January 26

2021 Junior Parents Weekend to be held virtually

first_imgThe annual Junior Parents Weekend is slated to take place virtually this year, according to a Tuesday email from junior co-chairs John Couri and Molly O’Brien.The email emphasized that the traditional celebration will look different from years prior but will still remain a memorable event for juniors and their family members.“Junior Parents Weekend tends to be a celebration that one remembers for a lifetime, and we can guarantee our year will be no different,” they said in the email.Students should anticipate an email in the coming weeks to offer input on the planning process.Tags: JPW 2021, Junior Parents Weekend, virtual eventslast_img read more

January 18

Hugh Jackman (Sorta) Sings Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’!

first_imgWhat would happen if Elsa’s parents had dealt with her icy powers a bit more rationally? Take a look at this cute video to see how some people think the Disney mega-hit Frozen should have ended. Spoiler alert: Elsa ends up attending a certain fictional school for gifted individuals that a Hugh Jackman character might frequent. As it turns out, “Let It Go” doesn’t sound bad when sung in a manly Aussie accent. Mr. Jackman, are you still looking for opening number suggestions for this year’s Tony Awards? If not Wolverine The Musical, might we suggest a duet with Idina Menzel? Hugh Jackman Star Filescenter_img View Commentslast_img read more

January 1

Town of Berlin offers business owners new tax incentive

first_imgAt its 2011 town meeting on March 1, the Town of Berlin approved a policy that allows the town Select Board to negotiate tax stabilization agreements with business owners who choose to locate, expand or improve properties in town. Select Board members believe that the policy offers a valuable incentive for business owners to move into Berlin, whose location and infrastructure already offer a lot of advantages.  ‘Berlin is an ideal location, central within the state, just off I-89 and is home to E.F. Knapp State Airport,’ said Select Board Chair Susan Gretkowski. ‘We also have ample property available for business development, both in our business park and other designated areas in accordance with the Town Plan. Businesses like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont, UPS, Staples, TJ Maxx, Price Chopper, Central Vermont Medical Center, and many others have chosen to locate here, and we’d like to welcome many more,’ she said. The policy, which could apply to any commercial, industrial, or multi-unit residential property, includes a three-year and a five-year option for tax stabilization, which essentially phases in the additional taxes owed on new construction,  renovations, additions and other improvements, for an investment of $200,000 or more. The Select Board would evaluate each tax stabilization proposal based on certain criteria, such as whether the improvements will create jobs, eliminate blight, and stimulate growth consistent with the Town Plan. Pat McDonald, Chair of the Berlin Economic Development Council, was eager to get the word out to the Vermont business community. ‘We think this policy offers a lot of potential and a lot of flexibility for entrepreneurs and existing businesses looking for some assistance and encouragement as they take the next step in growing their businesses. We encourage anyone who would like more information to get in touch with us,’ McDonald said.BERLIN, April 5, 2011last_img read more

December 20

Argentina Considers an Alternative Stadium for the “Monumental” After Maradona’s Complains

first_imgBy Dialogo June 18, 2009 Argentina requested FIFA fit out Rosario Central Stadium as an alternative to “Monumental” stadium for the 2010 South Africa World Cup’s qualifying round for the next match, in which Argentina will compete against Brazil, as officially announced on Wednesday. The decision was made public after controversy arose between the River Plate team, owner of the Monumental, and the national team, Diego Maradona, over the conditions of the field and the installations where Argentina plays locally. “Yes, the Rosario Central Stadium was requested (of FIFA). Currently, it offers better conditions regarding infrastructure,” Julio Grondona, the President of the Argentine Football Association (AFA), confirmed. Maradona had bitterly complained about the conditions of Monumental’s field before his team defeated Colombia (1-0) on June 6, and he had described it as a shocking embarrassment, a “potrero” (piece of land improvised as field) and a ‘picadero’ (where horses are trained.) In response to these statements, River Plate sent a letter of complains to the AFA this week characterizing Maradona’s expressions as “rude and excessive.” “There is no doubt that it will result in a loss of money (if we change venue for a smaller place), but the points we need (for the classification) are more valuable than money,” Grondona, who has just been re-elected as one of FIFA’s vice presidents, added. In September Argentina will risk a great deal of its luck, urgently needed to gain points when confronting qualifying leaders Brazil (27) on the 15th. “I cannot say if it is possible to play well or not (at River Stadium). The mistake was not having an alternative. If the river (de la Plata) rises, it will flood (the Monumental), so where would we play? We need an alternative,” said Grondona. In the standings behind the Brazilians, Chile (26), Paraguay (24), Argentina (22), Ecuador (20), Uruguay (18), Colombia (17), Venezuela (17), Bolivia (12) and Peru (7) are positioned. “The coach has every right to express his opinion, but River Plate felt offended, since the team made a huge effort to improve the field and the conditions were good,” complained Julio Macchi, River’s vice-president. The Monumental’s field, with a capacity of 50,000 people, had been damaged during a concert by the popular local rock band “Los Piojos.” Macchi said that “River considers the terms in which Maradona spoke to be insulting, and Grondona apologized to River, so that’s enough,” bringing the controversy to an end. However, River’s counterattack went further, since they inquired of the AFA whether Maradona had undergone the obligatory psychophysical tests before hiring him as coach, as well as other contractual requirements. “We should have this information as supportive documentation in case a club member requests it,” said Macchi. Since the mid-70s the official headquarters of the national team has been Monumental stadium, where they became World Cup champions when the country hoested the tournament in 1978. Their only loss in the South American qualifying rounds was their humiliating and heavy 5-0 defeat by Colombia on September 5, 1993, on their way to the United States World Cup 1994. An antecedent of official matches between Argentina and Brazil in the “Gigante de Arroyito,” Rosario Central’s headquarters, 300 km north of Buenos Aires, with a capacity of 35,000 spectators, was the goalless draw in the second phase of Argentina’s World Cup 1978.last_img read more

December 8

Binghamton Boys and Girls Club reopens with new precautions

first_imgBINGHAMTON (WBNG) — The Binghamton Boys and Girls Club is bustling once again, opening its doors for summer programming. Executive Director Marybeth Smith says staff is ready to welcome kids and has been preparing for this week. There are also fewer group activities for kids to participate in. This year, the summer program is filled with about 50 kids, a much lower number than usual, which helps with social distancing efforts. Despite the changes, staff say it’s important to give kids some normalcy after so much was taken from them earlier this year. Kids will get close to the same club experience they’ve had in the past but with new precautions in place. “They all have masks, they all have shields, they all have different places where they can go and they can’t go in the building,” said Smith. For more information on the Binghamton Boys and Girls Club, click here.center_img “Everything is more individual. Again, trying to make it as fun as we can, but they had to learn everything new. The staff hasn’t been used to planning like that. It was much easier to go in the gym and play kickball or play baseball, but we’re not doing that right now,” said Smith. Upon entry, children and staff will have their temperature taken and answer a few screening questions. The Boys and Girls Club hopes to provide a safe space not only for the kids’ physical health, but for their mental health too. “They need to see the familiar faces, they need to know that we are still here for them. They need to know that we care about them, and we love them, and they need to feel safe,” said Smith. “They need a place. We’re their home away from home, and they haven’t been with us since March 16th. I remember the day. So they need to be here,” said Smith. “One day they’re going to school, and they’re coming here after school, the next day there’s no place for them to go.” “We have so many great staff members who are really learning all the new guidelines, all the restrictions, and this is a very, very safe place right now,” she said.last_img read more

October 19

Maluku handline fishermen prove sustainable fishing can be profitable

first_imgUmar returns to land by sunset at the earliest and if he is lucky to have caught the much-sought after tuna, he will weigh, store and send it to a factory for filleting and processing.But Umar, with his sunbaked skin and arms scarred by fishing lines from struggling with big fish, is no ordinary fisherman. At least nine fishing communities made up of 123 fishermen like Umar have been certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and its eco-label trademark, making them the first small-scale fisheries in Indonesia to receive the global recognition and the second-ever recipients in the country.Now, fishermen from Buru Island set an example for other small-scale fisheries in Indonesia and around the world that sustainable fishing can improve the livelihoods of fishing communities as the global community celebrates World Oceans Day on June 8.The award was the result of ongoing efforts initiated in 2012 by North America’s leading sushi-quality tuna company Anova, local processor Harta Samudra and the Indonesian Fisheries and Community Foundation (MDPI), which focuses on sustainable fisheries. They assisted Buru Island fishermen in getting Fair Trade certification in 2014 and forming Fair Trade Fishing associations, paving the way for the fishermen to attain the MSC certificate. Umar explained that fishing sustainably under the 2014 Fair Trade partnership allowed local fishermen to be more systematic in fishing, managing finances and ensuring the legality of their catches.It has also helped them develop awareness about preserving the environment by using handline fishing techniques.“If we used nets or bombs, the tuna stocks would be depleted, and future generations would not have the chance to get to know yellowfin tuna and would only learn about them from history,” he said.Women chat while waiting for their husbands to return from fishing tuna in Waelihang village, Buru regency, Maluku. The fishermen of Buru Island have been Fair Trade certified and also recently received a Marine Stewardship Council certificate for sustainable fishing. They say the international recognition has helped them prosper while conserving the ocean’s biodiversity. (Courtesy of MDPI/-)Overfishing threatens almost 65 percent of coral reefs in Indonesia, with half of these being threatened specifically by destructive fishing practices, the World Bank said in 2014. Trawlers, cantrang (seine nets), poison and bombs are among the fishing methods that have generally been deemed harmful to maritime biodiversity.Yet maintaining healthy coral reefs is vital in maintaining the nation’s fish stock, including yellowfin tuna, which in turn sustains fishermen’s livelihoods.Read also: NGO coalition calls for sustainable fisheries policiesMDPI fisheries policy advisor Saut Tampubolon explained that the “one hook, one fish” aspect of handline tuna fishing made it one of the most eco-friendly fishing techniques as it allows fishermen to catch the specific fish they want and avoid harming other endangered species.Around 600 yellowfin tuna fishermen under the MDPI’s guidance in six provinces, including Maluku, are currently practicing handline fishing, and fishing communities in at least three of the provinces now export their fish to the United States under the MDPI’s Fair Trade-USA partnership, Saut said.Handline yellowfin fisheries account for around 2 percent of Indonesia’s overall tuna catch, including bluefin, yellowfin and skipjack, in a typical year but more than 13 percent of the yellowfin tuna is caught using the method, the Indonesian Pole-and-Line and Handline Fisheries Association (AP2HI) states on its Indonesian Tuna Initiative official website.“With the MSC awards, there’s a large chance that we can expand to a broader international market, including all of Europe and America as well as Russia,” it says, adding that this will ultimately improve the welfare of Buru Island fishing communities.A fisherman from Waprea village, Buru regency, Maluku, Yusran Tomia, shows off his catch, a large yellowfin tuna. Fishermen from Buru Island have set an example for other small-scale fisheries in Indonesia and around the world that sustainable fishing can improve the livelihoods of fishing communities as the global community celebrates World Oceans Day on June 8. (Courtesy of MDPI/-)Fisherman Yusran Tomia said that the MSC represented a beacon of hope for his family. “The most important thing that my family felt about [receiving the MSC certificate] is that there’s great hope now with the broader market access so that we won’t doubt anymore whether our fish will be sold,” he said.But it was not always smooth sailing for the local fishermen. Rustam Tuharea, 49, said that before the Fair Trade partnership started in the island, fishermen would struggle to earn Rp 1 million (US$70.33) every month.They would face hurdles in finding markets other than their own village or neighboring ones to sell their catch and their savings would quickly run out as a result of poor financial-management skills.“After a month of fishing, we were often shocked when we would ask our wives, ‘is there any money left?’ at the end of the month and they often replied ‘there’s none left’,” Rustam said.Another fisherman, Janu Buton, 50, said that fishermen used to work by themselves and would rarely cooperate with each other, let alone complain to local officials in case of problems. Now, Janu can communicate his worries to local authorities.The fishermen themselves are not the only ones benefiting from sustainable fishing either. Buru Island housewife Norma Tomia said she can now better save for her children’s education thanks to her husband’s stable income and an MDPI-Fair Trade incentive program.The program gives a US 20 cent bonus for every kilogram of fish that is exported under the Fair Trade certification. The money is then distributed and used for each association’s own programs, including for children’s educational purposes.“Our hope is that they can achieve higher education and we can support them throughout their youth,” she said. Her eldest daughter is now enrolled in high school while her youngest son has just finished elementary school. Every day, dozens of fishermen on Buru Island, Maluku, brave the open seas in small boats and equipped with only handlines and hooks in search of the region’s local specialty, yellowfin tuna.Buru Island native Umar Papalia, 41, has set out in his motorized boat daily for the last 13 years at the break of dawn to catch bait before hunting the tuna.“We usually look for dolphins,” he explained. “Yellowfin tuna are friends with dolphins so if we find a dolphin on the surface, the yellowfin tuna will usually be in front of it.”center_img Editor’s note: This article has been updated.Topics :last_img read more

October 6

Townsville’s best kept property secret in the bush

first_imgREAL ESTATE: 32/20 Mount Kulburn Drive, JensenAT the foothills of Mount Kulburn lies a community of homes and an area many in Townsville may not know well. But once they visit, it’s a place they won’t soon forget.Mount Kulburn is one of Townsville’s best kept property secrets, an idyllic bush living location about a half-hour drive from the CBD.Agent Marion Grice of RE/MAX Excellence – Townsville said once owners discovered the area they weren’t quick to sell with properties in the area tightly held. REAL ESTATE: 32/20 Mount Kulburn Drive, Jensen“It is a very special area, that enjoys the kind of beautiful aspects out over the ocean, it is very beautiful rural living,’’ she said.More from news01:21Buyer demand explodes in Townsville’s 2019 flood-affected suburbs12 Sep 202001:21‘Giant surge’ in new home sales lifts Townsville property market10 Sep 2020“It is a great area for people who want to live in a very nice, semi-rural area. It has magnificent views right out across to the ocean, so it is very, very beautiful.’’Ms Grice is marketing a four-bedroom home at 32/20 Mount Kulburn Drive, Jensen in the Sea View Estate.She said the home, like many in the area was built to suit its location perfectly.It is listed with a price guide in the high $500,000s.“It has a beautiful aspect looking out over the valley and right out over the ocean.’’She said homes in Jensen were tightly held. CoreLogic figures revealed only 15 changed hands in the past 12 months with the median house price up 2.1 per cent in the past quarter.Ms Grice said the area was also popular with those who enjoyed birdlife and she often spotted wallabies in the area.“It is not far to the beach and owners can come home and they have got this really lovely rural type living.’’The property in Mount Kulburn drive has a swimming pool and 180 degree views of the ocean and across to Magnetic Island.It is on a large 5745sq m block on the hill. There are two separate living areas and a large deck. A fully self-contained pool house is a second residence and is set-up with a living area, deck, kitchen, laundry, a main bedroom with ensuite and an extra study room.last_img read more

September 26

Man City get Laporte boost ahead of Everton clash

first_img Loading… The 25-year-old’s absence has been felt by Pep Guardiola’s men, who find themselves 14 points adrift of Liverpool going into 2020.But he has been training alone in recent weeks and will step up his comeback at the start of the new year.“He’s getting better. He’s training alone but already on the pitch. He’s in the last part of his recovery,” Guardiola said ahead of his side’s clash with Everton.“In one week, 10 days he can start to train with us.“I miss all the players who are injured, I like to have all the squad available and training with us.” Aymeric Laporte will be back in full training next month as he steps up his injury comeback.Advertisement Manchester City defender Laporte has been absent since August due to a serious knee problem.center_img Read Also: Everton lead race to sign Real Madrid star for £43mCity have been boosted by the return to fitness of David Silva and John Stones for the clash with Everton.Guardiola will test himself against Carlo Ancelotti, who he has failed to get the better of in two previous clashes.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Promoted ContentThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read More6 Incredibly Strange Facts About HurricanesA Hurricane Can Be As Powerful As 10 Atomic Bombs12 Movies That Almost Ended Their Stars’ Careers2020 Tattoo Trends: Here’s What You’ll See This YearBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever Made7 Worst Things To Do To Your PhoneCan Playing Too Many Video Games Hurt Your Body?8 Amazing Facts About Ancient Egypt6 Most Unforgettable Bridges In The World5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme ParksThe Best Cars Of All Timelast_img read more

September 22

Barca replace Real as World’s richest club

first_imgRelatedPosts Suarez agrees Atletico terms Bale completes Tottenham return from Real Madrid Tottenham sign £25m Sergio Reguilon Barcelona have overtaken Real Madrid to become the world’s richest football club, according to Deloitte’s Football Money League. The Spanish champions saw revenue soar to €840.8 million (£741.1 million) last year – a record figure for any team and almost 10 per cent more than domestic rivals Real Madrid. Manchester United remain the highest placed English club in the annual ranking, which is based on revenue and published today. United recorded income of €711.5 million (£627.1 million) for 2018-19 but may soon find their status as the Premier League’s financial powerhouse under threat from Manchester City and Liverpool, says Deloitte. Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain complete the Football Money League top five, with City, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea the other English teams in the top 10. Spurs are now London’s richest club after they enjoyed major revenue growth due to a run to the Champions League final and their move to the state-of-the-art Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Local rivals Arsenal dropped out of the top 10 as their continued absence from European club football’s elite competition saw income stagnate. Barcelona’s ascent to the top of the rich list came as they won the Spanish title for an eighth time in 11 years and reached the semi-finals of the Champions League. Their €150 million surge in revenue was rooted in off-field activity, however, and the club’s decision to bring merchandising and licensing operations in-house instead of farming them out to third parties. This affords Barca greater control of how its products are sold and allows them to report associated income on a gross rather than net basis. While not suitable a strategy for all clubs, rivals may take note. “Bringing operations in-house was probably the biggest impact on their commercial revenue, which increased by 19 per cent to €383.5 million,” Izzy Wray of Deloitte’s Sports Business Group told City A.M. “Other clubs will see those big numbers and may look to do an analysis of their own commercial structures to see whether it would make sense to bring operations in-house as well.” The Catalan club are the first to record revenue of more than €800m and and their commercial revenue alone was greater than the total income of any club outside the top 11 on Deloitte’s list.Tags: BarcelonaFootball Money LeagueReal Madridlast_img read more

September 22

EPL: Burnley end Liverpool’s record winning streak

first_imgBurnley became the first team to prevent Liverpool winning in the league at Anfield this season as their 1-1 draw ended hopes of an historic 100 per cent home record.The game was one of the most one-sided 1-0s imaginable after Andy Robertson’s opener but a combination of the brilliance of Clarets goalkeeper Nick Pope and wayward finishing cost Jurgen Klopp’s side before Jay Rodriguez’s equaliser. That goal also put a dent in the Premier League champions’ quest to break Manchester City’s 100-point record, now requiring victories in their final three matches if they are set a new mark of 102.And Liverpool were also the width of a crossbar away from losing their proud three-year, 58-game unbeaten home league record after Johann Gudmundsson crashed a late shot against the woodwork.There was the unusual feeling of the hosts hanging on at the end as Burnley – the first team to take a point at Anfield in 25 matches since Leicester in January 2019 – suddenly found their confidence, leaving Klopp to voice his frustrations at referee David Coote at the final whistle.In his programme notes the manager had expressed his concern about the workload players have been put under since the restart, writing about a “responsibility to look after their health and wellbeing” and that “money does not heal a serious injury”, in reference to the millions clubs get in television revenue.With that in mind he made four changes from Wednesday’s win at Brighton, resting Trent Alexander-Arnold in favour of Neco Williams and handing fellow 19-year-old Curtis Jones his full Premier League debut. In contrast, Burnley’s well-documented personnel problems – injuries and contract issues – saw left-back Erik Pieters playing on the right-side of midfield.Liverpool took full advantage of that as senior full-back Robertson, rested in midweek, took it upon himself to lead the attack from the flank.Cross after cross was fired in from the left as Burnley struggled to lay a touch on their opponents, never mind get the ball off them.Sean Dyche’s side were bypassed so easily by some quick, one-touch passing moves that they committed only one foul in the opening 45 minutes despite having to defend 73 per cent possession by their hosts.Had it not been for Pope single-handedly attempting to keep the Clarets in the game, Mohamed Salah out of the race for the Golden Boot and himself in the lead for most Premier League clean sheets this season, the Reds could have been out of sight. While he achieved the first two to some extent, denying Salah twice, once from a volley and another with his legs as the Egyptian cut in onto his left foot, he could not extend his advantage in the third.His second save from Salah led to a corner and from the breakdown Fabinho lofted a delicate pass to the far post where Robertson, coming back from corner duties, produced a curving header back across goal and inside the far post.Emboldened by only his second league goal of the season, both headers, the Scotland international’s ambitious 50-yard pass across his own penalty area with his right foot was intercepted and Liverpool were lucky to escape with only the concession of a corner.However, it was a momentary blip and moments later he was tearing down the left win again to deliver a teasing low cross-shot which drifted just wide of the far post and then crossing for Salah to tee up Mane for Pope to save again at full-stretch.RelatedPosts Lampard: I still have confidence in Tomori Ighalo: My best moment as ‘Red Devil’ Mane double eases Liverpool to win over 10-man Chelsea Liverpool’s dominance continued in the second half as Roberto Firmino hit a post, after Mane and Salah combined brilliantly, and the improving Jones, Fabinho and Salah all had chances.And they were made to pay for those misses as a defensive lapse saw them fail to deal with a 60-yard punted free-kick into their penalty area as Rodriguez fired home James Tarkowski’s knock on.Pope continued to frustrate the hosts, denying Alexander-Arnold and Mane, but it was Burnley substitute Gudmundsson who almost snatched a remarkable win.Tags: Andy RobertsonBurnleyJay RodriguezJohann GudmundssonJurgen KloppLiverpoolNick PopePremier LeagueSadio Manelast_img read more