May 14

Rayo loses a 26% goal from Embarba’s farewell

first_imgBeyond its incidence on goals, Rayo has taken eight points in the absence of Embarba (the victory against Huesca; the draws with Extremadura, Mirandés, Oviedo, Tenerife and Albacete and the defeat against Elche), which means 20% of the total. Right now, he is 40 and sits at six playoff spots. Embarba left the Rayo last winter market, after have scored seven goals and have given eleven assists. Hence, the franjirrojo team is accusing their absence in terms of numbers. With your goodbye Rayo have lost more than a quarter (26%) of their goals. The Vallecana squad averaged 1’35 (31 goals in 23 games) when the winger was present and is now 1 (7 in 7) without him. Of these last seven goals, one of them was scored by a rival in his own door (Lomotey, from Extremadura) and two others have come from the penalty spot (the one from Ulloa to Oviedo and the one from Mario to Elche). Precisely, the midfielder, with two goals, is the one who has had the most fortune facing the door in this new stage. Something that charges more value, considering that Rayo was unable to score in two of those seven days (0-0, against Mirandés and Tenerife).last_img

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