February 27

Transformation Tours: Volume II, Our Internal Culture Transforming

first_imgOver these past few days, I was reminded why the internal culture at Dell Technologies is built on both diversity, and a legacy of good. I was also happy to learn that we are orchestrating an elite internship program, designed to recruit top talent from universities all around the globe.This is stop #2 on my transformation tour. If you haven’t guessed it, the key staple in this series is transformation. To be honest, it’s really all I have been thinking about lately. It’s discussed frequently in my part-time graduate school MBA program at UMass Lowell. It’s talked about in the Wall Street Journal, and other technology-centric forums. But most importantly, it’s engraved within our mission at Dell Technologies. Right now, our goal remains to accelerate transformation for our customers by enhancing their infrastructure, and setting them up to be successful in this new digital age. Michael Dell has referred to this as the next Industrial Revolution – and the coolest part about this new digital age, is that we’re still at the very beginning of it!But the more I think about transformation, the more I am realizing that it is also happening internally at Dell Technologies through various initiatives.An Absolutely Elite Internship Program I had the honor of speaking to our interns at Dell last week. My first message to them was simple, “welcome to the best intern program in technology.” As a former intern (at heritage EMC) back in 2013, I quickly realized how impact driven our program was. I left equipped with career resources, an upgraded skillset, and a network that I am still in communication with today.However, this program has been completely transformed – and in its current state right now, it is absolutely elite! I applaud the Dell University Relations team on the transformation of our internship program. To learn more about it, visit our University Relations page: https://jobs.dell.com/studentsIn speaking with our interns, I encouraged them to find ways to showcase their competitive advantages. There is no set formula to a perfect internship, but there are a few skills that can help you stand out. I challenged them to explore unique ways to add value within their teams – and most importantly, to never be afraid to ask questions or step outside their comfort zones.You can find a recap of my presentation here–take a look and let me know what you think!“Fun afternoon today chatting with the @Dell interns about hoops, social media, and building a personal brand!! #DellInterns2017 pic.twitter.com/9Qfhr3Amwf“— Greg McCarthy (@GMcCarthy24) July 20, 2017Share “The time is now ⏰ to join @GMcCarthy24 and #Dellinterns2017 to talk about building a personal brand and how to #yolo to the max! pic.twitter.com/yb2gA8umVm“— Megan Evangelista (@EvangelistaMeg) July 19, 2017Share “Loved hearing @GMcCarthy24 ‘s new definition of “real world YOLO” as it relates to professional development! #DellInterns2017“— Samantha Miller (@samanthamillerr) July 19, 2017Share “”Don’t be afraid to question the way things are done.” – @GMcCarthy24 #DellInterns2017“— Rachel E. McLean (@rachelemclean) July 19, 2017Sharecenter_img Celebrating the 6th Annual Dell STEM Day for Eureka! “Very fun Friday today leading workshops on social media and building a personal brand for the 6th Annual @Dell STEM Day for Eureka! pic.twitter.com/UDBSYUzibi“— Greg McCarthy (@GMcCarthy24) July 14, 2017Share So how is our culture being transformed? Well, we welcomed 30 girls from the Girls Inc. Eureka! program into the Dell EMC headquarters on Friday, July 14th for an interactive day filled with remarks by Chief Diversity Officer, Jackie Glenn, team building workshops on professional development + social media, and a panel discussion.Friday is always a fun day in the business world, but this was a particularly fun Friday. During my workshop with the girls, I was very impressed by their determination. As a member of the Social Business Team, it was interesting to discuss the topic of social media with them. Popular platforms amongst the younger generation included: Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter – with no love at all for Facebook. Overall, it was an amazing day, and I had a blast interacting with the girls during our workshop.last_img read more

January 17

Water respect

first_imgBy Jennifer CannonUniversity of GeorgiaWater levels are up and state officials say the long-term drought is all but over. But, they add, Georgians can’t afford to abandon water conservation.”I’m removing EPD imposed restrictions because we’re no longer confronted with a drought emergency situation,” said Harold Reheis, director of the Environmental Protection Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.However, he said, “it’s important for all of us to recognize the environmental and economic benefits that derive from wise and conservative use of our shared waters.”Above-normal rains that started in September are improving all five of the indicators used to define water conditions: rainfall, soil moisture, stream flows, lake levels and groundwater level.Groundwater levelsOf the five, state climatologist David Stooksbury said groundwater levels are recovering at the slowest rate. But they’re improving, he said, according to U.S. Geological Survey monitoring wells.Stooksbury, a biological and agricultural engineering professor with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, said most of Georgia got little rainfall, though, in the first two weeks of 2003.And the old adage that Georgia is only two weeks away from a drought, he said, is true. Depending on when in the growing season it happens, a lack of rain over two weeks can cause significant yield or quality loss in Georgia farm crops.Landscapes can be much hardier.Turf tougher than you think”Garden vegetables and flowers need water frequently,” said Jim Hook, a University of Georgia soil and water management scientist. “But most lawn grasses and established shrubbery don’t need nearly as much as some homeowners put out.”Hook’s research shows that some grasses — centipede, particularly — can survive without water as long as six weeks without suffering and then green up quickly after just one rainfall.”Healthy lawns help cool excess heat from paving and rooftops and visually soothe us,” Hook said. “But rainfall can provide most of the water lawns need to survive.”He adds that as other states have learned, Georgians will have to decide how much water will be used to keep lawns perpetually green and how much will be used to support future economic growth.Making senseHook said using water-saving measures makes both conservation and economic sense.”Paying to pump water from reservoirs, through the system and onto areas that don’t need it is just wasting money as well as water,” he said. “In addition, using excess water increases the infrastructure needed to supply that water — larger reservoirs, larger water treatment plants and more powerful pumping systems.”Using water carefully can not only lower your water bill, but can cut the taxes that go toward the water infrastructure.Water decisionsGeorgians make water-conservation and economics decisions every day. Will it be worth it to turn the water on? For the homeowner, that may depend on whether you’re willing to pay a higher water bill to keep your lawn green. For farmers, the question may be more like whether the cost to run the irrigation system will be worth the potential increase the crop’s yield or quality?Hook said all Georgia water users need to keep the limited resource and other users in mind.”While it appears that production agriculture uses a lot of water,” he said, “you have to keep in mind that it’s only a small fraction of the annual rainfall that runs out of the state each year. But farmers bear the responsibility of sharing that water with other users and with those downstream.”You can find more information about using water wisely at http://www.georgiadrought.org.last_img read more

December 30

Mountain Mama: A Q & A with Mountain Biking Mom Megan Hutton

first_imgA month ago I attended the 5Point Film Festival and participated in a panel about women in the outdoors.During the question period, and audience member raised her hand and said, “I love what you’ve all said about women being inspired by seeing other women in adventure sports. But after seeing last night’s films, my son and daughter went home with very different ideas about possibility.”The room fell silent. She was right. Most of the films featured men and told their stories. The women played supporting roles or mentees, not leaders driving the narrative. Anna Levesque, a professional kayaker who has devoted her life to empowering women on the water, said, “We need to take a Go Pro on our adventures. Nobody is going to tell our stories for us.”Chills covered my arms.  As I sat on stage with other women in the outdoors industry, I pictured the next big adventure for Tobin and me. That’s when I got the crazy idea to video our adventure. I want other parents to see that while it might not be easy, it’s certainly possible and definitely rewarding to spend time outdoors. A month later, I’ve consulted with videographers and invested in navigational charts for route planning. Somewhere between logistics and sketching out the necessary gear, doubt crept in and became a constant companion. I wondered if the idea was too big or dangerous or crazy. I second-guessed my own skills and ability to effectively parent. I worried about finding the time to make this happen with so many other projects up in the air.That’s when I started looking for inspiration from other single parents adventuring with their kids.I sat down with Megan Hutton, a single mom who races mountain bikes. Her contagious adventurous spirit, left so excited that I wanted to share our conversation here.megan2How do you balance your own pursuits with raising a child?I didn’t have family in the area, and didn’t have friends jumping at the chance to watch my kid while I worked out. Money was tight. Even with those obstacles, I had to work out because it kept me sane and I wanted to model a healthy and active lifestyle for my son.When my son was younger and I was getting used to life as a single mom, I was tired most of the time. I became flexible about riding.The only time I could be sure I’d get on my bike was when my son visited his dad. I’d sign up for a mountain bike race on those weekends. I knew that if I registered and paid money, then I was committed and would show up. Races back then weren’t competitive for me. I raced off the couch, happy to get on my bike and catch up with friends. Race results became irrelevant.Now that my son is older, we ride together as often as we can. He comes to my races and watches me ride. He’s also been doing some downhill races of his own.Sometimes I feel selfish asking for the time and space required to work out without my son, but who I am as a person and mom depends on me nurturing my passion for the outdoors.What obstacles have you faced when adventuring with kids?Without a doubt, spending time with kids in the outdoors adds extra work and most adventures become more difficult. I have to remind myself that taking my son along also multiplies the rewards. Three years ago I broke my knee. Getting injured not only meant that I couldn’t ride, I wasn’t even supposed to be home alone. Some people blamed me for taking risks and slung blame.“Being a mom should come first,” they said.“Riding is selfish and dangerous,” others said.“Taking risks jeopardizes your ability to parent,” some said.Labels like “bad mom” box in women, until moms worry it’s selfish for asking for the time and space required for self-care.I became so worried about what other people thought that I became afraid to post a picture of me riding on Instagram.How did you create a space where you could own riding bikes and adventuring with your son?Other single moms inspired me to let go of the limiting self-conscious believes about taking time.  Seeing another single mom pursue her passion for riding helped me own taking the space to be the best person I can, which includes bikes.I redefined what it means to me to be a mom, a definition that now includes taking care of myself.  I don’t buy into the crazy idea out there that once you give birth, your life revolves around your child and you cease being a person with distinct needs and desires. Creating a community with other women changed my life. I need their support and together we become empowered. I continue to prioritize putting myself out there to build my tribe. When I meet moms who aren’t already outdoorsy, I invite them to come along and offer them experiences in the outdoors.How do you motivate your son to get outside?There are days when it’s challenging to get kids outside. Some times I have to push my son to go and ultimately he ends up having fun. There’s a fine line between when do we need to nudge our kids to get out the door and try something new versus pushing a child too much.Even with the best of intentions and lots of trip planning, there are times when things don’t go well. I’ve done the research and thought a trail would be appropriate for my son’s skill level and it turns out that it’s a bit too much. When the trail turns out to be tougher than expected, I do my best to keep it positive and not get frustrated. Each time we go outdoors, we both learn valuable life lessons.I’ve learned about patience, what to bring and when to turn around.My son has learned to keep going to get out of it, that sitting down and quitting isn’t an option.What advice do you have for other parents?Don’t wait until you have it all figured out – there will never be a time when everyone is in the perfect mood, when the weather is just right, when there are no nagging household tasks.  Get outside despite the fact that the stars aren’t perfectly aligned.What’s one dream trip for you and your son?My dream for us is to backpack the Art Loeb trail. A couple of months ago we went on our first overnighter to test the waters. We’ve fine-tuned the packing list and adjusted the weight of his pack.last_img read more

December 20

Olympics: Brazil’s Silva, França win bronze in beach volleyball

first_img LONDON – Here’s what you might have missed in recent Olympic action: Brazil’s women’s beach volleyball: The top-seeded duo of Juliana Felisberta Silva and Larissa França claimed the bronze medal with a 2-1 win over China. Brazil dropped the first set, but rallied to claim the final two, including a 15-12 win in the third set. Brazil’s men’s indoor volleyball: The team reached the semifinals by dominating rival Argentina in a 3-0 win. Brazil, one of the favorites to claim the gold medal, will face Italy on Aug. 10. Italy defeated the United States, 3-0. Argentina’s women’s field hockey: The team advanced to the gold medal game on Aug. 10 with a 2-1 win over Great Britain. Argentina will face the Netherlands, which defeated New Zealand 3-1 on penalty strokes after the teams played to a 2-2 draw. Men’s 200-meter dash: Jamaicans Yohan Blake, Usain Bolt and Warren Weir and Ecuador’s Alex Quiñones all advanced to the final on Aug. 9 after posting top-eight times in the semifinals. Bolt is the defending champion. Here’s what you should keep an eye on Aug. 10: Men’s 10-kilometer freestyle marathon swim: Two South Americans are set to contend for a medal in the grueling event. Ecuador’s Iván Enderica and Venezuela’s Erwin Maldonado will compete for a spot on the medal podium. Women’s sailing: Brazilian sailors Fernanda Oliveira and Ana Luíza Barbachan were one of just 10 teams that qualified for the medal race in the 470 class of the fleet racing competition at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy. Women’s hammer throw: Cuba’s Yipsi Moreno advanced to the event’s finals with a toss of 73.95 meters. Moreno likely will have to crack 74.5 meters in order to medal. By Dialogo August 09, 2012last_img read more

December 18

Houston credit union describes recovery efforts

first_imgIn addition to cleaning up a branch over the Labor Day Weekend that had been destroyed by three feet of rain dumped by Tropical Storm Harvey, the $227 million Energy Capital Credit Union is also providing its employees with childcare services and free lunches as the city of Houston and communities throughout southeastern Texas continue massive recovery efforts.“To assist staff we have set up childcare in the main office as schools are closed until 9/11 and many childcare facilities (are closed),” Energy Capital CU President/CEO Randall Dixon, wrote in an email on Saturday. “Also many restaurants are closed so we have provided lunch for staff during the week. “As of last Friday, eight Energy Capital CU employees reported their homes were damaged by the storm. Many employees said their homes were flooded by than foot of water ruining carpets, furniture, and walls.  Some employees also lost their cars and many other personal items. 6SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading »last_img read more

December 17

Position beyond dollars and cents to grow loans and deposits by banking on purpose

first_img This post is currently collecting data… This is placeholder text continue reading » A growing number of leaders are championing what they call conscious capitalism—building companies based on the idea their business is about more than just making a profit.Think Costco, Trader Joe’s, REI and Whole Foods.In fact, purpose is the path toward future growth. According to Entrepreneur magazine, conscious capitalism-inspired companies are outperforming the market by a factor of 10.5.The shift to conscious capitalism started long before COVID-19, but the pandemic has acted as a catalyst, revealing the need for companies to have a purpose beyond profits in order to compete in a world with increasingly conscious consumers.center_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

October 18

Mesut Ozil’s agent responds to talks of Arsenal star’s exit amid Fenerbahce interest

first_img Comment Arteta put his faith in Ozil after he was dropped by former boss Unai Emery (Picture: Getty Images)Despite a recent upturn in form under new boss Mikel Arteta, Ozil could be deemed surplus to requirements as the Spaniard begins to rebuild his squad. Former Arsenal hero Kevin Campbell admitted the Gunners need an injection of energy in the team which Ozil cannot provide.‘Arsenal need an all-rounder in midfield, Arsenal need someone in the middle of the pitch who not only can create, he can break the play up, but he’s got legs, we miss that. We’ve been a strong spine for years,’ he exclusively told Metro.co.uk.More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenal‘There was talk of should we go for Jack Grealish or James Maddison, these type of guys would improve Arsenal.‘No disrespect to Mesut Ozil, but Ozil is on the wrong side of his Arsenal career with a year left on his contract after this. ‘But we need someone who’s going to be in there with legs, we need creativity, and someone that when the games not going particularly well, he can get stuck in and knuckle down as well.’MORE: Bernd Leno tips Arsenal star Gabriel Martinelli to become ‘world class’ under Mikel ArtetaMORE: Kieran Tierney admits doubts over Arsenal transferFollow Metro Sport across our social channels, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.For more stories like this, check our sport page. Ozil has been at the club since 2013 (Picture: Getty Images)Mesut Ozil’s agent Dr Erkut Sogut has appeared to confirm the Arsenal midfielder will leave the club when his contract expires in 2021.The Gunners are reportedly reluctant to put a new deal on the table for Ozil, who has struggled to perform consistently in the last few seasons.The 31-year-old has been the subject of transfer interest from Fenerbahce, and Dr Sogut refused to rule out the prospect of Ozil joining the Turkish club next summer.He told beIN Sports: ‘Mesut has a one-year contract. There will be no change in this regard.ADVERTISEMENT‘So what happens next, time will show. Mesut will be 32 years old and will have a few more years in his career.AdvertisementAdvertisement‘Mesut and his family will make a decision.‘I cannot speak about Mesut and Fenerbahce, because I have no right to speak on this matter according to the principle of confidentiality.’ Advertisement Metro Sport ReporterMonday 11 May 2020 5:21 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link4.1kShares Mesut Ozil’s agent responds to talks of Arsenal star’s exit amid Fenerbahce interest Advertisementlast_img read more

September 26

French vessel to perform “beaching exercise” in Dominica

first_img(L-R): Commanding OfficerLuc Stutzmann, Deputy Head of Mission Emmanuel Mouriez and Defense Attache’ to French Embassy in St. Lucia Lieutenant Colonel De SolagesA French vessel will arrive on Dominica next week to conduct a beaching exercise which will be useful to assist the island in case of any disaster or exigent situations.The Batral Dumont D’Urville, is the major vessel of the French Force in the West Indies and is able to carry out several missions.The ship can convey troops or freight, bring humanitarian assistance in case of natural disaster, fight against drug trafficking and rescuing at sea.In the event that a disaster strikes the island and the ports are destroyed, the ship will be able to provide relief supplies to citizens as they have done in several countries in the French Islands and St. Kitts.Defense Attaché to the French Embassy in St. Lucia Lieutenant Colonel De Solages said the purpose of the mission is to identify suitable locations for beaching in order that the Navy can provide assistance.“The aim is to be able to support any neighboring countries in case of any dramatic events. Imagine in the past and remember what happened when some infrastructure, some ports were completely destroyed in other countries and the facility was not operational and offer the possibility to boats to come and bring some support. This light transport ship is the precise vector able to bring you support in terms of vehicles, supplies, food and people in an area other than a structural port. So it is able to beach in precise areas where the support is needed.”He explained that the crew must ensure that the conditions are conducive for this beaching exercise.Lieutenant Colonel De Solages The aim is to find different locations where we would like to be sure that we can use our ship can beach. We would like to be sure that the conditions are set up in order to intervene once that’s the first step. According to him it is also “an opportunity to meet your country; your officials, your Coast Guard, your police members and keep going on creating this kind of cooperation”.Meanwhile Commanding Officer Luc Stutzmann told Friday’s press conference although this is a historic moment for his team, he hopes that no disaster occurs on the island.He says however, we could rest assured that the Dumont D’Urville would provide assistance in the event that is does.He said further that a simulation exercise had already been done some years ago but based on recent hurricanes another one needed to be done to ensure that the beaching exercise can take place smoothly.The Deputy Head of Mission Emmanuel Mouriez explained that the visit testimony of the friendship which exists between the two islands.“This visit of the French Navy to Dominica is also a testimony of the friendship between our two countries; France and Dominica and also testimony of the will of France to be present in the area also in the Caribbean. This visit is also a sign of the will to develop the regional integration.” The Team will also meet with the Cadet Corps on Saturday to offer them a tour of the warship as well as an opportunity to meet the sailors. Members of the public; groups of 20 adults and children of seven (7) years and above will be given the opportunity to visit the ship for 2 hours on Saturday 11th February, 2012 between the hours 9:00am to 11:00am and 2:00pm to 4:00pm.Dominica Vibes News LocalNews French vessel to perform “beaching exercise” in Dominica by: – February 11, 2012 Share Share Sharing is caring!center_img Tweet Share 233 Views   no discussionslast_img read more

September 26

No excuse for crime says Ambassador Henderson

first_imgLocalNews No excuse for crime says Ambassador Henderson by: – July 12, 2012 Share 9 Views   no discussions Share Tweetcenter_img Sharing is caring! Share Dominica’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Hon. Vince Henderson says any excuse for criminal behavior is unacceptable.“[Those persons] seeking to provide [reasons] for [criminals] by talking about idleness and unemployment are simply making excuses. Ninety per cent of the people here knew me when I was growing up. I grew up under difficult circumstances. I had one pair of pants while attending I.T.S.S (Isaiah Thomas Secondary School); I ironed it in the morning and washed it in the afternoon. I never stole anybody’s things, I never [stabbed or cut] anybody.”Hon. Henderson feels that despite the number of economic challenges that may affect citizens, honest people are managing to survive without resorting to illegal activity.“The majority of our people have their own difficulties. We work hard, we try our best and we live good lives. So I think it is very important that as we discuss the issue of crime and violence that we seek not to encourage it by making more excuses and adding onto what already is a challenge for us.”The Ambassador was speaking at a recently held Crime, Violence and Anti-Social Behaviour panel discussion in his home community of St. Joseph.Government Information Servicelast_img read more

September 25

ASF alert: NegOcc beefs up southern border control

first_imgDecena cited the assistance andcooperation of concerned local government units as well as transport companiessuch as Vallacar Transit Inc., which have also been strictly requiringpassengers’ compliance with necessary permits in transporting meat products. Dr. Renante Decena, provincialveterinarian and task force co-chair, said they have deployed additionalveterinary inspectors, specifically in Kabankalan City, to strictly enforceanimal quarantine in the south. “This is a form of cooperation withthe government efforts in sustaining the status of the province as ASF-free,”Decena said. (With a report from PNA/PN) Decena also said human and animalvaccines transported and packed in styro boxes are now required to bepre-inspected at the ASF Task Force headquarters in the PVO building here. The preventive measure imposes the banon all live pigs and pork products from Mindanao ordered by Gov. Eugenio JoseLacson last month after cases of the deadly pig disease have been reported inDavao Region. Figures of the Provincial VeterinaryOffice showed that between February 24 and 29, inspectors have seized more thanP763,000 worth of pork and pork-related products from hand-carried, checked-inbaggage and cargo trucks or containers that arrived in various points of entryin Negros Occidental. He urged travelers to secure necessarypermits and declare any pork products they may bring for inspection.center_img The city’s Hilamonan village is one ofthe identified routes used for the transport of live pigs and pork productsinto the province from Mindanao. In Hilamonan alone, some P95,783 inbanned pork products have been confiscated. “We do this to avoid damage onvaccines and delay of transport,” he added. BACOLOD City – TheNegros Occidental Provincial African Swine Fever (ASF) Task Force furtherreinforced its animal quarantine checkpoint in the southern part of theprovince – considered as the usual entry point of cargoes from Mindanao. “The checkpoint in Barangay Hilamonanis fully operational,” Decena said.last_img read more