #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvRCB- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 29, 201716.35 IST: Pune 57/1 in 8 overs. Tripathi 37*, Smith 13*. Partnership – 39 off 29 balls16.31 IST: Eight runs came from Pawan Negi’s first over. Pune 51/1 in 7 ovs 5?0?! Comes up for us in the 7th over! 5?1?-1?! 8 runs off the over. #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvRCB- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 29, 201716.25 IST: Strategic time-out taken right after powerplay, Chahal concedes 12 off his first over. RPS 43/1 in 6 ovs12 runs of the over. 4?3?-1? after 6? overs! Strategic timeout taken, an over early? Must be the Pune heat! ??? #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvRCB- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 29, 201716.23 IST: Chahal to Tripathi, FOUR! Dancing shoes on! Tossed up in the line of the stumps, Tripathi comes down the track and lofts it over the mid-wicket region for a boundary.16.23 IST: Chahal to Tripathi, FOUR! Good shot! Floated around off, Tripathi makes room and cuts it through the cover-point region. Two fielders give it a chase but the ball wins the race to the fence.16.18 IST: Aravind to Tripathi, WOW! Stand and deliver! Fuller delivery just outside off. Tripathi stays in his crease, says welcome to Aravind and smacks his downtown for half a dozen. That SIX went for 98m over long on. RPS 30/1 in 4.1 ovs16.17 IST: Good over this for Bangalore, a wicket and just six runs off it. RPS 24/1 in 4 ovs16.14 IST: Badree to Rahane, OUT! Throws it away! Full toss into the pads, Rahane goes for the sweep, gets a top edge towards the short fine leg region. Milne tracks back a couple of steps and takes a fine catch. Rahane’s short stay in the middle comes to an end. RPS 18/1 in 3.1 overs . @qmanbad takes the first wicket! ??º Rahane(6) caught out by @AdamMilne19. #RPS 18/1 after 3.1 overs. #PlayBold #VIVOIPL- Royal Challengers (@RCBTweets) April 29, 201716.13 IST: DROPPED! Kohli drops a sitter! Shortish delivery into the body, Tripathi pulls it straight to the fielder at mid-wicket. Virat Kohli, the man there makes a mockery of it as he cannot hold onto it. RPS 18/0 in 3 ovs16.12 IST: Milne to Tripathi, FOUR! Good length delivery angling into the pads, Tripathi swings his bat to it. Gets an inside edge which goes through the fine leg region for a boundary.16.10 IST: Milne to Tripathi, FOUR! Shot! A bit short this time around off, Tripathi pulls it towards square leg for a boundary. RPS 14/0 in 2.2 ovs 16.09 IST: Good start this for RCB as Badree shares the new ball with Milne. RPS 9/0  in 2 overs 16.05 IST: Milne bowls a terrific first over for Bangalore. Pune 4/0 in 1 over 16.00 IST: Rahane and Tripathi make their way on to the pitch. RPS have got off to some great starts thanks to these two batsmen. Meanwhile, Adam Milne will open the bowling attack for RCBHere we go, out come the openers! Ganapati Bappa Moryaaa! ??? #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvRCB- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 29, 201715.45 IST: Here are the Playing XI’s of both the teams – Here’s the line up for #RPSvRCB. Binny, Baby, & Milne are in. Gayle, Mandeep, & Aniket are out. #PlayBold #VIVOIPL Royal Challengers (@RCBTweets) April 29, 2017#RPS XI: Rahane, Tripathi, Smith, Dhoni, Tiwary, Christian, Sundar, Ferguson, Unadkat, Chahar, Tahir.#RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvRCB- RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 29, 201715.40 IST: RCB need to win all of their remaining five matches to stay in contention for a spot in the playoffs.Crucial game for us #Supergiants, a win and we retain a spot in the top 4. #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvRCB RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 29, 201715.31 IST: TOSS! Royal Challengers Bangalore captain Virat Kohli wins the toss and opts to bowl vs Steve Smith’s Rising Pune SupergiantVirat Kohli says they will bowl first. Mentions the wicket tends to play well under lights and during the day it plays different. When asked about their patchy run, adds they should take it in their stride and should keep the belief as they did it last season as well. Wants his team to have fun and just give it their best. Mentions there are three changes – Chris Gayle, Mandeep Singh and Aniket Choudhary are replaced by Adam Milne, Sachin Baby and Adam Milne.Steven Smith says that he would have bowled first as well. Reckons last time he was unlucky as well as dew was a major factor. Adds that they have lost and won two, so feels that they are doing well at home. Mentions that they haven’t performed well as a unit. Ends by saying that Lockie Ferguson and Deepak Chahar come in place of Faf du Plessis and Shardul Thakur. Toss time! @RCBTweets win the toss and elect to bowl first. Out come #Rahane& Tripathi. #RangWahiJungNayi #RPSvRCB RisingPuneSupergiant (@RPSupergiants) April 29, 2017Brief Preview:Rising Pune Supergiant (RPS) will aim to shed off their inconsistent run in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2017 on Saturday, when they take on a depleted Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), who are almost out of the race to the play-offs.After back to back wins against Sunrisers Hyderabad and Mumbai Indians, the Pune side went down to Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in their previous outing, to be at the fourth spot in the standings.On the other hand, last year’s runners-up RCB have found the going tough this season, managing to win only two of their nine matches to be languishing at the penultimate spot in the eight-team table.Going into Saturday’s first double-header at the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium here, Pune will bank on their in-form opening duo of Ajinkya Rahane and Rahul Tripathi to give the team a great start.The middle order comprising the likes of captain Steve Smith, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Manoj Tiwary has the experience to take the opposition bowlers to the cleaners at ease. With all-rounders Daniel Christian and Rajat Bhatia the lower order batting can come in handy if needed.In the bowling department, the young Indian pace duo of Jaydev Unadkat and Shardul Thakur have impressed both in the opening and death overs while leg-spinner Imran Tahir, Christian and rookie tweaker Washington Sundar can provide the breakthroughs as well as stop the flow of runs in the middle overs.Meanwhile, the Virat Kohli-led RCB have their task cut out if they are to stand any chance of making it to the play-offs.The flop show in all the departments against Gujarat Lions at home on Thursday will only haunt them more when they take the field here.last_img read more

November 18

Rugged COM Express – a standard for harsh environments

first_imgModular designs based on VITA’s Rugged COM Express standard are the first choice for the latest processor technology in the most rugged of applications. Rugged COM Express design based on AMD Ryzen Embedded processor By Maximilian Kolpak, MEN Mikro Elektronik                 Download PDF version of this article All embedded electronics designs are subject to hard limiting factors depending on the required computing power and the area of application. One such factor is the maximum permissible dissipation. New CPU series, such as the AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 series or the 8th generation of Intel Core processors, have a TDP (Thermal Design Power) between 12 and 56 watts. If developers want to exploit their full potential on a COM Express module, they are above a critical TDP limit. Under those circumstances, conventional COM Express designs can only be realized with active cooling concepts. Many developers are therefore under the conception that fanless designs are only possible up to a maximum of 25 watts. But the embedded markets also require rugged systems with fanless operation above this limit. Rugged COM Express has been designed to meet these needs and offers, besides better heat dissipation, numerous advantages for operation in harsh environments. The foundation for this is standardization.Figure 1. From Rugged COM Express to standard COM Express. If the wings on the four outer edges are omitted, the two standards have the same form factor. COMs offer many advantages.  They combine the ready availability of CPU modules with flexibility of full custom designs. Buying in the complex parts of the circuit technology (CPU, memory, core voltage regulator) significantly lowers development costs (by about 50%). The exchangeability of COMs provides easy retrofit and scaling options even across different processor architectures and vendors.  Safety-critical applications with long product development and lifecycles and high certification requirements benefit from easy upgradeability with new standardized modules. When replacing the computer unit of a certified end system, requalification in modular systems is largely limited to the part of the system that is related to the new module.The leading standard among Computer-on-Modules is COM Express. Specified by the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group, PICMG for short, it is hard to imagine the embedded world without it – from ultra-compact low-power designs based on single/dual or quad core ARM or Intel Atom CPUs to high-performance computers in basic format based on server CPUs with 16 or more cores. With the large number of manufacturers of COMs, carrier boards and development kits, COM Express has the most comprehensive ecosystem in the Computer-on-Module world. The wide distribution ensures a balanced price/performance ratio for products and services as well as the long-term availability of the standard, as it is supported by many companies.Figure 2. Mechanical design of VITA 59-compliant Rugged COM Express modules Some applications demand a highly rugged computing system. Since the COM Express specification does not consider harmful influences, such as mechanical shock, strong vibration, rapid temperature fluctuations, moisture or electromagnetic radiation, it was expanded to include the Rugged COM Express specification (VITA 59). On the basis of VITA 59 it is possible to realize high-performance Rugged COM Express (RCE) modules with completely fanless cooling at a TDP of 55 watts.Based on the COM Express standard, RCE modules provide everything that COM Express modules offer. The VITA 59 specification extends the printed circuit board (PCB) of the modules with additional side wings for embedding in a standardized aluminum frame (CCA) to establish optimal thermal connection. This precisely specified frame ensures that the hot spots (CPU, memory and voltage transformers) are cooled. In addition, heat is dissipated via the PCB towards the frame. From there, any waste heat can be transported by conduction directly to the surrounding housing to be then dissipated by convection to the environment via cooling fins.These measures lower the assembly’s thermal resistance to the housing. Compared to a standard COM Express heat sink, this can reduce temperature rises of electronic components by up to 5°C. The lower thermal load on the components leads to fewer failures and maintenance calls, thereby improving the reliability of RCE modules over traditional COM Express designs. Since the entire concept has been standardized by VITA, RCEs are fully manufacturer-independent as well as future-proof, and it is possible to change a module together with its standardized aluminum frame at any time.RCE modules are more robust in other respects, too. The aluminum housing means they are well shielded and highly immune to electromagnetic radiation. Additionally, the modules come with a protective varnish as standard. This conformal coating offers effective protection against environmental influences such as dust, moisture or even chemicals. The VITA 59 standard has its origins in the railway sector, which means that the cooling concept also fulfills the requirements of EN 50155. Here, one of the biggest challenges is to cope with the sudden high temperature fluctuations or thermal shocks that occur when a train enters a cool tunnel in a hot and humid climate and the cooling air temperature changes abruptly by up to 20°C. With conventional COMs, the thermal stress leads to failures due to cracked solder joints in the medium term. So-called underfilling is therefore applied to bond critical components to the circuit board and increase robustness against sudden temperature changes. In addition, firmly screwing the frame to the carrier board ensures particularly high resistance to mechanical shocks and vibration. Amplitudes of up to 5G for vibration and even up to 50G for shocks are realistic, making the modules even suitable for use in off-road vehicles.All these features make Rugged COM Express the ideal standard for ultra-reliable high-performance computers in conjunction with adverse environmental conditions, such as those found in wind farms and electrical distribution stations or in road, commercial and rail vehicle applications. By using RCE modules, the manufacturers of medical devices benefit from high computing power in completely enclosed designs, which are hygienic and easy to disinfect. These requirements are similar to those found in the food and pharmaceutical industries, because if required fanless systems can even be washed down with a high pressure cleaner.Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Boards & Modules Continue Reading Previous ST: NFC dynamic tag ICs bring contactless convenience to programming presetsNext Motherboards for safe operation in harsh industrial environmentslast_img read more

November 16

Kremlin lieutenant elected head of world chess governing body

first_imgAn influential Russian bureaucrat has been elected the head of the world chess governing body after a brutal election campaign that saw accusations of Kremlin meddling and vote-rigging.Arkady Dvorkovich, former Russian deputy prime minister for six years and close associate of the prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev, won a vote in Batumi, Georgia, after the British grandmaster Nigel Short dropped out of the race and pushed his support in the Russian’s favour.The win anointed FIDE’s first new president in more than 20 years, after the eccentric Russian millionaire Kirsan Ilyumzhinov was ousted. He had been sanctioned by the United States for his close relations with dictators, including Syria’s Bashar al-Assad. Chess insiders claim the sport has been plagued by corrupt dealings that have limited its growth.Dvorkovich, in a short speech following his 103 to 78 victory, promised “a professional, efficient and transparent institution,” according to He largely ran on a technocratic campaign, citing a tradition of elite chess in his family as the source of his interest in the post.But the presidency did appear a small fry ambition for a Kremlin lieutenant who had managed Russia’s economy and chaired the organising committee for Russia’s hosting of the 2018 World Cup.His opponent, acting FIDE president Georgios Makropoulos, had accused Dvorkovich of using Russia’s diplomatic power to mount a campaign to take control of the sport.Vladimir Putin encouraged the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in a private meeting to persuade his chess officials to vote for Dvorkovich, according to a letter from the Israeli foreign minister seen by the Guardian.Other European chess officials told the Guardian about meetings with diplomatic officials to support Dvorkovich’s campaign. Dvorkovich had said that the lobbying efforts did not violate FIDE rules.Each country’s federation is given one vote in FIDE elections. Dvorkovich’s camp had made accusations that the current chess leadership could use its administrative resources to curry votes.The wildcard in the election was Nigel Short, a chess grandmaster who ran on an anti-corruption campaign but had riled many in the sport. Among his incendiary quotes was a remark that men were “hardwired” to play chess, as opposed to women.Nonetheless, Short had attracted significant levels of support. But in a surprise move on the final day, he withdrew from the election and threw his support behind Dvorkovich’s campaign.“You’re being milked by a very poor administration. It’s ‘Makroeconomics,’” Short said, according to He then dropped out of the race. Share on Messenger Who will be king? Three-way battle for control rocks international chess Share on Pinterest Europe Since you’re here… Russia Share on LinkedIn Support The Guardian Share on WhatsAppcenter_img Topics Share on Facebook Share via Email news Read more Chess Share on Twitter … we have a small favour to ask. More people, like you, are reading and supporting the Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we made the choice to keep our reporting open for all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford to pay. Whether we are up close or further away, the Guardian brings our readers a global perspective on the most critical issues of our lifetimes – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. We believe complex stories need context in order for us to truly understand them. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We hope you will consider supporting us today. We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism that’s open and independent. Every reader contribution, however big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Reuse this contentlast_img read more

October 26

John Schnatter: Louisville ‘Not Being Honest’ After Stadium Name Decision

first_imgLouisville's football players run through the tent onto the field.LOUISVILLE, KY – NOVEMBER 29: The Louisville Cardinals take the field before the game against the Kentucky Wildcats at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium on November 29, 2014 in Louisville, Kentucky. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)John Schnatter, and not Papa John’s Pizza, purchased naming rights for Louisville football’s “Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium.” On Friday, the school’s president said that Schnatter supports taking “Papa John’s” off of the name, in light of the recent scandal stemming from his use of the n-word during a conference call.President Neeli Bendapudi held a press conference, and said that she had decided to go through with the name change. She also said that she spoke to Schnatter about the issue, and that he apologized and gave the name change his blessing.The Papa John’s founder has been back on the offensive in recent days. On Friday, he spoke to WLKY about various issues, and said that Louisville hasn’t been honest about their dealings.Via the Courier-Journal:John Schnatter said he didn’t know the University of Louisville was dropping “Papa John’s” from the football stadium’s name until Friday’s announcement was made by U of L President Neeli Bendapudi.[…]“No, that wasn’t true,” Schnatter told WLKY. “The administration said I apologized. I think I need to apologize to the players and to the students and to the faculty. But I never apologized for taking the name down. I never knew about it. I knew they were taking a look at it, but they told me they’d wait over for the weekend. So that was not true.”John Schnatter, who stepped down from the Louisville Board of Trustees two days ago, says that the school is “not being honest.”“I worked on this board for two years,” Schnatter told WLKY. “I said, ‘Hey, let’s play it straight. Let’s put the cards on the table. Let’s be transparent. Clean business is good business.’ And I’m gone two days, and they’re already caving. They’re already not being honest. That’s been disappointing.”Asked by WLKY if he would fight his name being taken off the stadium, Schnatter didn’t give a definitive answer, saying “I just found out about it.”Considering this whole incident stems from cascading public relations disasters, the move for Schnatter is probably not to fight this too much, especially given players’ and fans’ desire for the stadium name to change.He has also gone after the NFL and Roger Goodell again in the last few days, so it doesn’t seem like he’s ready to give up the limelight.[WLKY; Courier-Journal]last_img read more

October 25

Chennai Super Kings look to end Mumbai Indians’ 9-year unbeaten run at Chepauk

first_imgChennai Super Kings look to end Mumbai Indians’ 9-year unbeaten run at ChepaukIPL 2019: Billed as the ‘El Clasico’ of the IPL, we are certain to witness another blockbuster clash tonight at the Chepauk as old records are set to be broken and new ones createdadvertisement India Today Web Desk ChennaiMay 7, 2019UPDATED: May 7, 2019 17:32 IST Chennai haven’t beaten Mumbai Indians at home since 2010 (Courtesy by BCCI)HIGHLIGHTSChennai Super Kings take on Mumbai Indians in the 1st Qualifier of IPL 2019 tonight in ChennaiCSK boast of a tremendous record at home this season, winning 6 of its 7 games in ChennaiMI are the only team to have a positive head-to-head record against CSK in IPL historyMS Dhoni-led Chennai Super Kings (CSK) have been patchy after a strong start to the IPL 2019 and finished their league engagements with a six-wicket defeat to Kings XI Punjab at Mohali on Sunday. But CSK will be happy to return to their den to take on table-toppers Mumbai Indians (MI), probably their biggest IPL rival, to decide which team seals the first spot in the May 12 final.CSK boast of a tremendous record at home this season, winning 6 of their 7 games at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai and tonight, it will act as a big advantage for the hosts. Billed as the ‘El Clasico’ of the IPL, we are certain to witness another blockbuster clash tonight at the Chepauk.Here are a few stats that matter as the teams head for the all important Qualifier 1 in Chennai:- Saying that the Chepauk is CSK’s fortress isn’t an overstatement. In their last 23 matches at home, CSK have won 19!- But CSK will be vary of MI as they are the only team to have a positive head-to-head record against CSK in the history of IPL – 15:11- 3 of CSK’s last 4 defeats at the MA Chidambaram Stadium have come against Rohit Sharma’s side. In fact, Chennai haven’t beaten Mumbai Indians at home since 2010!- But CSK can take solace from the fact that they have performed better in the playoffs. Of the 7 times these two teams have met in a playoffs, CSK have won 4 to Mumbai’s 3- If CSK win tonight’s high-octane clash, it will be their 100th win in the IPL. Also, it will be Ravindra Jadeja’s 100th IPL match for Chennai Super Kingsadvertisement- CSK have a 3-1 win-loss record in the 1st Qualifiers while MI trail behind with a poor 1-2- Karn Sharma, who has played just one match for CSK this year, has a curious record to his name, which if taken seriously might prompt the side to slot him into the playing XI. Not only has he been part of an IPL winning team for the past 3 seasons now (Sunrisers Hyderabad 2016, Kolkata Knight Riders 2017, CSK 2018), but his record in 5 playoff matches speaks for itself as he has picked up 7 wickets at an excellent economy rate of 6.6(With PTI inputs)Also Read | IPL 2019 Qualifier 1, MI vs CSK: Mumbai eye ticket to final at happy hunting groundAlso Read | Ashwin’s Mankading to Dhoni’s rage: Controversies that headlined IPL 2019For sports news, updates, live scores and cricket fixtures, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for Sports news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byAjay Tiwari Tags :Follow IPL 2019Follow Chennai Super KingsFollow Mumbai Indianslast_img read more

October 24

Image of the Day: Let There Be Fireworks!

first_imgA huge crowd of local residents and visitors gathered along the harbor in in Bergen, Norway to enjoy the fireworks display celebrating Viking Star’s christening on May 17th.The Viking Star is the first ocean going cruise ship, owned by river cruise company Viking Cruises. The christening ceremony itself was a special treat for the local fans as it coincided with the celebration of Norway’s National Constitution Day.The ship, which is currently sailing the Baltic and Mediterranean, will be operated by Viking’s ocean division, named Viking Ocean Cruises.World Maritime News Staff; Image: Viking Cruiseslast_img read more

October 23

Keppel Partners Eye SmallScale LNG Options in Indonesia

first_imgzoom Keppel Offshore & Marine (Keppel O&M) has entered into a deal to explore opportunities in the development of small-scale liquefied natural gas (LNG) distribution in West Indonesia.The Heads of Agreement (HOA) was signed with Pavilion Energy and Indonesia state-owned PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) at the Singapore-Indonesia Leaders’ Retreat in Singapore.The HOA intends to leverage on the combined expertise of the companies in the small-scale LNG value chain to distribute LNG in an economic manner to remote areas in West Indonesia. LNG can be delivered to floating and onshore LNG terminals using small LNG carriers, where it is regasified and used to generate electricity at PLN’s power plants.The contract follows the discussion between the Indonesia and Singapore governments regarding bilateral energy cooperation during the Singapore-Indonesia Leaders’ Retreat held in Semarang last year. A joint feasibility study was subsequently carried out, which demonstrated the cost savings and mutual benefits that can arise from collaboration in the small-scale LNG value chain.Keppel O&M informed that the deal will not have any material impact on the net tangible assets and earnings per share of Keppel Corporation Limited for the financial year ending December 31, 2017.last_img read more

October 16

Father Ted And IT Crowd Creator Calls To Decriminalize Abortion In Ireland

first_imgFather Ted and IT Crowd Graham Linehan writer has created a campaign film to support Amnesty International calls to decriminalise abortion in Ireland.Video: Helen and Graham Linehan on abortion in IrelandHe and wife Helen underwent a termination procedure due to a fatal foetal abnormality while living in England – in Ireland this would have been illegal.Irish writer and director Graham Linehan and his wife Helen are joining forces with Amnesty in a campaign to bring attention to Ireland’s outdated and dangerous abortion laws.Graham has produced a short video for use in Amnesty’s campaign entitled ‘Chained’ which highlights the traumatic and often deadly implications of the law that prevents women from seeking an abortion in the country, even where the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest, or when the foetus has a condition that means it will not survive outside of the womb.Graham said: “Ireland’s abortion laws are among the most restrictive and punitive in the world and that is why it was important to me to make this film.“There are many reasons why people might need an abortion. My wife, Helen, and I, had our own reasons, and although we had excellent care in the UK, it’s shocking to me that we would have had a very different experience in my home country.“Had we been in Ireland when we found out that the foetus Helen was carrying would not survive, she would have been forced to carry the baby to term. Getting the same procedure that she received in the UK would have led to her receiving a 14 year jail term.”Graham and Helen found out their baby had acrania (a condition that means the skull has not fully formed over the brain) when they went for their 12-week scan. While the foetus would possibly continue to grow while in utero, they were told that it would not survive for more than an hour after birth.Helen said: “It was absolutely devastating. And when faced with something like that, the very least you should be able to expect is proper medical care allowing you to move on. It is unthinkable that, had we been living in Ireland, I would have been forced to carry the pregnancy to term and give birth to a baby that would be dead within minutes.”Any woman who has an abortion in Ireland faces up to 14 years in prison, and women are only allowed to legally terminate a pregnancy when their life is deemed to be in immediate danger of death.As a result many girls and women are forced to travel overseas to have the procedure, or risk an unsafe, illegal abortion.Grainne Teggart, Amnesty UK Campaign Manager said: “Women are suffering unnecessarily under Ireland’s repressive abortion laws. Thousands of women are forced to leave Ireland every year to access healthcare services to which they are entitled. It’s time Irish political leaders stopped turning their backs on women and committed to a referendum to repeal the 8th amendment.”last_img read more

October 16

Holly Willoughby And Phillip Schofield Get Egged For Cancer Research UK

first_imgThe UK’s favourite celebrities have been turned into egg art to mark the launch of Cancer Research UK’s Britain’s Biggest Breakfast campaign.Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby Get EggedIn a survey of 2,159 adults, This Morning duo Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield topped the list as the UK’s favourite breakfast TV presenters. Nearly a quarter of Brits (24 per cent) said one of their favourite breakfast TV presenters was Phillip Schofield, followed by Holly Willoughby, who came a close second (23 per cent). Bill Turnbull was popular with the over 55s, with nearly 1 in 6 saying he was one of their favourite breakfast TV presenters (15 per cent).Phillip And Holly with their eggsWhen asked which male celebrities Brits would most like to have breakfast with, an estimated 7.7 million, chose David Beckham (15 per cent). Closely behind were Phillip Schofield, James Corden and Benedict Cumberbatch, who were equally popular with 10 per cent choosing each of them.Holly Willoughby came up trumps as the female celebrity Brits would most like to have breakfast with as an estimated 11.5 million (23 per cent), chose her from a list of female celebrities. Joanna Lumley followed with 15 per cent and her Absolutely Fabulous pal Jennifer Saunders also proved popular with 11 per cent of Brits choosing her.The egg art scenes were created by American artist John Lamouranne for Cancer Research UK’s Britain’s Biggest Breakfast, taking place tomorrow. The campaign calls on the nation to come together with friends and family on 11 March and be part of a breakfast to raise vital funds to beat cancer sooner.Claire Rowney, director of campaigns at Cancer Research UK said: “We’ve combined some of our best-loved celebrities with one of the nation’s favourite breakfast foods to celebrate Britain’s Biggest Breakfast this year. We hope thousands of people have a brilliant start to the day on 11 March and join us to help beat cancer sooner.”It’s not too late to take part in Britain’s Biggest Breakfast this March – host a get together and help beat cancer sooner. Visit read more

October 12

Cong hand in glove with anti-nationals, alleges Adityanath

first_imgAmbikapur (C’garh): Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath accused the Congress of being hand in glove with anti-nationals, and said its manifesto for the Lok Sabha election promotes terrorism and Naxalism. Addressing an election rally in Ambikapur town under the Surguja Lok Sabha constituency in Chhattisgarh, he also alleged that the Congress government in the state was not serious about tackling Naxalism and the killing of BJP MLA Bheema Mandavi in an IED blast in Dantewada earlier this week was its example. “Congress’ manifesto is an encouragement to terrorism and Naxalism. Congress ka hath deshdrohiyo ke sath (Congress is hand in glove with anti-nationals),” Adityanath said. “Lord Ram is associated with the memories of Ayodhya and Chhattisgarh but some people are now denying the existence of Ram. Congress is raising questions over the existence of Ram. It was the Congress that raised questions over the Ram Setu and tried then to destroy it,” he said. Time has come to teach a lesson to those who raise questions over the existence of Ram, he said, adding, “We will avenge the insult of lord Ram.” Highlighting various schemes launched by the BJP-led central government, he said, “Modi ji has been working to fulfil the dream of ‘ek bharat, shrestha (superior) bharat’.” The Congress government is not serious in tackling terrorism and Naxalism and the recent killing of BJP MLA is its example. “If you want to see law and order then come to Uttar Pradesh,” he said. Mandavi and four police personnel were killed on April 9 in a Naxal attack in Dantewada district of the state. “Had the BJP been in power now, this (Naxal attack on BJP MLA) could have been avoided,” he said. Adityanath also accused the Congress of denying benefits of the welfare schemes to the people in the state, he said, “Mafia raj of the Congress in the state is trying to end various schemes like Ayushman Bharat Yojana, meant to benefit the people, and were operational in the previous Raman Singh government.” In Chhattisgarh, mining and land mafias have become influential (after Congress came to power), he alleged. He also appealed to people to vote for Modi to make him the prime minister again. BJP has fielded its former MLA Renuka Singh in Surguja (ST) Lok Sabha constituency, which will go to polls in the third phase of election in the state on April 23. Congress has fielded its senior tribal leader and sitting MLA Khelsai Singh from the seat.last_img read more

October 6

Canadas 5 biggest banks earn total of 655 billion in second quarter

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email TORONTO – Canada’s five biggest banks posted a four per cent increase in profits during the most recent quarter, earning a combined $6.55 billion as they benefited from domestic consumer banking operations.That’s up from $6.28 billion a year ago.But trouble could be ahead next year as tightened consumer lending habits start to erode growth at the banks.Analysts gave a mixed response to the second-quarter earnings, which on the surface appeared stronger, but were also cluttered with a variety of other factors that clouded the fundamental results.“There’s clearly a deceleration of earnings growth,” said Brad Smith, a senior financial services analyst at Stonecap Securities in an interview Thursday.“These are not robust numbers.”Coming out on top was TD Bank (TSX:TD) which saw profits rise nearly 21 per cent to $1.69 billion, though chief executive Ed Clark warned that slowing loan growth and persistently low interest rates will impact growth in the rest of the year.Loans are expected to be a crux for the banks in coming quarters as more Canadians hit the ceiling on what they can afford.“Canadians are leveraged at unusually high levels, and they can get away with it because the cost of debt is low,” said Peter Routledge, an analyst at National Bank Financial.Numerous studies have found that household debt is on the rise. A quarterly report from TransUnion released Thursday suggests that consumers are on average $432 deeper into debt than they were a year ago, affected particularly by growth in car loans.“Once you get to a certain level of debt, either banks will not be willing to lend, or consumers won’t be willing to borrow,” said Routledge.“There’s sort of an upper limit, and the Canadian households are approaching it.”Routledge said banks will also have to contend with more revenue volatility linked to instability in Europe.Banks have been making changes with their internal operations that could help mitigate the brewing troubles. Bank of Montreal (TSX:BMO) and CIBC (TSX:CM), for example, were both tightening their expenses in the quarter.Bank of Montreal (TSX:BMO) profits rose 27 per cent to nearly $1.03 billion, an increase of $215 million from a year ago, or $1.51 per share before adjustments.Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce earnings rose six per cent to $811 million as it earned $1.90 per diluted share. The results are up from $767 million or $1.80 a share in the same period last year.Others received an earnings boost from recent acquisitions, such as Scotiabank (TSX:BNS) which saw its international operations benefit from the addition of Banco Colpatria in Colombia. The bank still reported that profit declined nearly 10 per cent to $1.46 billion, or $1.15 per diluted share, compared with $1.62 billion, or $1.39 per share a year earlier.Royal Bank of Canada (TSX:RY) completed its own acquisition in the period, though it negatively affected profits. The bank said the acquisition of the remaining half of advisory firm RBC Dexia left a $202-million dent in earnings.The country’s biggest bank said Thursday that net income from continuing operations dropped to $1.56 billion, or $1.01 per share, down from $1.68 billion or $1.10 per share a year ago.Those temporary impacts only glaze over the bigger picture, said Dan Werner, a Morningstar bank analyst based in Chicago.“You’ve got to dig through and see what’s really going on in the core numbers,” he said.“There are some things to point out here that foretell it’s going to be a little tougher for Canadian banks to grow earnings like they did say two or three years ago.” Canada’s 5 biggest banks earn total of $6.55 billion in second quarter by David Friend, The Canadian Press Posted May 31, 2012 4:49 pm MDT read more

October 2

Sorry Yogi It is over before its over in NFL divisions

Sorry, Yogi. Maybe it is over before it’s over.Just take a look at most of the NFL division races.The NFC West will be over if Seattle loses at Carolina on Sunday. The AFC West looks done in favour of Kansas City.Both South divisions are runaways for the Saints in the NFC, the Texans — yes, the formerly 0-3 Texans — in the AFC.Pittsburgh appears to be more in a race for the top overall AFC seed than any challenge in the North. Chicago has a choke hold on the NFC North.And did anyone think New England would be challenged in the AFC East? Combine the three other rosters in that sector and the resulting team might not challenge Tom Brady and the Patriots.That leaves one division in serious doubt, and with some serious turmoil: the NFC East.You’ll never hear a coach or general manager or owner claim anything is in the bag until, well, it’s in the bag, tied up and secured in a safe place. So don’t ask Sean Payton or Sean McVay or Matt Nagy about playoff byes and home-field advantages.“For us, there’s so many different things we can get better at,” McVay says, “and that’s the exciting thing about it is with football, there’s this never-ending goal of continuing to improve and focus on the little things. Whether that’s situational football, whether that’s taking care of it or taking it away defensively. So, there’s a lot of things within the framework of every single situation.“Then, it’s going to be about continuing to improve and playing team football. If we do that, then we think good things are going to happen, but it’s going to be a tough stretch. We’ve got some great games coming up. For us, when we get back, the No. 1 focus will be on the Detroit Lions and then we’ll go from there.”But it’s crystal clear what’s going on, even before we reach December.Barring major injuries — the kind of thing that is destroying the season for Philadelphia and Atlanta and Cincinnati — here’s what is going on:AFCThe most interesting race is for which teams will wind up with a week off in the post-season. Kansas City (9-2) has the inside position, followed by Pittsburgh (7-2-1), New England and Houston, both 7-3. Sure, the Chargers (7-3) could sneak through in the West, and the Colts or Titans in the South. Does anyone really believe that will happen?Home field is a huge edge for the Patriots, of course. They almost never lose at Foxborough in January.Oddly, the Chiefs rarely win in KC in the post-season. They have lost their last six and haven’t been victorious at Arrowhead in the playoffs since 1993, when Joe Montana was their quarterback.The Steelers aren’t particularly dominant at Heinz Field in the playoffs, either, but Houston is 3-1 at home in January.The Chargers have a nice cushion for a wild card and do have a Thursday nighter at KC remaining. No other team has a winning record in the conference.Pittsburgh has the least enviable remaining schedule, with home games with the Chargers and Patriots, and a visit to New Orleans. New England’s only other likely test is against up-and-down Minnesota at Gillette Stadium.Kansas City has that home game with the Chargers and a trip to Seattle as its most challenging contests, while Houston has no one remaining that has a winning record and has won seven in a row.Look for the Chiefs and Patriots to lock up byes, with the Chargers and — a wild stab — the Colts grabbing wild cards.NFCChicago’s victory on Thanksgiving Day with backup quarterback Chase Daniel said a lot about the Bears (8-3). They are as opportunistic as anyone, and their defence is the best of any contender. They do get the Rams (10-1) on Dec. 9, but at Soldier Field, and still have matchups with the Packers and Vikings — neither of whom is balanced enough to put together a closing streak.With that defence, Chicago usually should be capable of winning anywhere, except that’s not how NFL 2018 is built. Playing at the offensive machines from New Orleans (10-1) or Los Angeles would prove hugely difficult.The Saints own a victory over the Rams, which could be decisive in the race for top seed and, eventually, a spot in the Super Bowl. Still, New Orleans has trips to Dallas and Carolina, home games with the Steelers and Panthers, perhaps the most-testing schedule remaining.The Rams, meanwhile, face only one opponent currently with a winning mark (Chicago) the rest of the way.Dallas (6-5) unquestionably has the inside track in the East, especially owning wins over Washington (6-5), which has lost QB Alex Smith, and struggling Philadelphia (4-7). That might be the only division race in question come late December. Don’t count on it being undecided.Of prime interest, though, will be the chase for the wild card. Plenty of big matchups remain, beginning Sunday with Seattle at Carolina, which also has those two games left against New Orleans.Green Bay has an easier remaining schedule than Minnesota, and Seattle, like Carolina, has a tough road.Look for the Rams and Saints to earn byes, with Carolina getting a wild card in the NFC. The other? Ask us around Christmas.___More AP NFL: and Wilner, The Associated Press read more

September 25

Investigate DUrban Park before pumping more money into it MP

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedGovt abandons plans for ‘world-class’ arena at D’Urban ParkMarch 12, 2017In “Local News”Gov’t says it has nothing to hide in D’urban Park projectNovember 22, 2016In “Local News”D’Urban Park scandal: Contractors still owed $298MDecember 20, 2016In “latest news” The exorbitant project has been the subject of fierce debate between Government and the OppositionGovernment has recently announced plans to develop the controversial D’Urban Park into a user-friendly facility that could be the venue for various types of sporting activities, but Opposition Member of Parliament (MP) Juan Edghill has said he is totally against the idea, because, from day one, the project has been a “corrupt deal”.A former Junior Finance Minister, Edghill told this media group in an interview that the idea being proposed by Director of Sport, Christopher Jones, is aimed at trying to bring some semblance of justification to the existence of the D’Urban Park as a facility that could become viable.It was reported by the Department of Public Information (DPI) in early September that the D’Urban Park was due to undergo a massive upgrade in 2019 as a proposal made by the National Sports Commission (NSC), to be included in the National Budget for 2019.Jones’s proposal involves enhancing the D’Urban Park with fencing, and paving a significant portion of its inner space to make it more user-friendly.“We recognise (that) in the afternoons and in the mornings it is heavily used by the public. We want to encourage that, but, of course, we want to ensure that the venue of itself is protected, and the persons who use the space between those times are comfortable,” he told the DPI.Edghill, however, has said no amount of spending at D’Urban Park can justify the fact that it has been a corrupt transaction from its inception. “No amount of spending money — fence it, hard court, etc — could make it one free of corruption. Where are the bills? Where is the evidence of who donated in cash and kind? Why are the documents not with the Auditor General?” he questioned.“So, even if you try to put a clean sheet on this bed, it doesn’t make anybody believe that the bed is clean. The sheet might be clean with the novel ideas that Jones is coming up with, but the D’Urban Park project is a corrupt transaction; it is calling for investigation,” the Opposition MP explained.As a matter of fact, Edghill had written the Public Procurement Commission (PPC), calling for an investigation into D’Urban Park. Apart from receiving a letter of acknowledgment, the MP is yet to hear from the Commission. However, he remains hopeful that something will be done.He noted that his letter of complaint was sent at about the same time when his colleague, MP Gail Teixeira, had written the PPC on the controversial Demerara River Bridge feasibility study contract award. The matter was in fact investigated, and a report was handed over to the MP. “I would like to remind the PPC that a complaint and request is still on their desk,” he added.He said, “Every time D’Urban Park is used, we have to pump money into it. Do you know that D’Urban Park doesn’t have one toilet? They have to contract to the tune of millions for toilet facilities, lights installed, repairs etc. It is ill-conceived! Why would you build something of that magnitude with rough wood? It was designed to attract funding in a corrupt manner, and that is our contention. Again, Minister David Patterson is at the centre of this one too,” he added.Debate surrounded the construction of the Park after it was revealed, in 2016, that most of the stands had significant defects. After embarrassing disclosures about the poor construction work on the stands, President David Granger had announced that the Ministry of the Presidency would take over responsibility for completion of the first phase of the project.An audit subsequently found that the D’Urban Park had cost some $1.37 billion. Despite the enormous cost to build and continually repair the facility, it has been grossly underutilised, with mostly vagrants using it for shelter, apart from some recreational activities ongoing there in the afternoons.During the Mashramani celebrations, almost $6 million had been spent to do repairs on the D’Urban Park facility. read more

September 24

To economically separate and refine all 16 rare earths

first_imgRare Earth Salts (RES), a leading industrial and applications technology company, has a defined path to near term commercialisation. Work has begun on testing process flow modelling for separations processing and commercial component feasibility. The test work aims to prove process flows and the scalability of RES’ proprietary separations technology. Successful completion will facilitate engineering and construction of a commercial production facility with initial separations capacity of 10 t/month of rare earth concentrate.“Near term commercialisation will be an important milestone for RES and the industry,” said Allen Kruse, Chief Executive Officer. “Our technical team continues to demonstrate some of the lowest operating costs and highest efficiency in the industry with our environmentally friendly process, projected to be below $4/kg. We believe our separations technology is the missing piece to the industry being successful in the Western World once again. It will allow current rare earth concentrate producers and prospective producers to directly compete with, and be profitable at, Chinese domestic pricing.”“The functional independence of the Rare Earth Salts Separations Technology (RESST) toward various rare earth concentrate feedstocks is another key advantage for RES,” added Kruse. “Our technology allows us to combine concentrate from multiple partners and feedstock types without sacrificing separation effectiveness.”RES continues to work with a major mining company under the Joint Development Agreement announced October 14, 2014 with plans calling for the expansion of the initial commercial production facility to handle much larger production volumes. RES will continue to selectively seek additional partners with whom to work as it continues to grow its commercial capacity.Rare Earth Salts is a leading industrial and applications technology company with the goal of achieving near term commercial production. The company has developed a patent pending industrial technology proven to efficiently and economically separate and refine all 16 rare earth elements to high purity. The process is environmentally friendly and projects significantly reduced cost versus standard processing.last_img read more

September 22

Bilbija and Vortmann join GWD Minden

← Previous Story Sterbik out at least one month! Next Story → Ivan Stankovic on the way to Montpellier? GWD Minden might be in trouble with the relegation, as the return-game is played this Sunday against TV Huttenberg, but it seems that the club is determined to strengthen the club no matter what happens.The Slovenian player Nenad Bilbija, which became famous with Celje playing in the Cup Winners Cup and Champions League until 2005, decided to join the German club after spending the last few years in Valladolid. Dresrusse left to Lemgo, but now Minden immediately found a solution for the goalkeeper position, and now they have Vortmann that signed two-year contract, and is to be in pair with Anders Svensson the goalkeepers. read more

September 20

Kano Launches Pixel Kit DIY LightUp Computer

first_imgNearly a year after its successful Kickstarter campaign, Kano’s Pixel Kit is now available to the masses.The LEGO-like light board boasts 128 pixels that bring to life your own games, data, artwork, and music.For $79.99, you get a box of buttons, boards, batteries, books, and beyond. Build the Pixel Kit yourself, then connect it to a computer (Mac or PC) and download the Kano App.Pixel Kit is the new reading-under-the-blanket-with-a-flashlight (via Kano)Powered by Kano Code, the program uses storytelling and game mechanics to simplify coding; it features more than 40 challenges and access to a handful of tools (including the ability to track the International Space Station).“[Pixel Kit] displays the weather, the news, or funny messages,” according to a Kano blog post. “It breaks the boundary between the digital and the physical.”Each pack includes access to Kano World, an online community platform where millions of lines of code and DIY instructions are shared.“We’ve developed the Pixel Kit to be playful, but also powerful. It is our brightest creation to date, and we think you will love it,” the London-based startup said.Pixel Kit was introduced in September, alongside the 5-megapixel codable Camera Kit and programmable Speaker Kit—all powered by a single-board computer, dubbed the “Kano Brain,” that connects to other devices over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.They also come with a Kano Sensor, which works with existing USB-compatible hardware like laptops and desktops.Create artwork with Pixel Kit (via Kano)The manufacturer made waves in 2013 with a crowdfunding project that made it easier for tinkerers to get started with the Raspberry Pi.A year later, Kano raised more than $1.55 million to ship its $150 computer-and-coding kit. Powered by the pint-sized Raspberry Pi 2, the bundle comes with instruction booklets, an 8GB SD card with the Kano OS, a DIY speaker, Kano keyboard, and custom case mods and stencils, as well as HDMI and mini-USB cables, a smart power plug, and a Wi-Fi connector.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

September 15

SUV driver hurt after rollover crash in Margate

first_imgMARGATE, FLA. (WSVN) – The driver of an SUV was injured after crashing into a tree in Margate, Sunday.According to Margate-Coconut Creek Fire officials, the motorist lost control of the vehicle while driving in the rain near Rock Island Road and Holiday Springs Boulevard. The SUV slammed into a tree, then rolled over.There is no word on the driver’s condition.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more