Polish pay TV platform n is adding five high def

first_imgPolish pay TV platform ‘n’ is adding five high definition channels to its line-up.Motorsports channel TVN Turbo HD, women’s interest channel TVN Style HD and general entertainment channel TVN 7 HD will launch on November 4. Premium film and sports channels ‘n’ Premium 1 and Premium 2 will launch later, on December 15. Content will include Hollywood movies and sports including Champions League and Europa League footballThe move takes the total number of HD channels on the platform to 33, which ‘n’ says makes in Poland’s largest HD offering.last_img read more

Algerian media group Echourouk has selected the Eu

first_imgAlgerian media group Echourouk has selected the Eutelsat 7 West A satellite to broadcast the HD version of its flagship news channel, Echourouk News.The deal, which was announced at DISCOP Dubai, came as Eutelsat also revealed that Persian-language channel Manoto TV has completed its switch in SD and HD versions to the Eutelsat 7B satellite.Manoto TV is now available exclusively from Eutelsat’s Hotbird satellites and on Eutelsat 7B, forming a single neighbourhood for Persian-speaking viewers in Europe, the Middle East and Iran.last_img read more

As you can tell from the chart above the gold pri

first_img As you can tell from the chart above, the gold price kissed the 50-day moving average at its high tick just before the London open—and I’m wondering out loud if we’ve seen an interim top, as the move was a TA junkie wet dream.  A doji like that one, after a longish rally, is usually indicative of a turn—and “da boyz” can paint these charts like the crooks/pros they are.  Is a “failure” at the 50-day moving average in the cards?  We’ll see. And if JPMorgan et al. decide that the gold rally is over for the moment, it’s a good bet that silver is done for as well but, at the moment, that’s pure speculation on my part. As I write this paragraph, it’s 2 p.m. Hong Kong time—and the London open is still an hour away.  Three of the four precious metals are lower than their respective closes on Monday in New York—and palladium is hanging onto its one-dollar gain by its proverbial fingernails.  Gold volume is already north of 21,000 contracts—and silver’s net volume is around 5,600 contracts—large amounts for this time of day.  The dollar index is up a handful of basis points. Since today is Tuesday, the cutoff for this Friday’s Commitment of Traders Report happens at the 1:30 p.m. EDT Comex close.  Hopefully, all the volume and price action up to that point will be reported in a timely manner. I thought that Clive Maund quote above was pretty much on the money.  The prudent have been sacrificed on the altar of the wanton.  The precious metal miners all know what’s going on but, by their very silence, they are co-conspirators in all of this.  And as I’ve said before, if they are members of either the World Gold Council and/or the Silver Institute, they have watched silently while their entire industry—along with their respective shareholders—have been raped. The gold and silver fixes are now subjects of controversy—and one of Barclays finest got caught rigging the afternoon gold fix a couple of years back.  And what have we heard from within these two organizations?  Not a word in defence of their members or even the metal they dig out of the ground.  They’re all willing whores for the dark side of The Force.  How did it come to this? And as I fire this out the door to Stowe, Vermont at 4:45 a.m. EDT, I see that all four precious metals are now down on the day.  Gold volume is now a hair over 30,000 contracts—and silver’s net volume is 8,000 contracts.  The dollar index is now up about 9 basis points. I have no idea how the remainder of the Tuesday session will shake out as the day progresses.  All I can say is that I’m underwhelmed by this week’s price action so far—and that includes what’s been happening so far today. I’m off to bed—and I’ll see you here tomorrow. The silver stocks opened unchanged, rose a bit in the first ten minutes of trading—and then headed south.  The low was in during the last hour of trading before lunch in New York.  They recovered only a little after that, as Nick Laird’s Intraday Silver Sentiment Index closed down 1.07%. The CME Daily Delivery Report showed that zero gold and four silver contracts were posted for delivery within the Comex-approved depositories on Wednesday.  Nothing to see here.  There are still about 650 gold contracts open in the June delivery month. Despite the fact that gold is up about $30 in this rally so far, there was a withdrawal from GLD by an authorized participant yesterday.  This time it was 134,775 troy ounces.  And as of 6:07 p.m. EDT yesterday evening, there were no reported changes in SLV.  But when I checked the iShares.com Internet site around 2:30 a.m. EDT this morning, I noted that there had been a very chunky withdrawal from SLV as well, as an authorized participant took out 1,920,656 troy ounces. The U.S. Mint had a decent sales report on Monday.  They sold 4,000 troy ounces of gold eagles—3,500 one-ounce 24K gold buffaloes—and 425,000 silver eagles. Over at the Comex-approved depositories on Friday, they reported receiving 10,027 troy ounces of gold—and shipped out only 353 troy ounces.  All the activity was at Brink’s, Inc.—and here’s the link. In silver, there was 283,828 troy ounces received—and 677,454 troy ounces were shipped out.  The link to that action is here. Here are a couple of silver charts that Nick sent our way on Saturday, along with the comment “Silver Getting Ready to Rumble?”  I’m glad he put the question mark on the end of that, because it’s entirely up to JPMorgan et al, as these charts are their creation—and they can paint them any way they wish going into the future as well. I’m wondering out loud if we’ve seen an interim top The gold price showed signs of life the moment that trading began at 6 p.m. in New York on Sunday evening.  The gold price made it to as high as $1,285 shortly before the  London open.  That rally got capped—and then the price didn’t do much until minutes after the New York open; and “da boyz” showed up with their algorithms, and that was that. The CME Group recorded the high and low tick as $1,285.10 and $1,272.50 in the August contract. Gold closed in New York late Monday afternoon at $1,271.70 spot, down $4.20 from Friday’s close.  Volume, net of June and July, was around 95,000 contracts, with a bit more than a quarter of that amount traded before London opened, so it was obvious to me that that rally in Far East trading on their Monday ran into price resistance.  After the rally got capped, the volume disappeared. Sponsor Advertisement The dollar index closed in New York late on Friday afternoon at 80.62—and then headed quietly lower until shortly after 2 p.m. Hong Kong time.  But by 8:20 a.m. BST in London—just over an hour later—the index hit its 80.695 high—and then slid quietly down to 80.42 just before noon in New York.  After that, the index didn’t do much, closing at 80.45—down 17 basis points. Platinum and palladium also rallied right at the beginning of trading in New York on Sunday evening.  But when all was said and done, most [if not all] of their gains had vanished like gold and silver’s by the 5:15 p.m. electronic close in New York.  Here are the charts.center_img The HUI opened in positive territory, but that didn’t last—and by 10:15 a.m. EDT, the low tick was in.  Then the gold stocks spent most of the remainder of the day climbing back into positive territory.  They actually made it by 2:15 p.m.—but then rolled 15 minutes later, along with the gold price—and the HUI closed down 0.71%. As far as silver was concerned, there was a bit of a spike around 9 a.m. Hong Kong time on their Monday—and after that price spike got dealt with, not much happened for the remainder of the day. The high and low tick were recorded as $19.875 and $19.58 in the July contract. Silver was closed at $19.67 spot on Monday—and unchanged from Friday.  The close looked so deliberate, it appeared that someone might have got a prize for it.  Volume, net of roll-overs, was pretty decent at 32,000 contracts. I have a LOT of stories today—and I hope you have the time to read the ones that interest you. “A tragic irony of the past few years is that Precious Metal sector investors thought that they were protecting themselves from the consequences of the reckless extravagance of the political and ruling class, but have been made to look stupid, as not only has the sector suffered huge losses over the past 3 years, but mainstream investments have risen relentlessly. This has had the effect of “rubbing salt into the wound”. What has happened is that PM sector investors have underestimated the survival instincts of the ruling class, who will stop at nothing to preserve their position, up to and including mortgaging the future of everyone (except themselves) to keep the party going today, and they have even used the unusual conditions as an excuse to plunder the accounts of savers via eliminated interest payments and funnel their wealth into their pockets. It’s the equivalent of a guy who borrows from his family and friends and everyone he knows to go on a wild gambling spree in Las Vegas – one day he is going to have to come home and “face the music”. The excesses of 2008 have not been addressed or corrected at all – instead they have been compounded, and that guarantees a worse collapse later, which is now looming.” – Clive Maund: 09 June 2014 I wasn’t overly happy with yesterday’s price action in gold, as it was obvious that whatever rally occurred during the Far East trading session was dealt with in the usual fashion, as volume was really big for that time of day—and that particular day of the week.  Then once the top was in—and that occurred about ten minutes before London opened, as I was watching the screen at the time, it was quietly downhill for the remainder of the trading session. Barn Swallow Freegold Ventures Limited is a North American gold exploration company with three gold projects in Alaska. Current projects include Golden Summit, Vinasale and Rob. Both Vinasale and Golden Summit host NI 43-101 Compliant Resource Calculations. An updated NI 43-101 resource was calculated on Golden Summit in October 2012 and using 0.3 g/t cutoff  the current resource is 73,580,000 tonnes grading 0.67 g/t Au for total of 1,576,000 contained ounces in the indicated category, and 223,300,000 tonnes grading 0.62 g/t Au for a total of 4,437,000 contained ounces in the inferred category. In addition to the Golden Summit Project the Vinasale also hosts a NI 43-101 resource calculation which was updated in March 2013. Indicated resources are 3.41 million tonnes averaging 1.48 g/t Au for 162,000 ounces, and Inferred resources are 53.25 million tonnes averaging 1.05 g/t Au for 1,799,000 ounces of gold utilizing a cutoff value of 0.5 grams/tonne (g/t) as a possible open pit cutoff. Please send us an email for more information, ir@freegoldventures.com Tree Swallowlast_img read more

A petition calling for an inquiry into deaths link

first_imgA petition calling for an inquiry into deaths linked to the actions of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has secured the support of more than 20,000 people in less than two weeks.By thismorning (Thursday), more than 22,000 people had signed the Justice for Jodey Whiting petition, more than a fifth of the way to thetarget of 100,000 which should ensure it is debated in the House of Commons.The LiberalDemocrats added their support this week, with their disabled president,Baroness [Sal] Brinton, signing the petition and confirming that she backedeach of its key demands, following similar support last week from theGreen party.But there isstill a lingering question over the commitment of the Labour party to thepetition.Despitebacking it on Twitter, Labour’s shadow minister for disabled people, Marsha deCordova, has yet to make a statement on its demands, 10 days after DisabilityNews Service first asked her to comment.The petitionwants to see any evidence of criminal misconduct by ministers or civil servantsthat is produced by the inquiry to be passed to police.It alsocalls for MPs to recognise DWP as “institutionally disablist and not fit forpurpose”, and to push DWP to introduce urgent changes to make the safety of allclaimants a priority.Jodey Whiting,who had a long history of mental distress, had her out-of-work disabilitybenefits stopped for missing a work capability assessment when she wasseriously ill, and took her own life just 15 days later.DWP failedfive times to follow its own safeguarding rules in the weeks leading up to hersuicide in February 2017, an independent investigation foundlast month.BaronessBrinton said: “What happened to Jodey Whiting was incredibly tragic and shouldnever have happened.“However, weare continually hearing of other worrying tales of how disabled people arebeing treated by the Department for Work and Pensions and we must see actiontaken by the Conservatives to guarantee wholescale reform of the system. “They mustact to ensure that a tragedy such as Jodey’s never happens again.”Meanwhile, freshevidence has emerged this week that DWP is not fit purpose.A report from the Demos think tank has concluded that disabled people havelost all faith in DWP, with only 19 per cent trusting jobcentre staff to treatthem fairly.And a report by the National Audit Office(NAO) concludedtoday (Thursday) that DWP still has “limited evidence of what works when itcomes to supporting disabled people to work”.Christine Jardine, DWP spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats, said theNAO findings “simply addto the mounting stack of evidence showing that the DWP is not fit for purpose”while de Cordova said the government had “bitterly failed to support disabledpeople into employment”.last_img read more

SAINTS have announced their 19man squad for Satur

first_imgSAINTS have announced their 19-man squad for Saturday’s trip to Leeds Rhinos.Gary Wheeler returns to the side after successfully coming through the Reserves’ win over Quins last week.Although named in the squad, Tony Puletua and Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook are both serious doubts for the match.Shaun Magennis and Andrew Dixon are therefore on stand-by.Royce Simmons’ 19-man squad is:1. Paul Wellens, 2. Ade Gardner, 3. Michael Shenton, 5. Francis Meli, 8. Josh Perry, 9. James Roby, 10. James Graham, 11. Tony Puletua, 13. Chris Flannery, 14. Scott Moore, 15. Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, 16. Paul Clough, 17. Gary Wheeler, 18. Matty Ashurst, 19. Andrew Dixon, 20. Jonny Lomax, 21. Shaun Magennis, 22. Jamie Foster, 25. Lee Gaskell.Brian McDermott, Leeds’ Head Coach, will choose from:1. Brent Webb, 2. Lee Smith, 4. Keith Senior, 5. Ryan Hall, 7. Rob Burrow, 9. Danny Buderus, 11. Jamie Jones-Buchanan, 12. Carl Ablett, 13. Kevin Sinfield, 14. Ali Lauitiiti, 15. Ben Cross, 17. Ian Kirke, 18. Luke Burgess, 19. Kallum Watkins, 20, Weller Hauraki, 21. Chris Clarkson, 22. Jay Pitts, 24. Paul McShane, **. Zak Hardaker.The match kicks off at 5.45pm and the referee is Richard Silverwood.If you can’t make the match, it will be covered extensively in the new look Match Centre as well as on Saints’ Official Twitter and Official Facebook sites.You can also listen by tuning in to Wish FM on 102.4 FM, DAB or by clicking here.Stats:Last ten meetings:Leeds 32 St Helens 28 (CCSF, 7/8/10)(at Galpharm Stadium, Huddersfield)Leeds 28 St Helens 24 (SLR20, 3/7/10)St Helens 41 Leeds 20 (SLR12, 24/4/10)Leeds 18 St Helens 10 (SLGF, 10/10/09)(at Old Trafford, Manchester)Leeds 18 St Helens 10 (SLR26, 4/9/09)Leeds 18 St Helens 22 (CCR4, 5/4/09)St Helens 26 Leeds 18 (SLR6, 20/3/09)Leeds 24 St Helens 16 (SLGF, 4/10/08)(at Old Trafford, Manchester)St Helens 38 Leeds 10 (SLQSF, 19/9/08)Leeds 16 St Helens 26 (CCSF, 26/7/08)(at Galpharm Stadium, Huddersfield)Super League summary:Leeds won 22 (includes wins in 2007, 2008 and 2009 Grand Finals; 1998 and 2005 play-offs)St Helens won 23 (includes wins in 1999, 2001, 2007 and 2008 play-offs)Leeds highest score: 74-16 (H, 2001) (Widest margin: 70-0, H, 2004)St Helens highest score: 62-18 (H, 1999) (Widest margin: 56-10, H, 2004)last_img read more

Could This Plant Shake Up the Biofuel Industry

first_img –shares January 30, 2014 Former Staff Writer Add to Queue Fireside Chat | July 25: Three Surprising Ways to Build Your Brand Technology Image credit: Jürgen Howaldt Next Article center_img Could This Plant Shake Up the Biofuel Industry? Geoff Weiss Aircraft giant Boeing may have unearthed the greatest breakthrough in the biofuel industry to date — one that benefits both the environment and businesses.A consortium of scientists at the Masdar Research Institute in Abu Dhabi announced yesterday promising studies that have been conducted on shrub-like plants called halophytes. These desert plants can be irrigated with saltwater and can easily be converted into hydrocarbons.This is critical because the sources for biofuel typically flourish with large amounts of freshwater on arable land — two resources that are already in diminutive supply.“Twenty percent of the world’s land is either desert or becoming desert through overuse or mal-use”, Darrin Morgan, director of sustainable aviation fuels and environmental strategy at Boeing, told EnergyPost. “And 97 percent of the world’s water is salt water. So if you can use those two factors that turns the scarcity problem that plagues all biofuels on its head.”Related: The Costs and Benefits of Alternative-Fuel VehiclesFinding a suitable oil alternative would not only curb environmental damage and address spiking fuel prices, Boeing discovered, but may actually increase engine efficiency for its planes. (Honeywell and Etihad Airways also sponsored the study, comprising a group called the Sustainable Bio-Energy Research Consortium.)A pilot facility where halophytes are being grown through aquaculture is currently in construction in Abu Dhabi for testing to start next year — with commercial production possible in as soon as four years, said Morgan, who is a 10-year Boeing veteran.“While the biofuel is being developed by members of the airline industry,” writes energy website CleanTechnica, “the vision is that it will also be useful for ground transport.”Related: Why Are These Franchisees Ganging Up Against the Biofuel Industry? Learn from renowned serial entrepreneur David Meltzer how to find your frequency in order to stand out from your competitors and build a brand that is authentic, lasting and impactful. 2 min read Enroll Now for $5last_img read more

SAP Paves the Path to Create Outcomebased Intelligent Enterprises With Experience Management

first_imgSAP Paves the Path to Create Outcome-based Intelligent Enterprises With Experience Management (XM) PRNewswireMay 9, 2019, 3:47 pmMay 9, 2019 SAP Announces 10 New SAP Qualtrics Offerings Apple and SAP Enable Easy Integration of Machine Learning with Native Apps for EnterpriseSAP SE ushered in a new era in the way consumers and enterprises interact with each other. Just three months after completing its acquisition of Qualtrics, SAP has rolled out 10 new offerings that combine experience data (X-data) with operational data (O-data) to measure and improve the four core experiences of business — customer, employee, product and brand. The rollout of this system sets a new standard in enterprise software.The combination enables organizations to continuously listen to the beliefs, emotions and intentions of customers, employees, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders. These new offerings — four for customer experience (CX), three for employee experience and three in market research — embed X-data directly into an enterprise’s applications, such as its CRM, ERP or HCM systems, to drive continuous action and improvement.“We want everyone to remember their Xs and Os,” said SAP CEO Bill McDermott at the company’s 30th annual SAPPHIRE NOW conference. “Experience Management is the new frontier for the world’s best-run businesses. I have never seen SAP more fired up to help our customers be a driving force for growth, innovation and optimism.”Marketing Technology News: TrustArc Platform Enhancements Simplify Privacy Management for CCPA, GDPR and Other Global RegulationsRyan Smith, co-founder and CEO of Qualtrics, said: “We live in the experience economy where organizations are either intentionally racing to the top or unknowingly racing to the bottom. The difference between the companies that will win is they understand how X-data and O-data work together to tell the story of what is happening in an organization, why it’s happening and how to act in real time to deliver breakthrough business results.”These new SAP offerings provide organizations with an end-to-end XM platform that uses X-data and O-data. As a result, organizations can:Centralize X-data from customers, employees or any other stakeholder at every meaningful touchpoint on a single, enterprise-wide system. This makes it simple for organizations to listen.Connect X-data to the operations and processes of their business to understand why things are happening, spot hidden trends and then automatically make recommendations to help correct what doesn’t work and magnify what does.Act, which leads to customers who stay longer, buy more and share with friends; and employees who deliver more, build a positive culture and advocate for their brand.For customer experience, SAP has introduced Experience Management to the SAP C/4HANA suite, creating powerful cloud solutions for sales, marketing, commerce and service experience management. This provides an end-to-end customer experience platform in the industry, allowing organizations to listen, understand and act on insights that will drive purchasing decisions and customer loyalty.For employee experience, SAP has introduced three Experience Management solutions that transform existing HR platforms into enterprise-wide systems of action. Built directly into existing HR systems, the solutions gather experience data from employees throughout the employee lifecycle and empower HR leaders and managers to listen, understand and act on insights that will attract, engage and retain a world-class workforce.Marketing Technology News: Introducing Pardot Business Units: Powering Personalized Enterprise B2B Marketing at ScaleSAP Expands App Portfolio on Both iOS and MacToday at SAPPHIRE NOW, SAP and Apple announced that CORE ML, Apple’s on-device machine learning technology, will be available for the first time as part of the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS. The next version of the SAP Cloud Platform SDK, available later this month, enables businesses to create custom, intelligent iOS apps powered by SAP Leonardo. Machine learning models will automatically download to iPhone and iPad so apps can run offline, and then dynamically update while connected to SAP Cloud Platform.Through the partnership with Apple, SAP has rebuilt its most popular mobile apps for SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Concur solutions, along with SAP Asset Manager, to run natively on iOS. These apps are fully integrated with iPhone and iPad, to maximize security, performance and the latest platform innovations from Apple. SAP today announced it will expand its native iOS experience across its broader applications portfolio, starting with SAP Ariba solutions.Building on the success of its iOS efforts, SAP also announced it will expand its app offerings to the Mac, with new apps that match the power and ease of use of SAP iOS apps. The new native Mac apps will bring the richness of the SAP iOS experience to the desktop world.“Apple is on the rise in the enterprise,” said Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP. “Our customers love the unmatched security and ease of use iOS is known for, and that it gives them a superior platform to build game-changing business apps. We have a strong partnership, and today’s announcements show SAP’s commitment to continue our innovation with Apple.”Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, said: “Enterprise customers are seeing real business benefits when they use iOS. We are excited for SAP to extend these experiences further on iPhone and iPad, as well as bringing them to the Mac for the first time. This is an important milestone for our partnership, and we are thrilled to be working together with SAP to empower our customers with the world’s most-trusted business process data on iPhone, iPad and Mac — the best devices for business.”Marketing Technology News: SherWeb Introduces UCaaS Integration of Microsoft Office 365 With World-Class Hosted Voice crmcustomer experienceExperience ManagementMarketing TechnologyNewsQualtricsSAP SE Previous ArticlePlextek Launches New Innovation Business Unit – Ignite ExponentialNext ArticleMarTech Interview with Oscar Carlsson, Chief Innovation Officer, Cintlast_img read more

Study examines if maternal prenatal vitamin use is linked to autism recurrence

first_imgReviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Feb 28 2019This study examined whether prenatal vitamin use by mothers was associated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) recurrence in high-risk families. The study included 241 children who were selected because a sibling was diagnosed with ASD. Mothers reported their use of prenatal vitamins during pregnancy.While most mothers reported taking prenatal vitamins while pregnant, only 87 (36 percent) mothers met the recommendations to take prenatal vitamins in the six months before pregnancy. Researchers report that children whose mothers had taken prenatal vitamins during the first month of pregnancy appeared less likely to be diagnosed with ASD when compared with children whose mothers hadn’t taken prenatal vitamins during that time. The proportion of children with ASD among mothers who took prenatal vitamins in the first month of pregnancy was 14.1 percent (18 children) compared with 32.7 percent (37 children) among those whose mothers didn’t take prenatal vitamins during that time. One limitation is that this study was observational, which means there may have been differences between the two groups that weren’t accounted for during the analysis, even though the investigators accounted for many factors. Another limitation is the study’s relatively small sample size. This study is important because there have been conflicting studies about whether maternal prenatal vitamin use is associated with a lower risk of ASD. More research is needed to confirm the associations observed in this study. Source:https://media.jamanetwork.com/news-item/is-prenatal-vitamin-use-by-moms-associated-with-risk-for-autism-spectrum-disorder-recurrence-in-young-siblings/last_img read more

Research identifies superenhancers as novel target for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

first_imgReviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Mar 1 2019Differential H3K27AC marks were identified at enhancer regions of genes including c-MYC, MED1, OCT-4, NANOG, and SOX2 that can act as super-enhancers (SE), cluster of genes in non-cancerous, cancerous and metastatic PDAC cell lines. GZ17-6.02 affects acetylation of the genes, reduces transcription of major transcription factors, sonic hedgehog pathway proteins, and stem cell markers.Dr. Animesh Dhar from the Department of Cancer Biology, KU Cancer Center, the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City, KS USA said, “Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma is a lethal malignancy and is the fourth leading cause of cancer-related mortality in the USA, due to its susceptibility to metastasis.”The research revealed how alteration in the transcription and enhancer landscape takes place during discrete stages of disease progression in PDAC mouse model. Thus, identifying novel therapeutic agents targeting enhancers related to disease progression is an imperative need for cancer research.Related StoriesNew shingles vaccine reduces outbreaks of painful rash among stem cell transplant patientsNanoparticles used to deliver CRISPR gene editing tools into the cellBacteria in the birth canal linked to lower risk of ovarian cancerCo-localization of murine embryonic stem cell genomic sites by the master transcription factors OCT4, SOX2, and NANOG was initially highly predictive of enhancer activity.As existing defects in cell-signaling pathways allow cancer cells to alter their normal programs of proliferation, transcription, growth, migration, differentiation, and death, hence reports suggest such reliance on SE-driven transcription for proliferation and survival offers a potent therapeutic mark for the targeting of cancer cells.Among many pathways of cancer progression that PDAC relies on, anomalous activation of the sonic hedgehog pathway has shown in a variety of human cancers, including, basal cell carcinoma, malignant gliomas, medulloblastoma, leukemias, and cancers of the breast, lung, pancreas, and prostate.Recent reports suggest that they can target multiple pathways and several cell types including cancer stem cells.The Dhar research team concluded, “As mentioned earlier in spite of low incidences PDAC is the fourth leading cause of cancer-related mortality because, by the time of diagnosis, more than 80% of cases are locally advanced or distally metastasized, and are not eligible for surgical resection, which is the most effective treatment option.”Source: http://www.oncotarget.com/news/pr/super-enhancers-novel-target-for-pancreatic-ductal-adenocarcinomalast_img read more

EU investigates German carmakers for possible collusion

first_img The EU Commission said Tuesday that it had received information that BMW, Daimler, Volkswagen, and VW units Audi and Porsche held meetings to discuss clean technologies aimed at limiting car exhaust emissions.The probe focuses on whether the automakers agreed not to compete against each other in developing and introducing technology to restrict pollution from gasoline and diesel passenger cars.”If proven, this collusion may have denied consumers the opportunity to buy less polluting cars, despite the technology being available to the manufacturers,” said EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager.The Commission said its probe was focused on diesel emission control systems involving the injection of urea solution into exhaust to remove harmful nitrogen oxides. The probe follows a report in Der Spiegel magazine last year that the automakers had agreed to limit the size of the tanks holding the urea solution.The case is another source of diesel trouble for German automakers in the wake of Volkswagen’s emissions scandal.The Commission said, however, there was no evidence the companies had colluded to develop so-called defeat devices—computer software that illegally turns off emissions controls. Volkswagen in 2015 admitted using such devices and has set aside 27.4 billion euros ($32 billion) for fines, settlements, recalls and buybacks. Former CEO Martin Winterkorn was criminally charged by U.S. authorities but cannot be extradited; Audi division head Rupert Stadler has been jailed while prosecutors investigate possible wrongdoing.The automakers said they were not able to comment on details of the case but pointed out in statements that opening a probe does not necessarily mean a violation will be found. Daimler and Volkswagen said they were cooperating with the probe; BMW said that it “has supported the EU commission in its work and will continue to do so.”Daimler noted that the probe only applied to Europe and did not involve allegations of price-fixing. BMW said it supported the Commission in its work from the start of the investigation and would continue to do so. “The presumption of innocence continues to apply until the investigations have been fully completed,” Volkswagen said in a statement.After the Volkswagen scandal broke, renewed scrutiny of diesel emissions showed that cars from other automakers also showed higher diesel emissions in everyday driving than during testing, thanks in part to regulatory loopholes that let automakers turn down the emissions controls to avoid engine damage under certain conditions. The EU subsequently tightened its testing procedures to reflect real-world driving conditions for cars being approved for sale now. Environmental groups are pushing in court actions to ban older diesel cars in German cities with high pollution levels.The Commission probe also is looking at possible collusion over particulate filters for cars with gasoline engines.The Commission said that it did not see a need to look into other areas of cooperation among the so-called “Circle of Five” automakers such as quality and safety testing, the speed at which convertible roofs could open and at which cruise control would work. It said anti-trust rules leave room for technical cooperation aimed at improving product quality.Anti-trust fines can be steep. In 2016 and 2017 the Commission imposed a fine of 3.8 billion euros after it found that six truck makers had colluded on pricing, the timing of introduction of emissions technologies and the passing on of costs for emissions compliance to customers. Truck maker MAN, part of Volkswagen, was not fined because it blew the whistle on the cartel. The others were Volvo/Renault, Daimler, Iveco, DAF and Scania, also owned by Volkswagen. Citation: EU investigates German carmakers for possible collusion (2018, September 18) retrieved 17 July 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2018-09-eu-german-carmakers-collusion.html In this Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2017 file photo, the exhaust pipes of a VW Diesel car are photographed in Frankfurt, Germany. The European Union’s anti-trust watchdog is investigating whether automakers BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen colluded to limit the development and roll-out of car emission control systems, it was reported on Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2018. (AP Photo/Michael Probst, File) © 2018 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. European Union regulators have opened an in-depth investigation into whether automakers BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen colluded to limit the development and roll-out of car emission control systems.center_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. EU targets BMW, Daimler, VW in pollution cartel probe Explore furtherlast_img read more

Verizon cuts jobs at media unit that includes Yahoo AOL

first_img © 2019 AFP Citation: Verizon cuts jobs at media unit that includes Yahoo, AOL (2019, January 23) retrieved 17 July 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2019-01-verizon-jobs-media-yahoo-aol.html Armstrong out at Verizon’s Oath after integrating AOL, Yahoo The Verizon unit that includes Yahoo and AOL—briefly known as Oath—is cutting hundreds of jobs in a restructuring move Explore furthercenter_img Verizon is cutting hundreds of jobs from its media division which includes the former internet stars Yahoo and AOL, a source familiar with the matter said Wednesday. The source said the cuts amounting to seven percent of the workforce are being made “to focus the business and realign teams” at the Verizon Media unit, which also includes news sites such as HuffPost, TechCrunch and Engadget.The exact number of cuts was not clear, but the Wall Street Journal said it would amount to around 800 positions at the unit, which was rebranded as Verizon Media after a brief period in which it had been branded as Oath.The unit’s chief executive Guru Gowrappan, who took over in October 2018, made the changes after a strategic review which determined the group would prioritize “Yahoo’s member-centric ecosystem” along with ad technology and video products.Responded to an AFP query, Verizon Media said in a statement: “Our goal is to create the best experiences for our consumers and the best platforms for our customers. Today marks a strategic step toward better execution of our plans for growth and innovation into the future.” Verizon, which also operates one of the largest US telecom networks, last year wrote down the value of its Yahoo acquisition by some $4.6 billion. The media unit includes a broad array of online services including the mobile analytics division Flurry, Mapquest and the RYOT Films division, which received an Oscar nomination for its short documentary Lifeboat.It has expanded video coverage through Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Sports and has partnered with Microsoft on online advertising.Verizon began using the name Oath for its digital media assets after acquiring Yahoo in 2017, but dropped the name earlier this month in favor of Verizon Media. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Nuclear fuel removed from crippled Japan plant

first_img The delicate operation represents the first time the Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) has pulled out fuel rods from inside a highly contaminated building containing the melted-down reactor, and comes four years behind schedule.Due to high radiation levels, technicians used remote-controlled equipment to haul fuel from a “storage pool” inside the building.Operations were briefly suspended early Monday afternoon after a problem with the equipment removing the fuel, but resumed shortly afterwards.”We finally started this work. We will spend two years removing 566 units of fuel from reactor three,” said Takahiro Kimoto, a TEPCO spokesman.TEPCO removed four units as planned on Monday, with workers continuing to remove debris that have fallen inside the pool and other areas, Kimoto told reporters.”Factors such as removal of debris and various troubles have caused delays, which we realise have caused significant worries to people in the region and others,” Kimoto said.”Putting safety as our priority, we will carefully continue this work,” he promised. Robot lifts bits of melted fuel at Japan’s Fukushima plant Citation: Nuclear fuel removed from crippled Japan plant (2019, April 15) retrieved 17 July 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2019-04-nuclear-fuel-crippled-japan.html Graphic on the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011. The withdrawal of nuclear fuel is a delicate operation for the Tokyo Electric Power Co In the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl in 1986, reactors one, two and three at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant melted down after a deadly earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in 2011. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. The operator of Japan’s crippled Fukushima power plant on Monday began removing atomic fuel from inside a building housing one of the reactors that melted down in 2011. The accident was the worst since Chernobyl in 1986 Explore further The tsunami killed around 18,000 people and caused widespread devastation, and the nuclear meltdown forced the evacuation of areas near the plant.Reactors four through six were offline at the time of the disaster for inspections and did not suffer meltdowns, though reactor four was damaged by an explosion in the days after the tsunami.In December 2014, TEPCO finished removing all 1,535 units of nuclear fuel kept inside the storage pool at reactor four.The company aims to conduct the same operations for the buildings for reactor one and two by 2023 as part of a four-decade plan to dismantle the entire Fukushima plant.Japan’s government has pushed a reconstruction plan for the surrounding region that includes decontaminating affected areas and removing topsoil.This month, an evacuation order was lifted for part of Okuma, one of two towns where the nuclear plant is located.But regions affected by the disaster have struggled to attract back residents who fled in the wake of the meltdown, with many still concerned about radiation despite government assurances. © 2019 AFP Engineers have had to contend with clearing earthquake debris inside the building and an array of other technical challenges, said TEPCO spokeswoman Yuka Matsubara.”We had to proceed carefully (to remove debris), and we needed to take measures as dust would waft up and increase radiation readings,” she told AFP.TEPCO engineers will not yet attempt to extract molten nuclear fuel that remains deep inside the mangled reactor. This is considered the most difficult part of the massive clean-up operation and is not expected to begin until 2021.’Reconstruction plan’In February, TEPCO sent a remote-controlled probe to pick up pebble-sized pieces of the melted fuel in a bid to find out whether the material could be moved. The next step in that painstaking process will be to remove some of the fuel as a sample, which is scheduled to happen by March 2020.The company also faces other difficult challenges, including working out how to dispose of large quantities of contaminated water stored in containers at the plant site.last_img read more

What Are Rock Cairns

first_imgRock cairns are human-made stacks, mounds or piles of rocks. They take different forms, and have been built by cultures around the world for many different purposes. Cairns may serve as monuments, burial sites, navigational aids (by land or sea), or ceremonial grounds, among other uses. They may stand alone, in clusters, or in a network of related cairns; for example, as trail markers in a park. Larger cairns can withstand time and weather, and archaeologists believe that some examples are hundreds of years old. Rock cairns are considered cultural features, or parts of a landscape built by humans. They’re similar to works built with larger stones, such as megaliths, earthen mounds or stone geoglyphs, which are stones arranged to outline an image when seen from above. Cairns aren’t just structures — their locations may be carefully chosen, and the construction process or ceremonial use may be culturally important. Because of this, rock cairns can be “very difficult to understand without looking at a landscape scale,” said María Nieves Zedeño, an archaeologist at the University of Arizona. [Spectacular Images Reveal Mysterious Stone Structures in Saudi Arabia]Advertisement Mysterious ‘Super-Henge’ Found Near StonehengeHigh resolution ground-penetrating radar and other archeological technologies has revealed up to 9 large intentionally placed stones outlining a crescent-shaped arena less than 2 miles away from the well-known Stonehenge in the UK Durrington Walls area. The site was home to a large Neolithic prehistoric settlement built about 4,500 yearsago.Volume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9接下来播放Better Bug Sprays?01:33 facebook twitter 发邮件 reddit 链接https://www.livescience.com/65687-rock-cairns.html?jwsource=cl已复制直播00:0001:2001:20Your Recommended Playlist01:33Better Bug Sprays?01:08Why Do French Fries Taste So Bad When They’re Cold?04:24Sperm Whale Befriends Underwater Robot00:29Robot Jumps Like a Grasshopper, Rolls Like a Ball00:29Video – Giggly Robot02:31Surgical Robotics关闭  Trail markers and art projects While many cairn traditions are very old, one type of cairn-building feels distinctly modern. There’s a controversial trend of artistically stacking stones in the wilderness, expressly to post pictures to social media. Conservationists criticize these amateur stacks, saying they can be confused for trail markers, and lead hikers astray. They also note that these amateur piles can disturb wildlife when they’re built or fall apart and that they leave a human mark in places that should be left in a more natural state. Most of these artistic stone stacks are not easily confused with older cairns, which, over hundreds of years, have had soil and vegetation build up around the rocks. Historical cairns may be so old that they’ve sunken into the ground, have been covered in lichen, or are otherwise obscured from view. The scale is also typically different. Older cairns may be made of stones too large for a single person to easily move, or they may consist of thousands of individual rocks. For example, at a Mohican stone memorial pile at Monument Mountain, in western Massachusetts, it was customary for visitors to add a stone. The votive cairn was 18 feet long and 6 feet high when it was first described in detail by a colonist in 1762, said Lucianne Lavin, the director of research and collections at the Institute for American Indian Studies in Washington, Connecticut. What were rock cairns for? The word cairn comes from Scottish Gaelic. In Scotland, burial cairns are well-known, but there are many possible uses for cairns, which vary from culture to culture. In the West, native peoples have sometimes constructed burial cairns, Zedeño said, but there’s no clear evidence for astrology-based cairn positions. Instead, at memorial sites that are sometimes confusingly called medicine wheels, a central cairn might be surrounded by other cairns that point toward important places in a person’s life. In Montana, Zedeño has studied a series of cairns built around 500 years ago by the ancestors of modern-day Blackfeet Indians to funnel herds of buffalo to their death at cliff sites called buffalo jumps. The cairn construction displays a great deal of organization and understanding of buffalo behavior. “A site could have anywhere from 500 to 5,000 cairns,” Zedeño said. “It’s very large-scale landscape engineering.” In the northeastern United States, grave sites are just one possible context for cairns, Lavin said. They take other forms, including animal effigies and split stones filled with smaller rocks that are considered portals to the underworld. There are also stone ceremonial grounds that were built in spiritually significant places, with astrological stones that marked the position of celestial bodies in the sky at the start and end of dayslong festivals. But the origin or purpose of Native American cairns or other stone features is often disputed in the region. “There are some archaeologists who think that everything is farm clearing,” Lavin said. In other words, the stones are just piles of rocks that have been pulled from an agricultural field. “There are other archaeologists, including myself, who realize that there are a diversity of features out there.” She points to records from settlers, like the accounts of Monument Mountain, as evidence that Native Americans were building stone structures in Colonial America. The question isn’t just academic. Cairns are sometimes destroyed by construction, and recognition of these sites by the government is critical to preserving their ongoing cultural value to Native Americans, Lavin said. Additional resources: View cairns in a location database from Historic Environment Scotland. Read a statement about rock cairns from the National Park Service.center_img Correction: This article was updated on June 17, 2019 to state that the ancient cairns in northeastern United States may have served various cultural purposes and grave sites are just one possibility. by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeVikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 min and see why everyone is addicted!Vikings: Free Online GameUndoTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionOne Thing All Liars Have in Common, Brace YourselfTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionUndoGundry MD Total Restore SupplementU.S. Cardiologist: It’s Like a Pressure Wash for Your InsidesGundry MD Total Restore SupplementUndoKelley Blue Book2019 Mercedes-Benz Smart Models Worth ConsideringKelley Blue BookUndoNucificTop Dr. Reveals The 1 Nutrient Your Gut Must HaveNucificUndoEditorChoice.comSee What The World’s Largest Dog Looks LikeEditorChoice.comUndo Certain forms of rock cairns are still used today, for example, as trail markers. Credit: Shutterstock Learn more about Zedeño’s work on buffalo jumps at Archaeology.orglast_img read more

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