May 14

Javier Tebas reassures José María Muñoz’s new Málaga

first_imgAs usually happens, every time Javier Tebas intervenes he is questioned about the situation of Málaga. The recent words of the president of LaLiga in one of his last interventions by videoconference have brought some tranquility in the club environment. “Malaga is going to end the season,” he said. “The truth is that Malaga worried us a long time ago, now I am less worried about Malaga than about some other type of club. Malaga is not so affected by this crisis, it does not have as many stores or ticketing is not that important. I think for now I can say that the season will end in conditions. “This reality comes from the happy cessation of Al Thani and his children, members of the club’s board of directors, decreed by the judge. The arrival of José María Muñoz as judicial administrator has brought coherence and serenity to the club. Thebes says so. “The judicial administration has already made certain decisions”. The transfer of Antoñín to Granada, despite the sheikh’s absurd protests, gave vital oxygen so that the club can finish this League without risk of being expelled from the competition. Questioned about the possible situation of the team for the next season, with the blow it can receive in 2019-20 with this season finale so adverse in terms of loss of income, he said: “The first development we have made with the Cash flows until the end of the season. Let’s see how they develop and the problem you may have. Málaga with the judicial administrator or whatever comes will solve that problem. But the problems are raised at the moment, I cannot think of Malaga for next season because I am to see if Malaga has done what it has to do until June 30. ” Life without the hideous president / tweeter and his idle children can be wonderful.last_img

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