May 30

How to choose the brand building materials

building materials to join the industry prospects, the choice of many, in order to succeed in business, choose the strength of the brand is more important. What important details should be paid attention to in the process of selecting the right project? If you want to learn more, let’s take a look at it.

understand the strength of the company

understand the development of Brand Company, including the development of history, the status quo and the future trend of your choice is very important. As your supplier, but also a business partner, your development is inseparable from the development of the company. read more

May 30

The successful way of the middle level hot pot restaurant

winter is the season to eat hot pot, many entrepreneurs want to open a business hot pot restaurant! And now the food and beverage market is very fast and rapid development, attracting a lot of entrepreneurs, but also led to the rapid development of the entire food and beverage market. So today Xiaobian will take you to understand the operation of the middle of the hot pot shop, to bring you more entrepreneurial guidance.

mid-range hot pot shop success Sambo

a, taste (public and stable taste)

so in my opinion, the taste of an old hot pot restaurant, is the soul of Chongqing hot pot flavor is the biggest characteristic of spicy fresh (refers to a sense of aftertaste). I focus on all the butter fondue! read more

May 29

Xiamen 7 public space to create a national public space

in the "public entrepreneurship, innovation," the call, a lot of people embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, and some entrepreneurs have made remarkable achievements. Recently, the Ministry of science and technology announced the third batch of a space through 839 public record, a product Witkey, all from Aite Xiamen torch hi tech Zone, a Tencent to the public record, he took the public record, only you 3W space, Xiamen Torch – geek space, such as 7 times far view of the public record space on the list, this is Xiamen City, the first national public record space, the city a total of 14 selected. read more

May 29

The choice of clothing store store decides success or failure

now opened a clothing store business very much, because the clothing is a never off-season sales of the industry, so for the first time to shop for the choice of stores is a very important and very difficult to solve the problem, decided to choose the clothing store shop success, today Xiaobian together have a look how to store location.

!The most prosperous, not necessarily the best read more

May 29

How to safeguard their rights by fraudulent use of names

hard to take a name, and through continuous ability, let the name in the market’s influence is increasing, however, there are people without their consent to use this name, encountered this kind of thing, how would you handle it? Do you know how to deal with it? The name is fraudulent how to safeguard their rights? Let Xiaobian for your analysis.

state expressly provides that the individual business name and business within the territory of the People’s Republic of China name are subject to protection laws and regulations, no person shall "unauthorized use registered market players names or other violations of the right to the name of market subject behavior, or to bear the corresponding legal responsibility. However, there are still individual operators to use other people have registered in the industrial and commercial registration of the name, causing a lot of trouble. read more

May 29

Jewelry store how to maintain high popularity

competition in the industry has not been so intense, shop business has not been so hot under the circumstances, an entity shop wants to maintain high popularity, often do some promotional activities can be achieved. However, in the current era, to maintain high popularity is not a simple thing, but also need to take more shops strategy. So, jewelry shop how to maintain high popularity?

jewelry Monopoly Industry after nearly four years of rapid development, some hanging "international chain corporation were the first jewelry shop, after the two years after the shuffle, has gradually withdraw from the market; ten yuan model shop also have more than ten yuan to make only superficial changes, development; dish hair model shop, live in a difficult stubborn stone; model shop has been gradually declining; silver shop began to rise in recent years; only the supermarket model shop is in deep evolution, by the competition and spawned a new strength. read more

May 29

How to open a small supermarket location

to open a small supermarket investors also many, this kind of shop is mainly for people to provide daily consumables, so the general election in the vicinity of the district or school. This kind of shop how to manage it? This is a lot of franchisees are very concerned about the problem. If you want to know, you can learn more, master the relevant management skills.

opened a small supermarket, lots of choice is not good will source is not much, it is difficult to obtain profits, so the small supermarket stores is superior is the core, the address decide whether to hurry back to the success of any franchisee must recognize the importance of this election, joining in a population are concentrated here. Many people will have more opportunities to you, if you put in a not open shop sales of similar products, no one will go to see, to meet the needs of consumers is concerned about the future from the site, so the address to choose, then the product must be ranked first in many shops, so you can to improve the probability of repeat. read more

May 29

What are the advantages of professional pet shop

pet shop is a lot of friends like to go to the pet, the project market. If you want to open a pet shop, then open a regular professional pet store, such a pet shop in the competition in the industry has more advantages. Professional, branded pet shop to attract more people to come to the consumer, then, what are the advantages of professional pet shop?

1, a professional brand pet shop can get the support and help of the headquarters of both PET technology, quality of goods and post operational guidance for the headquarters will be lifelong service, professional brand pet store, what are the advantages? To solve a series of problems occurred in the pet store late operating process. read more

May 29

What kind of skills to operate a Hong Kong style milk tea

business is mainly depends on the quality of the business, and there are many factors affecting the quality of business, one of the most critical factor is the store operator business model. Take tea shop operators, many investors are in this line of business to achieve their dream of wealth, but at the same time, some people still do not drink milk shop business boom. In the operation of milk tea shop, pay more attention to the following four skills, you can get a better business. Hong Kong style milk tea to join the attention of eleven small tea. read more

May 29

Famous brand jewelry wholesale

brand jewelry wholesale is a choice of many investors, brand-name accessories wholesale can meet the special needs of the market on many of the fashionable staff constantly in pursuit of fashion and trend, famous brand jewelry wholesale which contains infinite business opportunities, let us work together to understand the daily operation and management skills!

brand jewelry wholesale shop has a lot of its own characteristics, there is certainly a good low-cost supply, but fixed supply will be better. With a market price is different, it is impossible for the pursuit of the lowest price, which led to his blind scurrying, not because of low prices, blindly cause the backlog of goods. read more

May 20

Beauty long nose right eye blindness now need to keep the left eye

beauty has the heart, even if the choice of cosmetic surgery must be based on security, the choice of a regular hospital. For small make up feel is not very scary also don’t need plastic surgery, mainly to see temperament, is not! Recently, there is a beautiful woman long nose right eye blindness, is a great regret!

: Tragedy

"blind right eye nose necrosis

it dates back to November 15th last year. In the introduction of a friend, she arrived at Guicheng street lamp West Lake area south of Hongkong new beauty shop ", the operator of the beauty salon for Shen Moulin and Shao Mouhua (handled separately). She spent 6000 yuan to conduct rhinoplasty. YingYing and later learned that this "friend" is a beauty salon yituo. read more